Posted by: granny1947 | July 24, 2012

Ganny goes burp…and other nothings

Hello All.

Study the above photo.
Do you see a monkey anywhere?
Neither do I.
At the time I was convinced there was one there.

On the way to the breakfast,  on Saturday,  I stopped to fill the car up with petrol(gas).
And spotted a pizza takeaway.
And a Chinese takeaway.
Tonight we tried the Chinese.
It was to die for (well, I hope that isn’t true)
It was delicious.
And there was lots of it.
And it was incredibly reasonable.
And the owner and his wife were lovely.
I have a feeling we will be going there on a regular basis.

Some time ago Souldipper asked me how many people live in this city.
I don’t think I replied.
I DID look it up on Wiki.
The said about 1.3million.
I don’t believe it.
Unless all of them have cars and use the same highway in the mornings.
Most of my trip to work is on a national highway.
Today I spent most of the trip crawling along between 20 and 30kph.
At times I was standing still.
And I was ten minutes late for work.
Something I hate.
On the upside they were painting the white lines when I was on my way home.
At least I will have something to look at in the mornings.
Instead of smiling at complete strangers.
And making them very uncomfortable.

Now I am off to have a shower.
Have a good evening/morning/afternoon.



  1. there is a monkey there, can’t you see it, on the other side of the tree trunk

    • Of course…should have put on my glasses!!!

      • zakly!

  2. what a shame that smiling at strangers makes them feel uncomfortable..what is the world coming to

    • Hi P. I think it makes them wonder if they should know you!

  3. Where I live, smiling at strangers makes them suspicious….I agree with misswhiplash, what’s the world coming to when people can’t smile and nod cordially at each other? But then again, most people who live here moved out of the Big City, where a stranger’s smile-and-nod could just be the disarming technique that precedes a mugging. So sad.

    The town where I hope to live is in the next state and is just the opposite; in fact, most small towns there are friendly and people chat without having to know your name. Now that’s MY kind of town! 🙂

    PS~ Will you call the men in the white coats if I say I see a monkey? I could use the rest…. 😉 j/k

  4. Smiling at strangers can get you into trouble…they may think you are on the pull!

  5. When people from the north come down here to the south we southerners make them nervous by smiling and holding open doors. One man actually told me he was scared when people looked him in the eye. He thought they were up to something. How terrible. I always smile at people. Only nowadays it is getting a little scary for me as well. Some people are just darn scary looking. And too many crazies. I see the monkey!

    • What are you smoking Linda????

  6. Good morning, here we smile and wave our way to work. Friend came to visit and had to go to meetings, she took my car, and she said, all went well, she just waved at everybody.

    • Ah my friend…where you live is so different.

  7. I think I can see the tip of his tail, over there near the top right hand corner 🙂

    • I salute your imagination.
      Damn, now I have to go back and check. 🙂

  8. Morning Granny, hope you made it to work on time this morning, smiles and all 🙂

    • Yep…in time and in one piece!

  9. Definitely one there I could only see it after I took my medication though 🙂

    • I want some of that medication….it sounds like fun.

  10. I agree with SideView! Spotted it right off…you are smarter than you think you are. And then some!

  11. Sneaky monkey, I hate taxis, taffic and roadworks!

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