Posted by: granny1947 | July 21, 2012

Granny and the Saturday excursions.

Hello All.

For some reason I can’t download photos tonight.
Have copied the above.
Hope you can see it clearly.

I went to a breakfast talk this morning.
The woman who gave the talk was great.
She has an internet radio station.
With over two million listeners.
She was super.

She gave a motivational talk.
And a brief lesson on meditation.
The motivation part had ten points.
I was fired up.
Unfortunately, the memory appears to be a problem.
Can’t remember a darn thing now.
Wait…yes….when you want to do something you must think of the end result.
Then work backwards from there.
I like it.
The above pic was taken on my way back from the talk.
I think, having my camera, was my best motivation.
I haven’t used it for ages.

When I got home Mex suggested a drive.
I opted to go and visit a game park not too far from here.
Forgetting that we have had floods.
And Mex treats his car like a baby.
It is always spotless.
Unlike mine.

The roads were horrendous.
Actually, they weren’t roads.
More like tracks.
And, at times, we had to leave the track and drive on the side of the road.
It was definitely 4×4 terrain.
And I was NOT popular.
Especially when I laughed.
And we had to go to a carwash on the way home.

We saw a lot of animals.

The big guy was a bit too close for my liking.
The chap on the right is a Warthog.
Did you know they kneel when they are eating?
They do.
I saw them.

These guys were beautiful but I felt a bit sorry for them.
Those Cheetahs should be out running free.

Then we had to cross this bridge.
And I kept remembering how much rain we had had.
And wondered how soft the wood had become.
I let Mex go first.

The bridge bounced as you walked.
And I wasn’t happy.

One more picture and I shall stop.
You know I like to keep my posts short.
Anybody still with me?


  1. Lucky you, the only going out we could do today was out of one room into another.

    • Hi Newsey…think we will be in the same boat tomorrow…

  2. what a wonderful place to visit. Yep, I’m with you, the cheetahs should have space to run.

    • Hi Ruth…yes…and it is just up the road.

  3. I didn’t see a picture on top, but love the other animal pics.
    Were the cheetahs not in a long enclosure? It should be long enough to let them have a run.
    P.S. I’m past the stage of wanting to attend a motivational talk 😉

    • Hi Pussycat…some were in a huge camp but a couple were in quite a small enclosure.

  4. I could not see the picture either but it’s not a problem as the others were great. How I envy you just being able to see animals in the ‘wild, never mind about Mex’s car there are far more important things in life than a clean car…

    • Hi Patrecia…thanks for pointing that out…have loaded the photo now.

  5. Ooh, I wouldnt be happy on tha bouncing bridge either Granny. I agree with you about the cheetahs.

    • Hope you are feeling stronger today HH.

  6. you can’t have a short post if it includes giraffe

    • Hehehe Sidey…ten out of ten.

      • thanks babe – high five or low five ?

      • defintely a high!

  7. I’m with you on the Cheetah….I hope they have tons and tons of free range.

    Loved the animal pics. I would be just a little nervous around that big rhino, too…they can run soooo fast. The little warthogs always made me giggle. They just seem to have a wild sense of humour.

    • Hi Souldipper…yes that Rhino worried me a bit…there were quite a few of them and nothing between them and us.

  8. Your first photo came out clear as a bell granny, as well as the animal ones. I agree about the cheetahs – they should be running free.
    That bridge looks daunting – I would have liked to have seen a shot from the bridge looking down – too scary? hehehe!
    Hope the rain stops soon.

    • Hi Barb…I went back in and redid the first picture.
      The bridge wasn’t that high but high enough.
      Might post a few more pics today.

  9. We have a similar place about an hour from where we live that we can drive through, but some of the deerlike animals will come and stick their heads in the car! Love your giraffe pic. Nice that you guys could get away together.

    • Yes, it was fun Linda…despite the mud.

  10. Your animal photos are beautiful. Our wild animals around here are not nearly so exotic. Wild hogs, javelinas, deer, small red squirrels, that’s about it. Oh, and coyotes.

  11. So now we know how much you love Mex . Now wonder you become unpopular with him at times:-) Ah but you’re right about those cheetahs…all of them in fact. Born free, they should be living free. This place doesn’t look as cramped as some of the zoos though. They seem to have ample leg space.I loved the pic of that bridge.

    • I still have more pictures from yesterday,Nadira…maybe I will post them later.
      On the upside of the bad tracks and mud we discovered a very nice carwash place.

  12. I’d love to visit a game park like that, though I don’t believe in keeping wild animals confined like that. But at least they’re not in zoo cages, which, to me, is the worst. I had to laugh when you said you let Mex cross that bridge first – you’re so funny! (And SMART! LOL 😉 )

    • Wisdom comes with age RD. 🙂

  13. Despite the muddy tracks it seems you had a good day out. It is lovely to see wild animals up close but I doubt they appreciate our presence that much!

    • They appeared to ignore us completely…in the case of the Rhino…I was relieved.

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