Posted by: granny1947 | July 6, 2012

Granny thinks back….part twelve

Hello All.

Something on a lighter note today.
Though there are some sad stories to relate.
They can come later.

Our shop was a general dealer.
We sold everything.
Basic foodstuffs, clothing and even African beer.
The latter was a very good seller.

We sold chewing tobacco.
It came in a big roll and I would cut it into little pieces and wrap them in plastic.
Thank God most of the customers did their spitting elsewhere.
My brother came on a visit and watched me cutting it up with interest.
Eventually, he thought he would give it a try.
I found him outside…heaving and spitting up a storm.
I was never tempted to try it.

Most of the customers were darlings but there were the exceptions.
One day I caught an evil bastard picking on a mentally challenged boy .
I jumped over the counter and told him to bugger off.
He pulled out a knife.
And I thought “oh crap”
I couldn’t back off so I told him to go ahead and stab me.
And his mates took him away.
And I shook for a while.

We sold paraffin by the litre, bottle or half a bottle.
The paraffin was kept in a big drum in the store off the shop.
I remember hub one serving a very difficult customer.
She came in and asked for a litre of paraffin.
Giving him a five litre can to put it in.
She bought a couple of other things and then said she only wanted a bottle of paraffin.
Hub went to the back.
Poured out the litre and measured out a bottle.
Brought it back to her.
She looked at her money again and said now she only wanted half a bottle.
He went back to the drum and emptied out the bottle.
Came back and looked at her.
I didn’t know it was physically possible to twist a five litre can into a knot.
Then he told her to leave.
Very sweetly.
And, if you believe that, you will believe anything.


  1. That sort of reminds me of the old type of Co-op stores. Pieces of soap cut off from a large length of green or red soap. They used to sell everyhting, including the kitchen sink.

    • Now that I think of it…we DIDN’T sell kitchen sinks though we did sell big plastic basins.

  2. lol! people always throw up the odd ones – in every place

    • It keeps life interesting Sidey.

      • i think i like peace more than too much excitement

      • Oh I don’t know Sidey…adrenalin is good too.

  3. OH dear! the knife incident sounds like something that would happen to me or my daughter.

    • So you guys also jump into situations without thinking????

  4. This reminds me of my first job as a kid – helping in a general store. I never did beg forgiveness from the person who received the tiniest bit of my finger that came off while I was slicing cold cuts. Ewwww…I know. But the blade was so sharp and so fast that I didn’t feel it until the blood showed up! The store owner had already wrapped it and sent the customer on his way. The next job I took was selling shoes. Much safer for customers!

    • You are right Souldipper…euwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. These fascinating insights into your past are just great, Granny! 🙂

    • Thanks Wight…so glad you are enjoying them.

  6. I wasn’t shocked at the knife because I was still recovering from the shock of Granny jumping over the counter. But you weren’t a granny then, of course…

    • No I wasn’t a granny but even I was surprised I could leap a counter.

  7. That knife incident must have really put you on your guard in future. Thanks goodness he didn’t do what you said. I get such a vivid picture of your shop from your descriptions. I wonder if there are such places still in the more rural parts of our country. I guess so.

    • Yes, I am sure there are lots of them.
      and I don’t ever want to see them!!!

      • I’m sure you don’t. 😉

  8. I hate customers, they always think you are desperate and that you will take their crap to make the sale.

  9. chewing tobacco and snuff are just disgusting. I remember working with a woman who used to do the snuff thing, eeewwww, she was foul!

    • good grief….in the office????

  10. Fascinating stuff Granny, are you still so impulsive?

    • Afraid so Optie…or I wouldn’t be up here!

  11. Those were quite some experiences! I am sure that absolutely dulcet tones were used to invite the paraffin lady to exit …

    • Absolutely Col…I can’t repeat them here.

  12. Hahahaha!! Yes, I’m sure he offered her his arm to escort her out too…. 😉

    • Oh he was very polite….not!

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