Posted by: granny1947 | July 15, 2012

Granny thinks back….part fifteen

Hello All.

From a very wet and cold Port Elizabeth.

Before I go any further I need to say something.
I suddenly have a whole lot of new blogging friends.
Who are going to think I am nuts when I write this post.
Just to elucidate (isn’t that a great word?)
I have been writing a series of posts about my life with husband number one.
To catch up on them you will have to go right to the bottom of this post.
There you will find the categories.
Choose memories.

So ….what else happened on this farm/shop?
Oh yes.
I mentioned we had two horses.
I had warned the kids, over and over, NEVER to stand behind them.
Like cows, horses scared the hell out of me.

One day,  one of the staff came running in to tell me my younger son had been kicked by a horse.
I didn’t know I could move that fast.
I positively flew.
And while I was flying I was picturing him with his head kicked in.
I do that sort of thing.
I think the worst so when it happens it is never that bad.

When I found him crying….with a perfect imprint of a horse’s hoof on his leg….I gave him a matching imprint of my hand on his butt.
Mothers do that.
When you find out they are alive…you want to kill them.

Then  there was the time some bastards got into the pigsty and stabbed one of the pigs.
I wrote and told my Dad.
And he sent me a beautiful crystal pig.
He loved to do that sort of thing.
I am going to put on a picture of the pig.
But it isn’t very good.
That pig was to be the start of my collection.
He is quite big and they no longer make that size.
So he could be a collector’s item.
Hmmmmmmmmm….wonder if he is worth anything?



  1. yes. kids ! first you panic then you get cross

    • Adrenalin makes you do strange things!

      • it does

  2. Love turns parents into the strangest creatures! 😀

    I have a little collection of glass stuff – including a glass unicorn and a crystal mouse. Duc loves batting the mouse around so the little leather tail was likely vacuumed along with one of it black onyx eyes. The Unicorn is stalwart and too big to be batted around!

    • Hi Souldipper…a lot of my crystal animals have now lost ears or tails with all the moves…the pig seems to have survived!

  3. Kids, and mothers, do the darndest things!
    BTW it was very cold even here on the KZN coast today, and very, very windy.

    • Hi Pussycat…it has been pouring here and blowing a gale too.
      Now the stars are out and the wind has died but they are forecasting more rain…sigh

  4. you collect Swarofski too wrong spelling but you know what I mean..I have some as well.
    sort of sorry about your weather, wish you could send some’s like living 24hrs /7 days a week in an oven, so a little rain would be nice

    • It seems just the other day you were complaining about the bitter cold and snow…think I will be doing the same in a few months time!

  5. I love the pig, even though it has rather a glassy stare …
    One needs to remember that horses bite at one end, kick at the other, and have a propulsion unit in the middle which directs the unwary face-first into gravel. Ask my daughter. She still has the scar. And I put her straight back on the horse!

    • Hi Col…no-one ever had to put me back on a horse…wouldn’t get on to start with!

      • That does provide a solution of sorts!

  6. Nothing wrong with immediate discipline and the modern world shows clearly wher we went wrong – we shut up when the liberals took over.

  7. Yeah – so glad they are alive and then you want to kill them.

  8. I love the crystals 🙂

  9. what a nice piggy!

  10. I’m also very nervous around horses, I had to laugh at you reaction though….us mothers are all the same! 🙂

    • Hi Sue….he learned his lesson…from me and the horse.

  11. Bet son hated that horse for life 🙂

    • Put it this way Roly…I never saw him ON a horse.

      • lol

  12. LOL, Guess I would have done the same. My daughter went missing in the Hypermarket one month-end Saturday when the shops still closed at 1.00 pm and she was no taller than half a shopping trolley. When we eventually found her after about an hour of searching and aborted shopping she got a hiding for wandering off instead of sticking with us like instructed. Then she had the cheek to tell me she wasn’t lost she was just looking at stuff!

    • Hehehe Optie…she sounds just like my younger daughter.

  13. Haha yes I think all of us moms react that way! Your Swarovski crystal collection is gorgeous! I only have a few Swarovski animals, but I love them dearly. 🙂

    • Hi RD…yes…I love the crystal too…all of them were gifts…have never actually bought one myself.

  14. I so get the wanting to kill them once you find out they are OK – I think it’s the same for everyone. Why on earth, though, would anyone want to stab a pig? I really worry about human nature sometimes.

    • Sometimes you just can’t classify them as human!

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