Posted by: granny1947 | September 6, 2012

Granny becomes a pill pusher

                                                                                                                                                                Jasmine hoping my brother is going to drop some of his food.

Hello All.

What a day.
Not enough hours to do everything I needed to do.
Straight from work I went to the hospital to fetch little brother.
He had been given a script by the Physician.
But no instructions as to his current medication.
He might have told my brother but that was a waste of time.
My brother was completely confused.
He was convinced he had been in hospital for five days.
He had a bad nightmare last night.
And, I believe, went to everyone in the ward asking them to take him home.
Also took out his drip.
I think the other patients and the staff were glad to see the back of him.

I had to wait half an hour but managed to get in to have a talk to the doctor.
He said my brother must go back to his usual physician.
So, when I got home, I phoned to make an appointment.
Only to be told they were only making appointments for January.

You lot know me by now.
I threw a wobbly of note.
Said I would have to find another doctor.
And would they arrange for me to fetch his files.
There was an immediate change in attitude.
And I was put through to the sister.
And we have an appointment for the 17th.
I haven’t met this doctor.
But I don’t think I like him.
I will be going with my brother.
We have no idea what is happening with him.
The doctor is in for a torrid time.

I picked up the script for my brother only to find that there is confusion as to what pills he is supposed to be taking.
So I went home and got everything out and started checking what my mother has been giving him.
Oh my God…what a mess.
She is 85 and really can’t cope.
I am just surprised she hasn’t killed him.
Also, she has been putting the tablets into those day containers and then leaving it up to him to take them.
Not a brilliant plan.
The tablets are now all in my flat.
And Mex and I will be watching him take his tablets every day.

Talking about Mex.
He has spent the whole afternoon sighing deeply.
It turns out he has no energy.
Feels flat.
Doesn’t look flat.
But feels very flat.
I hope to hell he is not coming down with something.
It is bad enough running around after three of them.
If he gets sick I am running away from home.
Any volunteers to pack some sandwiches for me?



  1. I am about to go over to see the folks, will also be checking on the pill situation. Last year I went with my mother to the clinic, she had a shocking cough and they kept fobbing her off, I made sure she saw a doctor, etc. They didn’t like me much at the clinic! grrrrr They have nurses and almost doctors at the clinic but no qualified doctors 😦

    • Hi Sue…when do you go?

  2. All I can say is good luck.

    • Thanks Newsey…I miss Cape Town…boo hoo!

  3. On the positive side – no time to be bored!
    Maybe Mex should save energy by not sighing? All those deep breaths …
    Is PE as samp and doggy as Durbs?

    • Hi Col…PE is beautiful today.

  4. Your family is SO blessed to have you. Not many daughters/sisters would sacrifice so much.

    What an incredible saga with your brother! Between those almost-doctors and the pill situation, it’s amazing he’s done as well as he has. I had to cringe when I read he took his IV out – I’m so freaked out by needles that the very thought of that made me nauseous.

    I hope Mex is just under the weather and not getting really sick. If you run away, you can come stay with us. I make darn good sandwiches. 😀

    • Thanks RD…I would be there tomorrow…but I am not eating bread at the moment!

  5. PS~ Jasmine is ADORABLE. How can anyone resist that sweet face???

    • Hi RD…isn’t she great…love that dog.

  6. I feel like joining you granny. Men are such babies when they are ill, which makes it worse! Hoe you get everything sorted. I feel your frustration all the way over here!

  7. I would pack and send some sandwhiches for you but you wouldn’t want them once they got there. I’m sure things will be much better once you get your brother’s meds all sorted out. He was probably taking all the wrong things. I’m only 52 and have a hard time keeping up with mine. It’s amazing that I haven’t killed myself yet. Hope all is better soon.

    • You are only 52? Lucky bag.

  8. It’s the blind leading the blind, eh?
    Not you.

    If you run away from home, I will understand.

    This is no time for you to be on a DIET.
    You need to INDULGE yourself.
    And not just with sandwiches.

    Or sand witches.

    You are one stellar kiddo, Granny! 😀

    • Ok Nancy…what exactly is a sand witch…do I want one????

    • Here’s one Sand Witch . . . very close to where I grew up in NJ:

      • Looks very good…now…please let us stop talking about bread with fillings!!!

  9. Won’t it be grand if your brother turns a positive corner once his meds are being administered properly?

    That heart of yours is made of something so very special, Granny.

    • No it isn’t Amy…blood and gore like everyone else!

      • Except very few accomplish what you do, Granny.

  10. Granny I think, that in spite of the tough exterior you project, you really are a SAINT! Take care of yourself this weekend, do something just for YOU!

    • Hi Optie…I project a tough exterior? I never knew that. 🙂

      • I hope I have not offended you Granny, it’s just that you take on so much and seem so capable. I guess the word I was looking for would be strength rather than tough.

      • Nothing much offends me Optie!!!

  11. Granny you need a vacation! Jasmine is a sweetie and yanking out an IV makes me weak in the knees. You are one good Granny!

    • Hehehe Sweetdays…roll on December and holidays!

  12. Give the quack hell 🙂

    • I am gearing up for it Roly…unless he is sexy!

      • Smooch him into submission or stalk him if he is 🙂

      • I hadn’t thought of either of those options…was just considering perving…damn I am old!

  13. You should have been a nurse. That is what you are turning out to be. Seriously, I hope your brother is doing well and you find a doctor who will be able to see him soon. I hope all goes well with the medications. I know what keeping track to what meds to take when is like. You have to have your wits about you. Oy.

    • I wanted to be a nurse…my Dad said no…he was right…bedpans…euwwwwwwwww

  14. It never rains…poor Granny.

    • I am fine Tilly…now.

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