Posted by: granny1947 | August 29, 2012

Granny and a bit of this and that.

Hello All.

Attempt  number two.
Now where was I?
I have no idea.

As some of you have noticed I have been missing in action.
I really don’t know why.
Have just felt I didn’t have much to say.
I still don’t.
This is going to be an interesting post!

I had my car washed yesterday.
There is rain forecast for tomorrow.
Go figure.

Mex was away in East London(not the one in England) for four days.
I should have had time on my hands.
Instead I took all my clothes out of the cupboard.
And folded them with a board!!!
I don’t do that sort of thing.
The mind is going.
Still, it looks great.
So great I don’t want to disturb anything.
Which makes getting dressed very difficult.
I now dress according to what is on the top of the bundle.

I have also been very busy trying to sort out my brother’s affairs.
A nightmare of note.
And I have registered my Dad on e-filing.
And done his tax.
And mine.
Hmmmm….am starting to figure out why I haven’t felt like blogging.

My friend at work has some meeting to go to today.
So I am working from ten until two.
My internal clock is completely confused today.

Oh yes, today is day one of my diet.
Long may it last.
I don’t hold out any great hopes.
Think I should go and buy a scale today.
It is sort of essential when dieting.
Only they start to rule your life.
And your moods.
So maybe I won’t!




  1. It almost always rains the day after I wash my car – or clean the windows!

    • Hi Elaine…black clouds out and it is cold…rain on the way…sigh

  2. You’re not allowed to stay away for so long. I was just getting ready to send out CSI to investigate 🙂

    • Hehehe Roly…the men in white jackets would have been a better bet!

  3. oh my goodness it is great to see you back..I thought something terrible had happened but then I am a worrier, and worry over nothing…not that you are nothing…far from it!
    If you are wanting to lose weight then best thing to do it to moderate what you eat without even thinking about it. Just as soon as one says ‘I am going on a diet’ the hunger pangs kick in whereas they did not before.
    I have scale in my bathroom but it tells lies so I am considering finding it a new home…like the trash can!.
    Take life easy Granny, it is short enough as it is……and I am nearer the end than you arexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Patrecia…so kind of you to worry like that…we have something in common…I worry a lot too…a wasted emotion!!!
      I didn’t buy the scale….I don’t like the lying buggers either.
      And you aren’t that much older than me!

  4. Good to see you again Granny, good luck with the diet, something I am going to have to start thinking about really soon myself 😉

    • Hi Optie..I am trying…says Granny with a glass of wine!

  5. Howdy there, Granny!
    Giving up certain foodstuffs is the pits. I’m on week 3, but haven’t stood on the scale yet. I might just say “bugger that” and go back to my wicked ways.

    • Don’t be crazy Pussycat….three weeks…you have broken the back of it.

  6. I have missed you, Kathy. Glad to hear that you have been busy and not ill. Moods are okay. We all have them. I certainly do. With bells on. Ha!

    • Thanks Maire….I have missed you guys too.

  7. I was starting to get worried. Been missing all of your cheerful posts! 🙂
    Love that photo.
    I hope you have much more success with your diet than I have had. I haven’t been so much dieting as eating only what is natural and good for you. Mostly things from the list of ten things you should eat every day. Then I slipped and ate three small (whole wheat) sandwhiches. With only lettuce and mayonaise. Then my husband and I both weighed ourselves. He is losing weight as if he has any to lose! I gained weight!!! Now we weigh the same! 😦 It’s mainly my middle but it would be better if it were displaced evenly.

    • Hi Linda…My waist seems to stay ok but boobs get HUGE…damn things get in my way.

  8. How did you make “nothing” something amusing? 🙂 Normally, I’d say you don’t need a scale when dieting – you’ll know by how your clothes fit you but, as you’ve gone and folded them all so well, I guess you won’t be wanting to wear them to figure it out so, sorry to say, off to the shops for a scale you go.

    • Thanks Susan….yeah…maybe I will have to buy a scale…it is good shock treatment.

  9. stay in touch – don’t make us come down there lol

    • Hi Lisa….would LOVE you to come down here!

  10. You can also use a tape measure and measure your waist regularly to see results if you don’t want to get a scale. My Spring clothes have all shrunk, no more chocolates for me 😦

    • Hi Gobetween…isn’t it funny how clothes do that?
      Guess it all the hibernation over the winter.

  11. Glad you are ok Kathy, I was beginning to worry too. Don’t call it a diet, it never works for me so I say I am eating sensibly instead! It’s all in the mind.
    Try reducing your portions – that works for me! Sadly alcohol and chocolate are out.
    Nice to see you back in the crowd!

    • Nooooooooooooooo Barb…not my wine!

  12. Coincidences!
    1. Whenever I wash my car, it either rains or becomes windy or both, In the interests of Algarve tourism, I never wash my car.
    2. I planned to “diet” yesterday –

    • I admire your loyalty Mara….good for you.

  13. Hello granny 🙂

  14. Good to see you back Granny! I don’t like scales either, instead I just see the number at my annual checkup and the rest of the year I judge how my weight is going according to how my clothes fit. If they’re loose – great! Time for a smaller size! If they’re tight….well, I guess the dryer is running too hot. 😉

    • Hi RD…the trouble with elastic waisted pants is they grow with you!
      Let us not talk about jeans!

  15. I go by my clothes. I can’t lose weight unless I eat well AND exercise. Exercise builds muscle which weighs more than fat. However you do it, Granny, good on ya!

    • Ah Souldipper…exercise…I KNOW I have to start walking again…the joints are screaming for it…damn I miss my beach.

  16. When I wash my car
    The skies send rain
    Go figure!

    When I decide to diet
    I just can’t refrain
    Strange quirks of the liver!!

    Next time around
    I’ll just let the dirt be
    And wait for the showers.

    And diet be damned!
    I’ll just jog as I eat
    Now that’s in my power!

    P.S. Or not!!!!

    • Oh my word are on a roll…poetry comments…I am very impressed!

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