Posted by: granny1947 | July 28, 2012

Granny sees Dollar signs…$$$$$$

Hello All.

Some years back Queen Elizabeth said she had had an annus horribilus.
Or something that sounded like that.
What do you call three horrible months?

In three short months:

I moved from a bit of paradise to a converted SINGLE garage.
I left all my family behind (ok..maybe that isn’t such a bad thing)
I lost Tom.
I lost Wendy.
I lost my sense of humour(temporarily…I hope)
I have a cracked windscreen which is going to cost a fortune to replace.
I had a major fallout with my mother.
And, last night Jasmine got a bone stuck in her mouth.

Ok…I hear all you dog owners out there.
Never give your dog bones.
I have been told this over and over.
In nine years this is the first time this has happened.
It will also be the last time.
Cost me an arm and a leg to get her sorted out.

We had to take her to the emergency animal hospital.
R750-00 before they even looked at her.
On the upside…what a nice vet.
Wait…I take that back…I will tell you why just now.

Jasmine was very good until he lifted her up onto the table.
She then gave a little growl.
Well, she would.
She thought he was taking a liberty with her.
So he put a plastic muzzle on her.
Which she REALLY objected to.
But I would have too.
And he gave her an injection to knock her out.
Which was quite amusing.
Then he opened her mouth.
And popped the bone out.
It was on the roof of her mouth.
Jammed between the two rows of teeth.
He could have told me to look there when I phoned him.
It would have saved him coming out.
And I would still have all my limbs.

Anyway, while she was still out I asked him to give her all her shots.
Which he did.
And he drastically reduced my bill.
I think, because I made him laugh.

Then he gave her another shot to wake her up.
Which took a bit of time.
Finally, he lifted her off the table and we both wobbled out to the car.
Jasmine because she was still dopey.
Me, Β because I had just forked out over a thousand rand.

I went home and had a glass of wine.
The vet probably went home and planned his next holiday.



  1. I believe you when you say vets charge a fortune. My sons have cats and they know all about it, too.
    Poor Jasmine, and you too.

    • Hi Pussycat…we are both fine this morning though Jasmine only asked for food after eight this morning!!!

  2. Poor Jasmine. The vet could have told you to check her mouth yourself, and you would have saved a small fortune. They charge an arm and a leg. Hope the wine helped when you got home granny!

    • Hi Barb…I DID check her mouth but didn’t see the damn thing…don’t know why…it was huge…anyway..a lesson learned.

  3. At least you paid that sort of money for someone who loves you. I just forked out more to replace the door the robbers smashed up yesterday

    • I feel your pain Sidey…horrible to have your space invaded like that.

      • it was!

      • Are you feeling any better,love?

  4. I hope Jasmine is on the road to recovery now. You certainly have had a rough couple of months, haven’t you.

    • Yes Maire…it can only get better from here…I hope.

  5. With all that has happened to you in a few short months, I am not surprised your sense of humour went walkabout. Hopefully it will return with some TLC for you real soon.

    • Thanks Grannymar…good to see you here…we should start our own group of grannies…it would be such fun!

  6. Sorry you’ve had such a horrible time, Granny.

    • Hi Tilly…I keep telling myself others have it much worse…sometimes it works.

      • I do that. It doesn’t help; it just makes you feel guilty for feeling bad. 😦

        A horrible time is a horrible time is a horrible time. Other people’s horrible times can’t change that.

        Consider yourself hugged.

      • Awwww. …thanks Tilly.

      • xx

      • πŸ™‚

  7. Life seems rather challenging for me at the moment too, but you win the horriblus annus award, hands down . . . since you moved TO your parents rather than vice versa. Everything is easier as long as I am HERE.

    Here’s hoping we have brighter days on the horizon.

    Give Jasmine a pet for me . . . and remind her to CHEW before she swallows.

    • Yes NR…my biggest mistake was moving here but now I have to make it work.

  8. No you haven’t lost your sense of humor yet πŸ™‚ Thank goodness. Hugs to you.

    • Hehehe Linda…yep that was a bit of poetic licence…when my sense of humour goes they must just bury me.

  9. Oh dear, that money, whilst being well spent, does seem rather excessive. Vets and doctors certainly don’t come cheap. Hope things improve for you granny, and you can laugh again. Hugs xx

    • Don’t worry AD…I am still laughing…sometimes a bit hysterically!

      • I can here you cackling insanely, from here. πŸ˜‰ xxx

      • I’ll tone it down AD!!!

  10. It felt kind of odd ‘liking’ this, considering what you went through, but it was so heartfelt and your humour shone straight through, I couldn’t help myself. Hope there is a big turn-around in your fortunes, soon.

    • Thanks Kathy….am sure it is all up from here.

  11. Granny, you remind me of the kid who discovers a huge pile of horse droppings and starts digging through it, saying, “Where there’s horse poop, there’s gotta be a pony!”

    The best part of this post is that you have spit out all those stress-makers. When you blow off steam, and it’s important that you do, you’ll at least know why and won’t have to go through all kinds of guilt-horse-poop. πŸ˜€

    • Guilt horse poop…I love it!

  12. Granny I really feel for you. Tough six months. πŸ™‚ As they say, it can only get better πŸ™‚

  13. Hello Granny

    It is great to have found your blog. You have done a good job, so well done my friend! πŸ™‚

    Here I would like to thank you for following my blog. I hope my blog is not disappointing and that you will continue enjoying my blog in each of your visits.

    Thank you again and I wish you a lovely day! πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

    • Thank you Subhan…I loved your blog!

      • Thank you! Many blessings o you. πŸ™‚

        Subhan Zein

      • Morning Subhan…you have a great day.

  14. Aaaaaw granny… sorry bout the vets bill but glad that Jasmine is OK. Love you girl xxx

    • Love you too Coll….are you feeling better?

      • Yes thank you granny, getting there slowly πŸ˜‰ xxx

      • Hi My friend…I saw that it is taking so long…I feel for you.

      • Just devastating actually Kath…..but so thankful for everyone’s support and love xxx

  15. I am sorry – for both of you. Jasmine had a bad experience and seems to be on her way back again, and I hope the same for you. There will always be bad periods in life, but your last three months seem to have been extremely horribilus. I wish all the best for you – and for a turn of the coin.

    • Thanks Munchow…so kind of you.

  16. Gosh you have had a challenging time lately Granny, hope this will be the start of a better week for you and Jasmine!

    • Thanks Optie…me too…winning the lottery would help!

  17. You are getting back your humour alright:-)

    • Hehehe Nadira…it is never too far away…in comes out at the worst times.

  18. You’ve really had more than your share of negatives in your life lately, Granny, but I don’t agree that you’ve lost your sense of humor, temporarily or otherwise. I’ve seen that light side of you shine through constantly (even when it was down to a flicker), and I SO admire that. With the stuff you’ve dealt with in so short a time, I’d probably be buried under the covers permanently with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door.

    It’s so tough when these unexpected things happen to our pets and we get hit with tremendous bills. We don’t think twice about having the vet help them, but the shock when the bill comes is almost as bad! That happened with Daisy’s whole respiratory illness when we first got her – I don’t want to relive that!

    • Hi RD…do you have a spare “do not disturb ” sign?

  19. No bones for dogs, please! Expensive trip but glad you got the bone out.

    I replace my windscreen in December last year, in April this year a huge rock came out of nowhere causing a beautiful crack right in the middle of the brand new windscreen URGH!

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