Posted by: granny1947 | August 16, 2012

Granny is a little concerned

Hello All.

Yes, I am just a leeeetle worried.
The coldfront has arrived.
My word but the wind is howling.
If the roof comes off we might just have to move into the house.
Damn, I shouldn’t have had that thought.
Now I am VERY worried.

It is wine time but we are only having toasted sandwiches for supper so I don’t have to go in yet.
I made a huge stew last night.
Tonight we are having stew sandwiches.
I hope they taste better than that sounds.

More pictures from the nursery.
That Staffie is made of some metal.
It must weigh a ton.
If one wanted to buy it you would have to make sure about where you were going to put it.
It certainly isn’t something you could move on a whim.
Though, I quite like it.
Would prefer one of Jasmine.

Right….short and sweet.
Let me make my way to the kitchen.
And the wine.



  1. Not sure I’d do
    Sarnies of stew
    But the wine
    Sounds fine!

    • No sense of adventure Col???

  2. Those stew sarmies sound delectable ๐Ÿ™‚ and the wine too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hehehe Hope…they werwe both good.

  3. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the pictures. What a delightful place.

    • Aren’t they lovely Lin…you had better come over…no sign of me winning the lootery!

  4. I like the staffie, very life-like. Hope you don’t mind but I’ll pass on the stew sarmies :), but I’ll join you for a glass of white ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Ruth…the sarmies were actually very good!!

      • you inspired me, I am just about to blog about my own supper!

      • I am SO glad I have inspred someone…now I need some inspiration!

  5. The fake people are funny. I have done a double take both times now.

    • Hi Linda…aren’t they cute?

  6. […] (This blog was inspired by Granny’s Stew Sandwiches) […]

  7. Slรกinte! (Good health in Irish) Enjoy your sarnies.

    • Thanks Grannymar….wine time is now over…I am the last of the big drinkers…one or two glasses while I am cooking…any more than that and supper is a disaster!

  8. cheers Granny and enjoy your stew sandwiches!!!!

    • They were very tasty Patrecia!

  9. I think stew sandwiches sounds fantastic, though sorry for the cold front – keep warm and safe. My much loved Dalmation’s name was Jasmine – so I’d agree with wanting a statue of her (although, not her, in your case)?!?

    • Hi Longlife…I have only been bitten(by a dog) once…and it was a Dalmation!!!

      • Oh no, that is terrible but not at all like mine. She was the sweetest, most gentle, loving dog I have ever had. please don’t judge the breed by one dog. They are generally lovely.

      • I would never do that.
        The one that bit me lived in a home with TEN children.
        He had a reason to be grumpy!

      • I’d have bitten someone if I had to live with ten children! I wonder what the penalty is for that?

      • I would say a reward Longlife!!!

  10. Love those figurines in the nursery! Enjoy your sandwiches – it’s nice to have a night off cooking every so often….or more often…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi RD….actually, I find making toasted sandwiches hard work…all the slicing and buttering etc….would much rather throw a whole lot of stuff in a pot and walk away…until I smell burning!

  11. I’ve often dunked bread into my stew . . . so why not ladle stew onto bread?

    Love the photos.

  12. The sculptures are delightful. The dog looked real to me – is the owner of the place the artist?

    Seems you are feeling better, Granny. I’m glad.

    Something seems out of whack that you are the one who goes out to work, then comes home and tends to sickies and empty tummies. Maybe it wasn’t so bad having parents a lot older than me. But then they both told all of us, “we are not going to live with any of you” and they kept to their word. However, I realize the vulnerability factor is quite different between our two countries!

    BTW…we have a dentist from J’burg. He and I had an excellent chat over the Corn on the Cob from USA and grapes from Mexico. He confirmed my suspicions of the dangers of you driving all by yourself on long stretches of highway. Dang it, Granny. I’m saying thanks for better cell phone service in South Africa than in many rural areas in Canada.

    • Hi There Souldipper…I never think of dangers on the road but I suppose I should.
      The only danger would be if I had car trouble…I certainly don’t pick up hitchhikers…even the good looking ones.

  13. I like the idea f stew sandwiches Granny. Might just try it today. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tell me what you think!

  14. I love the pics, and that staffy is fantastic – so lifelike!
    Hope you enjoyed the wine . . .

    • I ALWAYS enjoy the wine Barb. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. The character in the second photo has a very expressive face – looks sad and thoughtful.

    • The are so lifelike they are a bit creepy,Elaine.

  16. Stew sarmies sounds like a new version of a bunny chow

    • Should I patent it?
      Call it a Granny chow?

      • good idea

  17. Love the characters in the photos, Hope your roof survived the storm last night. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Optie…you too love.

  18. Hope you survive the coldfront and the wind in one piece.

    • Hi Maire…yes we survived thought I haven’t counted all my pieces!

  19. Did someone say wine?
    *holds out empty vase*

    • Hi Bibi…great to see you here…glug, glug.

  20. LOL…love your idea of stew sarmies, Granny, and especially of calling them Granny chow – a definite winner! Hope the cold front passes swiftly and leaves some sunshine in its wake ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi there Naomi…we had a stunning day today…am still pinching myself to see if that was really the sun we saw!

  21. Left over stew sandwiches are usually delicious.

    • I could do with one right now Gobetween!

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