Posted by: granny1947 | August 28, 2012

Granny slips back in.


Another post has vanished into the ether.
Picture and all.
I come back to tell you all how much I have missed you and this happens.
I am giving up for tonight.
Will post again tomorrow.




  1. I had a look in your dashboard and could not find it, you must have hit delete ?

    • Morning Harry…one flaw in your delete comment…the post was still there…just no content!!!

  2. WP seems to be an endless source of frustration for you Granny! And for us too – I’m sure everyone looks forward to your posts as much as I do! Give it another go tomorrow, maybe WP won’t be so grumpy. 😉

    • Hi RD…my paranoia reigns supreme…WP are out to get me!!!

  3. Granny don’t have any wine before you post to-morrow 🙂

    • Watch it Harry…I WILL find you!

  4. Oh that Harry is a funny guy.

    • Me you don’t mean ME, maybe you do 😆

    • Thanks Linda!

  5. Yeah, stop it Harry – the wine helps!
    Hang in there granny!

    • Hi Barb, she must be away to bed early, to start fresh to-morrow.

    • Hi Barb…thank you…and I did the post before the wine!!!

  6. Hope you find that gremlin.

    • Hi Newsey…to hell with gremlin…think I will go back to doing my post in Word.

  7. You are back one way or another…that is good enough for me

  8. I’ve seen a helluva lot of yellow cars like yours in the past week. It must mean something. Maybe you should do a Lotto permutation using ‘yellow cars’ numerically?

    • Tsk,tsk Cin…now you have told everyone!!!!

  9. A hop, skip and jump
    A little twirl on your toe
    A quick sommersault
    On the carpetted floor

    A sip of sweet wine
    A breath of fresh air
    A snatch of an old song
    And dear, you’ll be there:-)

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