Posted by: granny1947 | August 14, 2012

Granny pops in for a minute….or two

Hello All.

Has it really been about four days since I last posted?
You will have to forgive me.
This will also be a short post.
I find I cough if I talk too much!

So…I will just show you a few pics I took on Saturday.
My brother and I visited a nearby nursery.
It was fabulous.
There were figures, like the one above, nestled amongst the plants all over the place.

I loved the expression on this guy’s face.
Somehow he reminded me of someone?

Mex has caught my cold.
With a vengeance.
Who can I come and stay with?

I spent a great deal of the afternoon going through my brother’s paperwork.
I have a HUGE task on my hands.
He has lost the plot.
I am going to have to try to remedy the situation.

I am back to starting work at seven in the morning.
This means leaving home at 6:30AM.
I love it because it means I am finished working at eleven.
However, I am NOT one of those people who open their eyes and leap out of bed.
Greeting the day with a smile.
I fight to get just five more minutes sleep.
I hate to be rushed.
It takes forever for my brain to catch up with my body.
I only grunt first thing in the morning.
In fact…if I had my way…I would only grunt until about ten.
Customers don’t seem to understand this.

And now….I must shower….and sleep.
Maybe, while I am sleeping, I will win the lottery.




  1. It was nice to see you pop in for a minute…..what a busy day you can come and stay with me anytime

    • Thanks Patrecia…I am off to pack!

  2. That’s a nice short day for you.

    • Hi Harry…unfortunately, the pay is equally short!!!

  3. I also do the early shift, start at 6.30 and leave at 3.30. Generally I don’t mind the early start, but sometimes I just would like to stay tucked in until around 9 πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ruth…I could do a nine to one shift but the traffic is great early in the morning and it is lovely to get home so early…more time to nap!

  4. Hope you and Mex are better soon. Good luck with the early rising. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks AD…I am on the mend…Mex still milking it!

  5. What an interesting nursery! I’m not a morning person either; I’d stay up until dawn and sleep until 11 if I let my body clock have its way. Sure, come stay with us until Mex’s cold is over! Can’t say I’d want you to go back home though! πŸ˜‰

    • I agree RD…think we would really hit it off.

  6. I agree about the figures in the nursery – it sounds delightful.

    • Hi Elaine…yes…I will be going there again soon.

  7. Fun figures, indeed. I agree that getting up before Burlington Bertie is a total pain.
    Generosity to spouses can be carried a bit too far.

    • Spouses or brothers Col!

  8. If you win the lottery you can come and live with me! lol Love the pictures – definitely my kind of garden decor.

    • Damn Lin….only if I win the lottery????

      • Well no, I just thought we’d have more fun if you did. πŸ™‚

      • You are right Lin…just imagine the ball we could have.

  9. No speak til there’s no coughs. πŸ™‚

    • It’s getting better Roly…now I have nothing to say!!!

  10. I love nurseries that have interesting little nooks and crannies with sculpture and artwork between the plants. I am not by nature an early riser but as soon as my feet hit the floor I start doing things. OH on the other had will wake up at 5.00 am, get up and make tea and sit and watch tv for 2 hours and brag about what time he got up. He gets really mad when I ask what he has achieved since he has been up πŸ˜‰

    • Hehehe Optie…I can just picture it.

  11. I am a morning person and it’s a good thing because I have to get up early to say prayers before dawn. Now during Ramadan I also have to eat before dawn so I get up at 4:30. Next week I’ll be back to getting up at 5:00. I am not a night person. I like to go to bed early and snuggle up with the dog and get my zzzs.

    • Hi there Maire…I have set my alarm for five tomorrow…I have to wash my hair…earlier than that is a definite NO NO.

  12. It is just 16:00 here and I have been awake for twelve hours already. I am listening to the rain battering the windows and the wind howling outside. I thought we were still in summer! 😦 That garden centre looks great with little treats around every corner. I hope bugs and bruises don’t outstay their welcome!

    • Hi Mar….looks like a storm brewing here too…I don’t mind as it is almost bedtime!

  13. We could start a night owl club! It’s 10:30 a.m. and the only reason I am awake is because of the dogs. ggrrr

    • Hi Linda…why won’t the dogs let you nap???

  14. I’m the one who goes to bed late and rises early in the morning!
    I hope the colds get better very soon.

    • Hi Pussycat…my cold is better….just a lingering cough.

  15. I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Go to to collect you award and then nominate 15 others and share 7 things about yourself.

    • Oh Dear Optie….thank you so much….oy…the pressure…will see over the weekend.

  16. Getting home early is GREAT . . . getting up early is for the birds. Early birds in particular. πŸ˜‰

  17. Bright burgundy – on his toenails! Dip his soother in Brandy.

    I mustn’t be hard on poor Mex…he doesn’t have a chance with all of us pouncing on his masculine inability to heal quietly!

  18. I was earlier in a Government 9to 5 job. When the kids were growing up , one had to get up very early to see them off to school with packed lunches and also for myself and husband, besides the breakfast of course. Gave up my job in 2006 and now some of us friends together run a school for underpriviledged kids. I enjoy the time in the school , but the best part is that I don’t have to rush thru things in the morning. Am a late night person . Hate getting up in the morning. My hypothyroidism may also have something to do with it. Hope Mex gets better soon and I hope you’re back to being your chirpy self.

    • Hi Nadira…I can sleep morning, noon and night…am not sure WHAT that makes me!

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