Posted by: granny1947 | September 1, 2012

Granny and some trivial stuff.

Hello All

So…this morning we braved the elements and went out to buy that instrument of torture.
An electronic bathroom scale.
I, hereby, vow not to get on the damn thing more than once a week.
I am not a glutton for punishment.

When we got home Mex asked if I was going to weigh myself.
He can be so dumb.
All women know the following facts.

1)      You weigh less in the morning. There may be no scientific evidence to back this up…but it is true.

2)      You NEVER weigh yourself when dressed.

3)      You take off everything…including your watch…hell the scale talks in grams.

4)      You go to the loo first if you can…in my case this is no problem.

5)      The number on the scale is for your eyes only.

6)      Number five is null and void if the weight is good.

7)      If weight is gained all sensible men will leave home for a while. Possibly forever.

This morning I had a little cry.
I was watching a race in the Paralympics.
One guy came in about eight minutes after the rest.
He got a standing ovation.
It was beautiful.

I popped into a second hand shop nearby.
And got a Pavarotti Cd for R20.
I am listening to it as we speak.

It is the first day of spring.
Someone forgot to tell the weather Gods.
Howling gale, rain and cold.
Go figure.



  1. On the scale happy waiting (sic) 🙂

    • What this space Newsey.

  2. We also have a non-spring day here in KZN.
    I feel your pain at standing on a scale.
    SABC shows very little of the Paralympics and then only during the news or late in the evening.
    I have a few Three Tenors CD’s. Music for the soul.

    • Good old SABC….Now we have dstv the channel hopping is driving me nuts.

  3. Yesterday was the start of our Spring too granny and I was gardening most of the day – 22 degrees; my back is now paying for all that bending and kneeling getting weeds out – aaargh!
    I love your sentiments about the scales – funny but true!

    • I don’t do pain Barb…my time for gardening is over…leave that to the younger generation. I just admire.

  4. Yesterday was officially the last day of summer for us – except that we haven’t actually had any summer. It has been the wettest on record for 100 years, my strawberries rotted, my tomatoes got potato blight and the only things thriving in my garden are slugs! Good luck with the diet.

    • That is awful Cynth…we have had the coldest, wettest winter in years…and it was my first winter here!

  5. A few years ago my husband, the skinny man, bought a scale. A nice glass digital scale that he insists on keeping in den area (stupid place). As if the man even has a need for one! Of course now I want to weigh all the time and every ounce counts. I always go up and down by three pounds in a day or two so it’s no use. Personally I think all of this weight in my stomach is tumor. That is the only thing that makes sense.

    • Sure you aren’t pregnant Linda? 🙂

  6. If you enjoy Pavarotti try my favourite singer Andrea Botcelli (sp) he has the most wonderful voice. I can’t understand a word but don’t need to. 🙂

  7. many moons ago when I was trying, and succeeding to lose weight I even used to wash and dry my hair before getting on the scales. As you say every gram counts

  8. Granny you hit all the important points about the scale. I even weigh in the morning AFTER my bath~no clothes, no dirt. I got rid of the digital I bought and went back to my 20 year old scale. I weigh less on it… 🙂

  9. Your rules for the bathroom scale are the exact ones that I follow faithfully, even after I lost weight. They are very sensible rules, better than getting weighed at the doctor’s office where you are wearing 5 pounds of clothes and having just eaten a large lunch. The Paraolympics sound like they are very moving. I don’t know why they aren’t even mentioned here. They might be covered on one of the many sports channels but I never check them. I keep forgetting that you are having winter now; it is hotter than hell here and my air conditioning went out a couple of days ago. It was fixed quickly by the apartment maintenance but spending a night and a day in 100 degree heat was no picnic.

    • Oh my word Maire…I would be so irritable. I am dreading summer in this flat/garage…I have a feeling it is going to be very hot…and we don’t have air conditioning.

  10. In comment to fact 7 our scales have been hidden 😉

    • Good thinking Charlie!

  11. Granny, your filthy language is appalling! SCALES? You need your mouth washed out with soap! LOL. I like your seven rules. Especially the men going away part.
    When the Donor left,I told everyone I instantly lost about a hundred and eighty pounds;)

  12. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but my book, The Bellman Chronicles, will be FREE to download on Sept. 10 – 11! Check it out on my Amazon Kindle page.. You won’t be disappointed. And if you can slip me a review, I’d be forever grateful…

    • Hi Hook…have missed you but I understand…will definitely take a look and comment…sure it will be great.

  13. You forgot a few rules about scales. When you have been partying, the scale gets a hangover and adds kilos to the reading, just to be annoying…. etc

    Spring is a time of quick changes in weather, some summer, some winter. We all become so obsessed with the idea of gentle sunshine and breezes, don’t we?

    • Scales can be very vindictave!!!

      • exactly!

  14. Hi, Granny, it’s your delinquent reader, Bud. It is not only women who know those weight rules, you know. The paralympics are amazing. It’s been dreadfully hot there in Southern California and the wildfire season has officially started but nothing nearby yet. Just curious … how much is R20?

    • Hi Bud…good to see you again…I see you have been very busy.
      R20 is about $2.50
      What did I say about R20?
      I can’t remember.

      • You said the Pavarotti CD cost that.

      • Oh yes…I forgot I mentioned that…is that cheap by USA standards?

      • Very 🙂

  15. Hi Granny – your 7 rules for the scale are spot on. I won’t weigh myself in front of OH – a girl has got to have some secrets!

    • You are a soilsport Optie…Mex has to have his little pleasures in life.

  16. A weighty post, indeed! It is one thing, that on a scale of 1 -100, most women want to be as far below the 100 as possible!

  17. You’re right on the money with the weight scale rules! We’re going to be starting up our Biggest Loser challenge at work again soon. I’m sort of proud of myself — didn’t gain over the summer (didn’t lose, either) but that in itself is an achievment.

  18. A woman I know was slender, but had huge breasts. She got fed up with the dumb, insensitive remarks, the sore shoulders, the back problems, etc. She went in for a reduction. A couple of years later, I asked her how she felt about the decision. “You know the greatest thing about having smaller breasts? I can play golf like a damn!” We had a good snort over that discovery.

    Pavoratti at $2.50 or R20 is a helluva deal. Beauty with strength and power!

    Fall’s arriving in teases and with a gently shaking finger. Some say our winter is going to be a toughie..but that was the warning last year and it didn’t happen.

    X0 Granny!

    • Hi Amy…I thought it was a bargain….hmmm…think I will listen to it again now.

  19. LOL like the rules! Don’t forget to make allowance for weekly hair growth…. I have thick hair and like to think it adds weight each week because it grows fast too LOL!

    • Good point Desire…am off to the hairdresser tomorrow.

  20. Good rules, Granny. 😉

  21. Love your scale rules. I need to have my jaws wired

    • No PIP…just the thought of that makes me cringe!

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