Posted by: granny1947 | August 5, 2012

Granny gets back in one “peace”

Hello All.

Will need to split this post or it will be too long.
I will start with the memorial service on Thursday.

Wendy worked for the goverment.
And it was her work colleagues who arranged the service.
It was held in a glass covered courtyard in the goverment building in Bhisho.
About 60 kms from East London.
It was her partner,Mark, her maid of many,many years and another friend, Ian and me in the car.
After we had found parking…which was a nightmare…we went up to the security desk to sign in.
The first thing to hit us was a giant TV screen on the wall behind the security desk.
With a slideshow of photos of Wendy.
Photos they had downloaded from her home computer.
Beautiful photos.
I even saw one with a photo of my eldest grandson in the background.

We then went into the venue.
There were huge photos of Wendy everywhere and TWO more giant TV’s with the same slideshow.
Apparently, these tv’s were all over the building and the slideshow had been running for a week.
The Africans know how to run a memorial service.
It was a unique experience.

There was a programme with her photo.
Everywhere you looked…there was Wendy.
Smiling and happy.
And I was so sad.

The service started at twelve.
It began with a group at the back singing.
The most incredible singing.
And that was me.
The tears started and never stopped for two hours.

Every speaker was introduced with a song.
The respect they felt for her was palpable.
The love of her co-workers shone through.
It was so beautiful.

Finally, they said that a family worker or friend would come up.
I looked at Mark.
He just shook his head and I could see the pain and panic.
So I went up.
I have no idea what I said.
But Mark and Ian both said it was great.
I do remember that the tears were streaming through the whole speech.

On the upside….I am a good crier.
The tears just roll.
I don’t get swollen eyes.
And my make-up doesn’t run.
There is ALWAYS an upside.

After the service they laid on food and cooldrinks.
And we interacted.
It was good.

Now one last picture of Wendy that I got off her computer.
Then I will leave her to rest in peace.


  1. I can just imagine that it was a beautiful, but heart-wrenching service.
    Wendy must have been much loved by her colleagues.

    • Morning Pussycat…you could just feel the love in the room.

  2. You’ve made me cry….and unlike you I don’t cry nicely! Rest well Wendy.

  3. Oh Granny, I could feel your sadness as I read this post…
    *sending you a huge comforting hug*

    • Thanks Hope…hugs are always good.

  4. A wonderful memorial service for a much loved Wendy. Well done you for going forward to add a tribute to your friend

    • Hi Grannymar…I was completely unprepared…phew!

  5. What a wonderful, heartfelt memorial for dear Wendy; she was obviously much loved by all who knew her.
    Good for you for rescuing Mark and going up to say something about her; I’m sure what you said touched everyone there. I love the photo of Wendy at the end of your post – a good one to remember her by.

    • Thanks Barb…isn’t it a lovely one…I just had to copy it.

  6. That sounds like a very remarkable memorial service and attended by those who loved her..but now she is in God’s Hands and she is safe from pain, illness and all nasty things that we find here on Earth. She is still surrounded by Love but an even greater Love than she could ever have known whilst she was here.
    She was indeed a beautiful person and I still ponder the question..why?
    Why does this seem to happen to all the good people in our lives and yet those who are really bad get away scot-free?
    That will be my first question when I see The Lord !

    • If you get there before me please let me know the answer too!

  7. What a lovely memorial service – it shows just how special she must have been to lots of people.

    • Hi Elaine…wonder why I had to approve you again.
      Yes, it was a very special service.

  8. How beautiful……I am crying now too for your loss of so precious a friend. Big love and hugs to you granny and rest in peace Wendy xx

    • Awwwww coll…now I have made two of you cry…it wasn’t my intention.
      Love you girl.

      • Not at all Kath…..crying with you is not bad….in any case….I cry a lot these days lol! Love you too xx

  9. Rest in Peace, Wendy. And I wish for peace in your soul, Kathy.

    • Thanks so much Maire.
      Right now I wish there was a cure for the common cold…have a rotten one starting.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend, granny. She was obviously a well-loved and respected friend to many. I think it’s great that they had her photos up everywhere; a celebration of her life for all to see and enjoy. Sending you hugs and love. xx

    • Yes AD…they really celebrated her.

      • That’s as it should be. I hope I get celebrated one day. 😉

      • Me too AD…me too!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful send off . . . floating away on a sea of tears.

    • What a wonderful way to put it Nancy…I feel much better about the floodgate now!

  12. I’m in tears right along with you, Granny. What a lovely memorial for a lovely woman. You all did her justice – I’m sure she was smiling from above.

    • Hi RD…I like to think she was smiling down…and thinking what an idiot I was!

  13. That was really lovely. A very nice service. Glad you were able to go. Hugs from me to you.

  14. What a beautiful tribute and send off for Wendy …

    • Hello my friend….yes it was very fitting for a special person.
      Still happy in PMB????

      • Hello back 🙂
        am indeed – very – miss the people I have left behind, but it is where I lay my hat.
        Will be visiting dad from the 10th-17th August and plan to try make a trip into PE sometime – we must get together for coffee?

      • Thay would be fantastic…can’t wait.

      • Will touch base when I am there !!

      • Great!!

  15. Stunning memorial to have photographs and videos everywhere!! Take Care!

  16. Thank you, Wendy, for showing me how one can gracefully receive the love and incredible friendship extended to you during your time of greatest need.

    Granny, you are such a friend. In addition to all else, of course you’d get up there when Mark couldn’t. You’re a “suit up and show up” kinda woman!

    It sounds like Wendy was an incredible person to have had such a celebration in her honour. No wonder you two were friends. Two peas in a pod.

    • Thanks Amy…I must e-mail you something just now.

  17. Such a lot of emotion expressed in such a beautifully simple way. Cherish the good memories.

    • Thanks Lin….I certainly will.

  18. Your account of the memorial service really touched my heart. So glad you were able to say your farewell to Wendy surrounded by so many other people who loved her too.

    • Hi Optie…I normally hate funerals but I think I needed this one.

  19. What a nice way to pay tribute to a departed colleague and friend. Must’ve meant a lot to her, wherever she is now, that you went there and shared your love for her with the others present there.

    • I hope so Nadira…I was in a complete daze.

  20. Your friend was very beautiful, I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like she left an amazing impression — what a wonderful tribute to her life.

    • Thanks Kathy….I know i shall never forget her.

  21. well done Granny! you did good 🙂

  22. So sad. My thoughts are with you. But you are right, they really know how to do a memorial service and the singing would get you even if it weren’t a sad occasion.

    • The singing was incredible…wish I had taped it.

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