Posted by: granny1947 | July 7, 2012

Granny thinks back…part thirteen

Hello All.

Yes, it was a bit of a violent place to live.
And, I too, discovered I had a violent streak.

There was a dam next to the shop.
No, not a dam.
One of those brick reservoir things.
And the kids would swim in it.
But it was near the road.
One day elder son came running in to say someone had thrown a stone and it had hit younger son on the head.
I flew out of the shop.
Asked who had done it.
Son pointed to a man sitting on the bank on the side of the road.
Between two of his mates.
All men in their early twenties.

I never stopped to think.
A failing of mine.
I walked over and, bringing my arm from way back, I slapped him across the face.
Damn it hurt.

Fortunately, the guy’s mates thought it was hilarious and they walked him off.
In retrospect that was probably one of the dumbest things I have ever done.
However….no-one ever threw another stone at my kids.

The Africans always give you a Xhosa name.
When we first arrived there mine was “the quiet one”.
I am pretty sure that wasn’t my name when we left.

As I mentioned the shop and house were in a black village.
With gravel roads and no street lights.
Elder son and some of his friends decided to run away from home.
They were going to head for East London (not the one in England) and steal a yacht.
Not, you understand, that any of them had ever been ON a yacht.
They arranged to meet at midnight.
Well, they would…so much more exciting.
Son got as far as the front gate.
Realised it was pitch dark.
And that was the end of running away.
If he had told me I would have given him a torch and some sandwiches.


  1. Like your psychology

    • I am scared to ask which part Newsy.

  2. The quiet one, you say? Not for long after that slap, I guess. Bully for you.
    Can’t do that anymore, nowadays.

    • Nope but I would probably try under the same circumstances!!!

  3. lol! you never stop to think when protecting those you love (even if you would help them run away)

    • Running away is just not an option when dealing with bullies Sidey!

  4. The Quiet one? Really? I don’t believe you Granny.I just can’t:-)

    • Hi Nadira…believe it ot not…I used to be quiet and shy.

  5. The quiet one? *sniggers*

    • I know where you live Sue!

  6. I used to be quiet also now I am often told to quiet down. Your stories are so funny.

  7. You were either very brave, or just reckless in your anger, granny. I bet those guys got quite a shock. Good for you! I think many children get only as far as the front gate when they decide to go off to seek their fortunes. 😉

    • I think reckless….now that I am old and wise…hehehe

  8. Wow Granny you were a brave chick. My brother `ran away’ to his friend’s house, my mom laughed at him and asked him if he thought he could stay at their place forever. He was still at school and had to come back home after a week.

  9. Brilliant! I tried running away to live by the river close to us – figured it had an avo tree and I could live off those. Love your blog – looking forward to following it.

    • Thank you for the visit. Great to see you here.

  10. Granny, I think you may well have been renamed as the BIG WALLOP!

    • Hehehe Ruth…or something ruder.

  11. Your photo is breathtaking!

    • Thank you for the visit Oster’s Mom.
      The photos are all from my archives…we moved from that paradise two months ago.
      Damn I miss it.

  12. Bet the guy you slapped got a new name too 🙂

    • Hehehe Roly…wonder what it was…bitch slapped????

      • Maybe Gemoer 🙂

  13. Yay, I caught up. Was your name Nokuthula – ‘the quiet one’?

  14. I think most parents would pack lunch and all if their kids wanted to run away! And this is even when they are out of school!!

    • Especially when they are out of school Paul!

  15. Awesome, granny!

    • Thanks Dawn….hope you get a job soon…fingers crossed here.

  16. Oh the wrath of a mother. I love the bravery of moms. It defies logic, reason and actual strength! Good for you, Granny!

  17. What an awesome mother you are 🙂

    • It takes practice Tilly…I take it you are talking about packing him sandwiches?

  18. I offered to pack my son’s bag for him on several occasions and then once he did run away from home after an argument with his father. A very scary couple of days until we found out where he was.

    • Been there done that Judith…younger daughter ran away for three days…it was a dreadful experience.

  19. Wow you sure took some chances, didn’t you? But your strong actions were probably what kept you and your family safe in the long run.

    LOL about your son wanting to run away!

    • Yes it was funny…never got passed the front gate.

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