Posted by: granny1947 | September 5, 2012

Granny goes to hospital

Hello All.

We are not going to talk about dieting tonight.
Oh….I just did.
I am royally annoyed.
Between Sunday and today I lost the grand total of 100grams.
A whole frigging hundred grams.
No bread.
No chocolate.
Very little starch.
Small portions.
Healthy food.
No weight loss..

I think my body has gone into revolt. I FEEL as if I have lost a bit.(I DO have a good imagination)
But I think my body has just redistributed the fat.
The rib and boob area feel a LITTLE bit less.
Where the hell is it now?
I must find a full length mirror and check my butt.

I have had an interesting 24 hours.
My brother picked up a tummy bug.
Yesterday, he looked awful so I took him to the doctor.
Because of his history with the brain tumour and diabetes the doctor put him in hospital.
We spent a couple of hours sitting around.
Then filling in forms.
And I forgot my home phone number.
But I could remember my cell number.
How does that work?

Since then my cell has not stopped.
Things he needs.
Things he doesn’t need.
I took my Dad to see him after work.
He looked much better.
But the staff didn’t.
He is being a bad impatient.

Talking about butts.

Last night one of the men was walking around with his whole butt exposed.
I thought I would be polite and wait until he covered up.
But he didn’t .
So I went in.
I have seen men’s butts before.
It wasn’t pretty.
AND he had cellulite!


  1. Hahaha! you do make me laugh, hope your boet gets better and that you aren’t subject to anymore butts!

    • Thanks Sue…he is MUCH better and will be home tomorrow.
      If I go and fetch him!

  2. LOL Why isn’t it ever the hot. toned guys whose butts are sticking out? 😉

    I’m sorry to hear your brother had to go to the hospital – I hope he’s feeling a lot better now and will be home soon.

    You may be losing more inches than pounds – that’s how it works with me. I judge weight loss more by how my clothes fit than by actual numbers. You and I can commiserate about our diets – me on my anti-inflammatory diet and you on yours. The cravings are hard-core horrible! I didn’t go on this diet to lose weight (though I needed to), but it’s a side benefit – 1-2 pounds per week is what I’m averaging, for a total of 8+ pounds down so far and I had to buy a size smaller in pants. Woohoo! You’ll get there, I know you will! PS~ I have no intention of staying this strict permanently, I figure I’ll stick with a modified healthy diet eventually. I will not live the rest of my life without chocolate, Starbucks, or Italian food!

    • Eight pounds is GREAT RD….I am SO jealous!

  3. So funny, granny. Hope your brother is soon ok again, so that you don’t have to risk seeing any more nekked butts. 🙂

    • Thanks AD…hope he leaves the bug in the hospital!

  4. Sorry about your brother. Hope he gets better really quickly (for him, for you and the hospital staff). Good about the cellulite, though. Not that you had to see it but that men get it too. Doesn’t that make you feel any better?

    • It made me feel MUCH better. 🙂
      My brother is doing well,thanks.

  5. That was not a nice experience. I can think of better experiences to have in a hospital. Well, maybe not.

    • Hehehe Maire…I thought it was funny!

  6. patience Granny patience..Rome was not built in a day and if you are overweight that was not done in just one week so why should it come off in one week…carry on trying and you will get positive my friend

    • Thank Patrecia…actually am being very strong…no cravings…and I am quite upbeat.

  7. as for bums..they’re all the same really ..just that some is bigger and older than others

    • This was an old bum…euwwwwwwwwww

  8. What a bummer of a day 🙂
    I haven’t noticed much in the way of weight loss, either, but have persisited with my no-this-that-or-the-other “diet”. Can’t win them all.

    • Hi Pussycat…yes…I am sticking it out…am just avoiding the scale…all this healthy food has to do something.

  9. Glad you your brother is feeling better Granny. Now the trick is not to get his stomach bug. I had the stomach bug last December, could have been food poisoning but that is a whole other story. I lost 6 pounds. Men’s butts-Jack Nicholson in the movie As Good As Gets always comes to mind.

    • Hi Sweet days…brilliant movie that was…loved it.

  10. You crack me up . . . especially when you talk about butt cracks! 😉

    Glad your brother is on the mend.

    • Thanks Nancy…the tummy bug is better…don’t know about the grey matter.

  11. OH you poor thing, what an awful site. I hope everyone else stays well.

    • Thanks Linda…me too!

  12. Talk about showing your ass…….

    • ALL of it Rumpy…all of it.

  13. Read your title and thought it was you being admitted to hospital! Glad to hear you’re just visiting, checking out partially nude men, normal things like that. 🙂

    • Hehehe Lin….nice to hear someone thinks I am normal!!!

  14. I realized a number of years ago that couples who have only been married once have a great advantage. Husbands have agreed that they still see the fresh little body the wife had when they first married. They don’t see the rolls, cellulite, and jiggly bits. Me? I’d use my teensy twinkly lights in my bedroom if I found someone I wanted to invite for a stay over…

    All my walking has helped – slowly – but it’s better to take it off gradually. My clothes feel good so I feel good. Well, you know Granny…the ones that are made with forgiving materials.

    • Hi Amy….yes I know what you mean….the ones that grow with you. I HAVE to start walking again…my joints are complaining.

  15. Those stupid open at the back gowns should be banned for all guys over 40

    • And not for women Roly????

      • No for them it should be 60. They don’t get sagging bum like men do 🙂

      • Hi Roly…we don’t? Phew…I can stop worrying!

  16. A MAN with cellulite! *gasp*

    • I know Bibi…isn’t it great????

      • Flippin’ fantastic to know that it’s not only women who are cursed. 🙂

  17. Gosh Granny you are always taking care of others, glad your brother is on the mend and you weren’t traumatised by the sight of a naked butt, sorry it wasn’t a nice well toned one 😉

    • Oh well Optie…just as well…what would I do with someone who had a better butt than mine?

  18. Hope he’s better soon. Love you.

    • Hi Cin…he is still lying around sighing…says it makes him feel better…strange man!

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