Posted by: granny1947 | July 18, 2012

Granny thinks back….part sixteen

Hi All.

I am in a really bad mood.
I won’t go into the reasons.
Suffice to say I shouldn’t be posting.
But, let’s try.

There came the day when I realised I should leave.
Well, it was ONE of the reasons.

A guy was stabbed in the hand by another chap.
He caught the stabber right outside our front gate.
And climbed into him with a knobkerrie.
Hmmmm….knobkerrie. Maybe you need some information about these weapons.

Noun 1.                                                                          knobkerrie – a short wooden   club with a heavy knob on one end; used by aborigines in southern Africa

Now there is something.
I didn’t know we had Aborigines in South Africa.
Thought they were from Australia.

A crowd gathered and were cheering the proceedings.
My husband suggested going to stop the beating.
And I said NO!
Their blood was up.
And I could only foresee trouble.
The guy who was stabbed beat the shyte out of the other one.
And I watched.
And thought  “crap, it is time to get out of here”
I don’t want to be this person.

The next day the chap who was beaten came into the shop and bought a beer.
He had a few lumps but was ok.
If that had been me I would have been stone dead.

Then something really distressing happened.
It was to change my life.

Next time.



  1. Crikey,,,,the knobkerrie beating wasn’t distressing enough?!!

    • Nope…the next thing was terrible.

  2. eeek

  3. Waiting with bated breath!

    • Lol….patience my friend…it won’t be a happy post.

  4. Can’t imagine what could be worse.

  5. Oh I hope it isn’t too bad. Hurry up with it. Maybe you should soften it though. If it involves children, old people or animals maybe don’t tell us.

  6. holy -crap Granny! You certainly have lived through some tough times!

  7. I always thought Aborigines were from Australia too? Strange . . .
    Granny, how do you cope with all that has happened?

  8. Way to keep us all in suspense Granny…as Usual…What we love about ya…
    We have Aborigines here in America too…just, nobodie’s quite sure who was first…the Chicken or the Egg…either way… both of them crossed the road at one point or other into new World History…Or, was that…Both Crossed The Road @ One Pint in History? Anyway
    Love Ya…
    Miss Ya …
    Mean it…

  9. Hectic episode. Must have been pretty scary

  10. Hope the bad mood clears as the day progresses Granny, that was one rough neighbourhood you lived in back then!

  11. I love these posts! I am saving them in a file and found myself going through them the other day to make sure I hadn’t missed any. Dreading the next post and anxiously awaiting it at the same time. Love, Me

    • I am blown away that you have printed them out Rebecca…I am honoured!

  12. I think it deleted my last comment. So, sorry if this is twice! I have so enjoyed these posts. I am dreading the next post but anxiously awaiting it at the same time. I know you lightly post about times that were deeply impacting. Keep this series up! Love, me

  13. Oh my gosh Granny, I don’t know how you stayed there for so long. You’re one tough lady! Hope your mood lightens, it’s miserable feeling miserable. Hugs to you. xoxo

  14. Nice to see that photo of Jasmine on the beach. That’s a very scary story, granny. Hope your bad mood lifts soon. Hugs.

  15. Hey – you’ve pinched our Annie … oh, no, it’s Jasmine …
    Events like that little fracas do tend to make one think one would be happier somewhere else. But something even MORE distressing happened? I am all ears … er, eyes!
    Cheer up. My crystal ball tells me that you are going to win something very soon, by a massive margin! 🙂

  16. Well…I’m not too confident that wee tale would make you feel better, but I hope it was a good diversion at least, Granny. You’re blowing my socks off…I only had a blind date with a mafia guy once. Nothing compared to you!! 😀

  17. Granny…what all have you had to deal with!! Honestly, I’m saying it again should be writing a book. Mention about aborigines in that manner may not be politically correct, though. Am presently reading a book by Wangeri Mathai, the Nobel Peace prize winner, where she talks about how the original tribes were gradually shunted out by European settlers. History has unpleasant chapters too dearie. (I’m from India…we were supposed to be the Whiteman’s burden at one time) But it is such a great thing that today’s world is getting to be more and more of a global village and there is so much love going around.

    • Thanks Nadira.
      I hasten to assure you…I got that off the internet. 🙂

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