Posted by: granny1947 | August 10, 2012

Granny has a little fight

Hello All.

I wonder if the picture will stay this time?
Maybe it vanished because it is such a bad one.
I REALLY miss my wonderful beach.
This one was taken in the village where Wendy lived.
The same one I lived in with husband number one before we started all the moving.
I was living with Wendy when he was killed.
And I scattered his ashes there.
Have I told you guys about that?
Mental note…share that little episode of my life.

Back to my fight.
Mex and I went to the airport at nine thirty this morning.
A good blogger friend was landing there from Durban.
And had time to kill before meeting her brother on a later flight.

We went in Mex’s car.
So he was driving.
And he turned into the wrong section of the airport.
To get to the correct place we tried to leave but discovered I first had to put our ticket through the machine.
I got to the nearest machine and it was out of order.
I then discovered the next one was a fair walk away.
And my lungs are not happy.
I got there and popped the ticket in and it asked me for R45-00.
Were they crazy?
I pushed the help button and had a long conversation with the machine.
I explained we had made a mistake and we wanted to get out.
She informed me we were in the bus and taxi area.
I explained that I KNEW that…NOW.
I explained that I thought their signage was pretty poor.
I explained that it was my first visit to their “beautiful” airport.
I explained that we had not even parked the damn car and we just wanted to get the hell out.

And then it started all over again.
With her telling me I was in the flipping bus lane.
With her telling me I was going to have to pay R45-00.
With her telling me how well signposted their airport is.

I then lost it.
Said I was NOT going to pay the money.
Said the signposts sucked.
And asking if this was really the friendly city.
And where was her manager.
She told me to wait.
Then a window nearby opened.
One I had not even noticed.
And a form was pushed through.
Which I filled in and we got out.
Either her manager was more intelligent or she realised she was going to have a nasty scene.

We finally got to our meeting place where Robyn and I chatted up a storm.
And Mex got a glazed look in his eyes.
He thought we would just be having some breakfast and then we would leave.
Men can be SO dumb.

One last thing before I go inside to cook supper.

I believe that several of our male bloggers have the same nasty cold/chest that I have.
So…to Colonialist, Roly and Newsferret…a bit of advice.
If you get up and paint your finger and toenails.
Wash and blowdry your hair.
And put on some makeup.
You will feel a lot better.



  1. Thanks for the advice. Fortunately I am over the crap feeling of the week. My nose also left the Olympics track events as it stopped running. 🙂

    • I bet you aren’t better Newsey….just scared to take my advice!

  2. Hahahaha I want to see photos of those guys take your advice! 😀 There was a sitcom episode dedicated to exactly what just happened to you at the airport, only it took place in Seattle. It was an episode of Frasier back in the 1990s. I didn’t know that stuff really happened! 😀 Have a good weekend Granny!

    • Hehehe RD…only in Africa…wonder how many people just cough up…ooops…don’t say the word cough.

  3. Glad you got to spend time with Robyn, glad you stood your ground re the parking….are they insane?!

    • Hi Sue…it was great to see Robyn…just love her.
      Yes, the insane bit was them thinking I was going to pay!

  4. Loved it! I can just imagine you getting all hot under the collar and taking no prisoners..whooppee! I love a good shin-dig and I am happy that you won.

    try Fisherman’s Friend lozenges they get rid of everything..but get better soon and then go for a weekend visit to your favorite beach

    • Thanks P. I shall get some in the morning…am taking cough mixture…which makes me COUGH!!!

  5. Oh Dog! I bet you are a formidable opponent in an argument Granny!

    • I am not really confrontational rumpy but when I think I am in the right…watch out.

  6. Meeting bloggers in real time is wonderful since we already know them from the inside without the distraction of the outer wrapping. I had two days of meeting blog friends this week and it sure put a spring in my step.

    • Hi Grannymar…I have made some wonderful real life friends through blogging!

  7. love you Granny even with your coughs and colds…..

    • Awww Love you too Patrecia.

  8. Good for you, standing your ground with the aiport car park! It’s shocking that they thought they could get away with it. :O

    • Hi Elaine…in retrospect I must have looked like a complete nutter yelling at a ticket machine!

  9. Good for you . . . never let a “ticket machine” get the best of you, Granny.

    • You have to draw the line somewhere NR…the scale is winning it’s battle with me.

