Granny is gearing up.

Hello All.

A short post.
I have a headache starting.
Have been getting headaches every morning when I wake up.
Now they are coming earlier.
I hate taking headache pills.
When I do,  the tiniest bump turns into a big red mark.
And I look as if I have a dreadful ailment.

We had a good day yesterday.
I was just contemplating getting out of bed when a friend phoned and invited us for a BBQ.
I had promised the old folk roast lamb for supper.
So I was in a bit of a quandary.
In the end I prepared everything and left instructions for the oven to be turned on.
And we went for a great lunch.
AND had a big supper.
My poor tummy.
there was quite a bit left over so supper was easy tonight.
And yummy.

Why am I gearing myself up?
Wendy’s staff are having a memorial service for her on Thursday.
I will leave after work on Wednesday and head for East London.
There is heavy rain forecast.
It should be a fun trip.
I plan to spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night with her partner.
And I shall come home on Saturday.
Anyway, I should have something interesting to blog about.

Oh yes, the little guy in the photo came down onto the table waiting for someone to give him a snack.
I am not really too fond of Butcher birds.
But this one was quite sweet.

They have a lovely garden.

I came home loaded with plants and fresh sage and rosemary.
Perfect for the lamb.

Now I am off to bed.


23 responses to “Granny is gearing up.”

  1. I was just thinking about you when I got notification of your new blog post! LOL We’re on the same wavelength! 🙂

    Have a safe drive to East London; I know the memorial will be tough. But it’ll be good to spend time with Wendy’s partner, laughing over the good times and getting some good healing cries in too. I’ll be thinking of you, my friend.

  2. I wish my birds would come that close. After all that I do for them. And they come no where near me. Hugs for you and Wendy’s partner, I know it’s such a very sad time. I hope you have a safe trip and that your headaches will stop.

  3. Strange, you going to bed when it’s mid-afternoon here in the States LOL can never seem to time my reading with your writing…

    Safe travels as you pay your respects to your dear friend.

    p.s. wonder if you should try a different medication for your headaches?? that is a troubling reaction you seem to be having 😦

  4. I’m so glad you are going up to East London for the service. I hope the drive isn’t torturous. You will have a cell phone with you, I trust and hope. Perhaps I’m being a silly Canadian, but I want to know you are safe.

    Love you lots, Granny, and will be thinking about all of you.

  5. Poor Granny. I had headaches EVERY day for 3 weeks in NJ. Only on one side of my head ~ that had never happened before.

    When I got home, the “cluster headaches” took a hike. Hope yours do too.

    Safe travels. This time, please STOP when you need to pee. Don’t just cross your legs and keep driving. 😉

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