Posted by: granny1947 | July 23, 2012

Granny has a little chuckle

Hello All.

So, I got into my car at twelve today.
Turned the key and heard a very strange noise.
Tried again.
Same noise.
I called for help and two of the guys from the factory came to my assistance.

They peered into the engine and got me to try again.
Tut tutted and said it sounded like the starter motor.
My heart sank.
They got a metal rod and smacked the started motor a couple of times.
It didn’t help.
Apparently, sometimes the starter motor sticks.
Who knew?

I tried the key again and this time there was just a click.
They shook their heads and said it sounded like the solonoid.
I don’t know what the hell a solonoid is but it sounds expensive.
My heart sank even further.
They suggested they would push start me but I should first phone Hyundai to see if I could bring the car in.
I closed the window.
We work in a dicey area.
And I noticed the window was moving very slowly.
So, I thought(sometimes I do) what the hell has the window got to do with the starter or the solonoid?

I went inside and told the guys what was happening.
I swear I saw a lightbulb go on above their heads.
Oh, they said, you must have a flat battery.
And MY lightbulb went on.
It was darkish when I left for work this morning.
But light when I got to work.
I had left my headlights on.

They gave me a push and the engine kicked over.
As I went down the road the car made a horrible noise.
But I think the car was just telling me what an idiot I was.
Because the noise stopped.
Or else my fanbelt needs replacing.

I was blown away by all the messages of support and love from you guys.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I feel a lot better today.
Still sad but my eyes have stopped gushing.
It would have been my Dad’s birthday today.
Lots of things going through my mind.
I think they are going to have the funeral up in Pretoria.
It makes more sense than bringing her back to East London.
I won’t be going.
I tried to be there for her when she was alive.
There is nothing more I can do for her now.
When her partner is back home I shall go up and spend a weekend with him.
That seems to make more sense.
We can have a wake.

p.s. I have no idea why that photo came up three times.
I am not going to try and fix it.



  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better, and that there was nothing major wrong with the car…..

  2. Its good enough to appear 3 times 🙂

    • Thanks Roly…I know I uploaded it three times but it didn’t appear on the post…..until I published.

  3. I have done that too Granny, of course OH makes it sound like something a man would never do! Glad you are feeling a little stronger today. Lovely photos – what river is that?

    • I have no idea what river Optie…it was under that damn bridge.

  4. Fortunately my car shuts the lights off after the engine is off for 30 seconds – good thing too, because I’ve done it several times! And if there wasn’t a dinging warning when I leave my key in the ignition….well, let’s just say the car would have been long gone years ago.

    I think your idea of spending the weekend with Wendy’s partner is an excellent one. Most people who lose their significant others say that after the funeral is the worst because they’re suddenly left all alone, but you’ll be there to help him through that initial void. I think it’ll do you both a power of good. And I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. 🙂

    • Thanks RD…my last car switched off the lights when you turned off the engine…a real old lady’s car…this one expects you to think…sigh

  5. Bummer about the car!!! Hang in there friend.

    • The car is fine Rumpy…just such a dumb thing to do.

  6. I’m glad it was “only” the battery 😉
    I’m also glad you’re feeling a little bit better.

    • Thanks Pussycat…yes…the weeping is over.

  7. Your dad and my dad, today. I still miss him so much.

    (my car has a dumb blonde protection thingy – it turns the lights on and off for me)

    • Hey Sidey…what a coincidence…yes…every now and again I want to tell him something.

      • I often want to share music as well, or something special in the skies.

  8. If I had one of those fancy new cars that have to be plugged in I would be in big trouble I would never remember to plug it in! I used to forget to turn my lights off so often. Now I have a car that (newer than the last but old) that has eyelids. You can see if the lights are on plus there is a beep beep. It has saved me many times.

    • I agree Linda….still lesson learned…hopefully won’t do it again in a hurry!

  9. Glad you are feeling a bit stronger today; it’s a good idea to spend a weekend with Wendy’s partner – that’s when he will need you the most, when the funeral is over and he is on his own at home. That’s when it will hit him.
    Silly you leaving the car lights on, although I’ve done it myself and ended up in the same pickle as you. Glad that’s all it was!

  10. LOL! Granny, I think your car trouble was the universe wanting to give you a little jump start and smile 🙂

    • And an adrenalin boost Ruth!

  11. I really enjoy picking up the different expressions you use “over there” from what we use in Southern California. Example: flat battery … we would say dead battery. Next time, you should try two different guys fro the factory … a flat battery s a lot more likely than worn brushes on the starter motor, which is what whacking the starter fixes.

    • Hehehe Bud…defintely someone else next time…gosh …I hope there isn’t a next time.
      By the way…did I ever explain that MWAH is a kiss?

  12. And there I was saying, “Lucky Granny having all those men around to help!” 😀

  13. “I was there for her when she was alive”. I think it’s easier to accept a near one’s passing away if we are able to say this to ourselves. Very often it’s the innumerable opportunities we let slip away when we could have expressed our affection, that gnaws at us and make us wish fervently that they come back and give us another chance. …

    • You are so right Nadira…very wise words, my friend.

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