Posted by: granny1947 | August 30, 2012

Granny needs a kick in the butt

Hello All.

Am taking no chances this evening.
Am typing this in Word.

Day two of my diet(that four letter word again)
I have had no bread.
I had had no chocolate.
I have had no potatoes.
I think I have lost 10kgs.
Mex says he can’t see it.
I think he needs glasses.

I am very annoyed with myself at the moment.
I had set myself some goals.
Not a lot and not too big.

I told myself I HAVE to get my business up and running.
I have done very little.
I NEED to get financially independant.

Every day I have said I will drive to the beach.
And go for a nice long walk with Jasmine.
It has yet to happen.

I have books to read.
I haven’t done it.

I have e-mails to write.
Not going to happen today.

I got home from work.
Got onto the receiver of revenue to sort out my brother’s tax.
This entailed scanning in some documents.
Raising a dispute with them.
Phoning the receiver of revenue.
Where I got put through to an African.
With an accent.
I battled to make out what he was saying.
It appeared he was even more clueless than me.
Which is saying a lot.
Anyway, I finally submitted the dispute.
And now we wait.
I have a feeling they are going to ask me to re-submit all his medicine slips.

They already have them.
In another department.
So you have to re-send them all.
Which will mean me scanning in over a 100 slips.
I can’t wait.
What fun.

Now let me go and start peeling potatoes.
They say old people don’t need much sleep.
Apparently, this rule does not apply to food.




  1. You can’t live without potatoes, that’s why you’re glum. Have a few bites while you prepare supper for the oldies.

    • Hi Cin…I had half a boiled potato tonight…tasted good. 🙂

  2. Dieting – what a miserable thought. No wonder you feel the way you do. Well, that and the receiver – best of luck!

    • Not a train smash Susan…given my track record,lately, it won’t last too long!

  3. We’re in similar situations, Granny. I’ve been on an anti-inflammatory diet for the past month. I did it to support my daughter, who has to be on it for 2 months. Like you, I’ve had no desserts, chocolate, potatoes, bread, or anything else that I consider a smile on a plate, including no dairy – no cheese! It’s been really hard and the cravings are BRUTAL, so I.can sympathize with you first hand. BUT – the payoff has been that I’ve lost 7 pounds in a month and now fit into a smaller size pants. So hang in there, the rewards are coming! And vent to me whenever you want, I’m dealing with the same stuff. (Personally I can see the 10 kg you lost all the way from here! 😉 )

    One thing though – I dropped all carbs from my diet and found out that my particular chemistry needs a certain amount to keep my serotonin levels up (the good mood chemical), so if you find yourself getting depressed, you may need to add small amounts of potatoes or rice back to your diet. The day I added rice back, my spirits picked right back up. 🙂 Still get brutal cravings, but at least I can smile through clenched teeth!

    Gee, I can’t understand why all your goals have fallen behind….let’s see, you had a major move, you had to fix up your living space a LOT, you lost a dear friend, Tom vanished, you started a new job, you’re taking care of your parents and brother…..nope, I can’t see a reason why you fell behind in your goals….. 😉 ::total sarcasm::

    • Good grief…thank you for reminding me RD…think I shall just get on my bed and curl up in the foetal posistion. 🙂
      You forgot to mention that Mex hates it here and I get the brunt of his moods too!
      On the upside…things could be worse.

      • Well I think you need to give yourself a LOT of credit for all you’ve done with all you’ve been through. I’d have been in that fetal position months ago!

      • No you wouldn’t!!!!

  4. I agree with raisingdaisy. You’ve had a lot to cope with this year. SARS was the cherry on top. I found that when I spoke to a (dare I say it) a white English speaking guy at SARS my questions and queries got sorted out pronto.

    With summer coming up (soon I hope) the diet might become a little easier. Winter foods always make me put on weight.

    • Yes,Pussycat, you may dare…I got a charming guy called David last week…just a huge communication problem today.

  5. Do you REALLY need to lose weight…if not then don’t do it….If it is making you miserable it is hardly worth the effort.

    • Not too much P…..About seven or eight kgs will do…I look at my mother and think “hell NO”

  6. Oh Granny, I am with you on this one, somehow my motivation for doing anything has disappeared as well. Maybe we’ll get it back soon! Take care!

    • Hi Nancy….thank you…misery loves company. 🙂

  7. Stick with the diet granny you can do it, did you know wine puts weight on 🙂

    • Oh shut up Harry…now I can feel the weight sliding back on. I drink two glasses of the light wine…supposed to be less alcohol and, I think, not so fattening.

      • I know 🙂 only kidding, potatoes contain a lot of water and so does bread , brown bread contains very little, chocolate is a big no no.

      • I have banished chocolate….
        Are you saying potatoes are bad?
        I try only to eat brown bread but have stopped bread altogether for a while.

  8. Two many spuds are fatting, all that water, brown bread is great

    • Am going to cut right back on the spuds..sigh.

  9. Oh no! I couldn’t live without chocolate. Good luck with the diet and the receiver, granny.

    • Yes AD…but you have an incredible figure…I think I hate you. 🙂

      • Don’t hate ME, hate my genes. 🙂 xx

      • Hehehe AD…ok…I will hate your genes…thanks very much for mine Mom.

      • 😀

  10. Good luck with the d***. Don’t forget to drink at least 1.5 litres of water/liquid a day (that includes unsweetened tea/coffee but not wine, sorry). I’m working on losing some weight, too – 4 kilos will do.

    • Darn, all that water….old age comes with bladder problems!

  11. I could eat an entire cake right now if one appeared in front of me. Good luck.

    • Lol….now cake does not interest me…don’t put a fridge tart in front of me!

  12. You have to have some carbs – the body needs them.

    • I know Barb…will be eating the odd boiled potato and brown rice.

  13. Hurrah for RD! What is it about us that makes us think we are stress resistant? My Doc tried to tell me in the last year of my working and I thought she was going a bit senile. I had gone numb with being battered from every direction. I knew I couldn’t do everything, but the owners all pointed in different directions at once while cheering, “Go, Amy!” Use the right tone and I’ll think it’s me!

    • P.S. I really would love to be your Walk Buddy. Jasmine, too!

      • When I win the lottery tonight I shall fly you over Souldipper!

  14. Having come through a stressful time myself, though not nearly as stressful as your move to PE and all that went with it my advice to you is to set yourself small goals, concentrate on one at a time instead of your entire list, that way you will be able to tick some off as done and it will make you feel better. Have a great weekend – we are about to be battered by another storm here in Cape Town it seems.

    • A good plan Optie…first on my list…go to bed..think I can do that!

  15. No wonder you’re miserable. What you need is a slab of the new Cadbury Bubbles. Guaranteed to lift your spirits. 🙂

    • With friends like you I don’t need enemies Roly!

  16. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you’re just going through a rough patch. I’d be quite annoyed if I had to resubmit 100 health receipts to get my health costs covered. That’s enough to drive anyone over the edge, especially after having to interpret the conversation. Things will get better and you will find the time to walk on the beach with Jasmine and read books. It will. I promise.

    • I haven’t submitted them yet Maire but I am sure they are going to ask for them.

  17. Keep going…..and by the way it doesn’t matter if max sees it or not, as along as you feel it ….

    Good. Luck…..

  18. You’re a lucky girl really Granny.Sure you’ve had more than a fair share of troubles lately, but look at the crowd of friends you have around you , spreading their warmth to you . With so much good feelings coming your way, things just HAVE to turn around. And you’ll glad of that diet too, when you feel lighter in step and perkier in you attitude.:-)

    • Hello Nadira…I hear you love…am very grateful for so much…must just get out of this slump!

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