Posted by: granny1947 | August 31, 2012

Granny goes arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hello All.

Day three of my diet.
Or is it day four?
I managed to get through the day without eating anything wrong.
Can you see my halo?
I have just come in from the house.
I made them a cottage pie.
And lots of salads.
Not that they wanted salads.
But I did.
They got their revenge.
I had to dish up their fresh apple tart and cream.
I left before I had to watch them eat the stuff.
I had a skinless chicken breast with my salad.
Hell, I love chicken skin.
Crispy chicken skin.

There is a new house rule.
I no longer cook on Saturdays and Sundays.
I thought Mex and I were going out for supper tomorrow night.
He has now informed me there is rugby and the Paralympics.
We are staying home.
Not so yippee.

I don’t understand the Paralympics.
I watched a race today.
Five of the girls only had one arm.
The last one appeared to have all her appendages?
How the devil do they work out who is in a race?

Now I am off to have a shower.
And to bed.
Perchance to dream.
I HAVE to go to sleep.
If I stay awake I shall do Mex a nasty.
He is flipping channels as if his life depended on it.
How to drive a Granny insane.



  1. Your doing well granny, i think the Paralympics are great to watch.

    • Yes Harry…must say I am too…cried this afternoon when that runner finished all on his own about eight minutes after everybody else.

  2. Well Natalie du Toit got a gold medal for one of her events and came 4th in the 100m backstroke. The categories for Paralympics are quite complicated. Maybe you and I can Google it tomorrow 😉
    Keep going with the eating plan (don’t call it a diet). I’ve gone 3 weeks without drinking a drop of Coke. Water or fruit juice will have to do, but it doesn’t quench my thirst like Coke did.

    • Hi Pussycat…thank heavens I am not into coke…find it too sweet but I do keep a bottle of diet coke for emergencies!

  3. MMMMM Cottage pie!!!! YUM!! You can cook for me anytime, Granny! 😉 It’s so hard cooking all those yummy foods when you’re on a diet – it’s the same thing with me here, since my husband isn’t on our anti-inflammatory diet. Your parents should be SO thankful!

    I heard a piece on the BBC today about how they judge who can compete against whom in the Paralympics and how each athlete qualifies, but now I can’t remember the criteria. 😦 Middle age strikes again.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi RD…blowing gales and raining today but I DID have a good nap!

  4. Himself also does that 😦

    • How do you stop yourself from killing him Sue?

  5. Woman, stop using four letter words! Diet is a filthy filthy word! Chicken skin is like, our reward for surviving life! Love ya, lady!

    • Hehehe Morgue…we are kindred souls…love all kinds of crispy fat…sigh…luv you too girl.

  6. oooo that is a pretty picture. Just remember lots of fiber. Sweet potatoes, I even put butter on mine.

    • I had a Muesli rusk for breakfast…plenty of fibre in that.

  7. Ok, so you’re one day ahead of me on the d***. Unlike you I behaved badly – I had an ice-cream. It was a reward for going through the gyno examination. The scales will take their revenge!

    • Bad,bad Mara…icecream is NOT on a diet.
      Neither is the glass of wine I am presently drinking.

  8. it’s nice to see photos from the past…..What is it like where you live us a couple please…
    why do you want to lose weight…give a good reason!!!!

    • Hi Patrecia…the last four or five photos have been from here.
      There are lovely beaches here..minus the mountains…but they are half and hour or more drive from home.
      I was very spoiled having that glorious beach just down the road.
      Oh how I want to go back.
      Why do I want to lose weight?
      It is healthier than carrying too much weight around.
      I will feel better about myself.
      I am not going crazy…just want to get it under control.
      Not trying to be a model. 🙂

  9. Classifications are pretty complicated

    • Thank you Roly…I will go over and have a look.

  10. I have not even seen the Paraolympics on the USA channels. They showed a clip of the opening ceremonies on the news. That was it. Guess we didn’t think it was important enough to show since our American football season is starting now. That glues all American males (and many females–my daughter is one) to the TV every Sunday all day. Also Monday night, and now I think there are games on Saturday and maybe Friday nights. I’ve lost track. I don’t watch until the playoffs. There’s no point until then. I hope your diet goes well. I love chicken skin, too, but have been avoiding it. Turkey skin, too. This is torture. I should stop.

    • How strange Maire…we have a few channels dedicated to the games.
      The Americans thrashed us at wheelchair basketball today.

  11. Oh does that channel changing thing too, it drives me mad. Good luck with your eating plan, I am trying to get my mind into the right space to start one myself but when I look in the mirror I just think “who cares?”

    • I used to do that…then I realised…I do!!!

  12. To sleep . . . perchance to dream . . . OF FOOD! 😉

    • Oh be quiet Nancy!!!

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