  10. Love the advice — ha, ha. Don’t airports just make you crazy? I know they do me. We no longer try to park there ever when dropping off or picking up people. It seems kind of cold-hearted but we just pick them up or drop them off on the curb and scurry out as fast as we can.

    • This place has the name of the friendly city….I think it lost a bit of it’s reputation when I moved in!

  11. I would have loved to see you yell at the “voice’ in the machine!

    • I must have looked like a right idiot.

  12. You had me laughing out loud! That was great.

    • Hehehe Linda…better than making you cry!

  13. oh my, so felt like yelling at a machine before. Not long ago I had to go to the control room of the parking attendents, and it was amazing to see the camera views of people at the machines. Full TV size pictures, certainly made me think twice about doing something daft while paying! 🙂

    • Really Ruth??? Full size pics? That is dreadful. Must remember to keep my tummy tucked in.

  14. Good for you Granny, don’t let the buggers wear you down.

    • Hi Optie…I think she must have spotted the grannylook!

  15. I would be in a terrible mood if I had a day like that!

    • Hi Maire…I would have been if I hadn’t won.

  16. So…to Colonialist, Roly and Newsferret…a bit of advice.
    If you get up and paint your finger and toenails.
    Wash and blowdry your hair.
    And put on some makeup.
    You will feel a lot better.


    • Hehehe Glad you enjoyed Lisa.

  17. Glad you won! I detest these jobsworth people!

    • Jobsworth? that is a new expression for me Piglet!

  18. OK
    Firstly you probably told him to “go in that entrance” …. no not that one became his fault when it was the wrong one. Then I got mascara in my eye and nail paint all over my foot and my hair dryer blew my last six hairs off.
    THANKS for the advice, cough cough, splutter splutter

    • Ok…I cannot tell a lie…I did point out the way but when I saw we had gone in the wrong entrance he wouldn’t reverse!!!
      Mascara takes practice.

  19. Hope your cough is better. Will try to call you from the office during the week. xxx

    • Hi My Friend….send me the phone number and I will phone you in the afternoon.
      Lots of love.

  20. Good for you standing up for what is right!!

    • Hi Sarah…great to see you here again!

      • And you too, I’ve been away for a while.

  21. When I feel ill the last thing I want to do is put make-up on. I usually want to curl up in bed with coffee and sulk until it all goes away. But I support your ploy to get the men wearling some make-up to look better 😉
    Airports are complicated, easy to get lost.

    • Hi Gobetween…none of them have taken up the challenge!

  22. I really admire this talent of yours where you can write about the most mundane things and end up making us smile. Bows to you Granny:-) And the medicine you prescribed ..delightfully apt:-)

    • Thanks Nadira…and, YOU, my friend have the ability to make me blush. 🙂

  23. I wonder you didn’t strangle somebody at the airport!
    Thank you SO much for that valuable suggestion. Somehow I don’t think that applying paint to digital extremes is going to work for me …

    • You don’t know until you try Col!

  24. Classic! This had me laughing out loud and I can feel the old feisty Granny we know and love returning! 🙂

    • Getting there wight…getting there!

  25. Granny, I am very moved by being given a view of what Wendy would have looked at many times. Of all things…I’m sitting here through tears. Then to read that your ex-husband’s ashes are spread there… For some reason this is a very powerful shot and I can tell it’s going to remain clearly in my mind. Yep, Wendy, I see the beauty!

    I went back to read the rest of the blog and totally loved the fact that you will not take bullshit. There’s no greater threat to intelligence than blatant stupidity.

    Thank you for your antidote to bronchitis. I’ll pass it along when our winter hits!

    • That reminds me Amy….must blog about scattering his ashes…it was amusing…sorry….but it was!

      • Look forward to it. A friend of mine who owns a fabulous classic wooden boat agreed to a burial at sea. The urn full of ashes was thrown out to see as the bag pipes played Amazing Grace. The damned thing would not sink. The bags droned on…and on.. Finally, with permission from the deceased’s beloved, Julian got a pellet gun and shot it! No kidding, everyone was in stitches – because it typified the person’s obstenancy! Someone whispered, “What’s the charge for shooting someone after their dead?”

        The beloved replied, “How many times I wanted to do just that!”

      • Oh I LOVE that story!!!!

  26. Good advice about the cold – I gave the same to my friend yesterday. He was lying in bed, telling me on the phone how lousy he felt. Well!

    • Good for you Judith…for some strange reason…men don’t seem to like the advice.

  27. Best advice ever!

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