Posted by: granny1947 | July 5, 2012

Granny thinks back….part eleven

Hello All.

The shop on this place was big.
And, as I said before,  very busy.
I had to do a lot of heavy lifting.
25lb bags of sugar, flour and maize meal.
Sometimes two at a time.

There came the day when I got a bad pain in my groin.
And went off to see the doctor.
Who had zero bedside manner.
He examined me and promptly announced I had to see a Gynae for a hysterectomy.
Without telling me why.
And my appointment with the Gynae was for ten days later.

So, for ten long days, I walked around wringing my hands and thinking “ I am going to die”
Actually, I didn’t but I DID worry about it gently every now and again.
The specialist was super.
A short little man who took great interest in what colour panties I was wearing.
Ok…he was a bit weird.
He had a look and said I didn’t need the operation right away.
But I would need it sometime in the future.
Because my uterus was ugly.
I tried not to take it personally.
Four kids will do that to a uterus.
Especially two ten pounders.
I decided to have the op and get it over with.

I came home three days after the op and was back in the shop two days later.
In a great deal of pain.
And my German Shepherd decided to give birth to her first litter.
And she panicked.
And started dropping puppies all over the garden.
And I hobbled around after her picking them up and hanging onto my tummy.
I,eventually, calmed her down and put her on a blanket under the shop counter.
And gave her her babies.
And her maternal instinct kicked in.

The next morning I discovered she had moved the pups.
To my horror I found out why she had done it.
The blood had attracted huge red ants.
And the puppies were covered in them.
I did my best.
But they all died.
A really bad day.




  1. Naughty, naughty Granny, to go back to work after five days!!
    Very sad about the pups having no chance because of ants.

    • Going back to work was downright stupid Pussycat.

  2. oh how dreadful for you, recovering from the big op is bad enough for the first days anyway.
    poor dog losing her puppies that way too.

    • Yes Sidey…the worst part was how hard she had tried to save them.

      • I can imagine it, heartbreaking

  3. Oh my Lord that is so sad, for of you. You did make me laugh a huge laugh out loud at the thought of you running behind her holding your tummy. That so sounds like something that would happen to me! Ok from now on please leave out the sad animal parts, I can’t take it. You sure are one strong lady.

    • I can’t leave out all the sad bits Linda…they are an important part of that time…will keep them to a minimum though.

    • I can’t leave out all the sad bits Linda…they are an important part of that time…will keep them to a minimum though.
      p.s. your link is also not working…just takes me to your gravatar.

  4. That’s so sad, granny. I think I would have just sat down and cried. Talk about it never rains but it pours. ;(

    • I think I did shed a few tears AD.

  5. What are you Wonder Woman? Going back to work so soon! Sad about the puppies.

    • Morning Newsy…no…not wonder woman…silly woman!

  6. The puppies ALL died?? My God, that is so horrible. Your dog must be in mourning, she really must be in mourning. I wonder why she didn’t alert you. Oh, that’s just an awful outcome.

    Granny, glad you got your operation, but you’re yet to cease feeling pain. I hope it goes soon. Your doctor sounds awful. Fancy not telling you WHY you’d need to see a gyno.

    Wishing you good health 🙂 I still LOVE your gravatar…

    • Uhm Words… the title love…am doing my memoirs….this all happened many,many years ago. 🙂

  7. *wipes keyboard*

  8. that is terrible Granny, you and the pups 😦

    • Especially the pups Ruth…have never forgotten.

  9. 😦 Hectic times in the Granny household. Sad!

    • Hectic but always interesting and never boring…unlike the present time.

  10. I was really enjoying this post until that last bit. Way to shock your reader, Granny. Nicely done.

    • Thanks Tilly…it just came out like that…think I am overdoing the memories a bit.

  11. You are one tough woman Granny, what an awful end for those poor pups!

    • Actually, Optie…I don’t think I am tough at all.

  12. Oh Granny…I’m glad I’m coming late enough to go on to the next section. I can hardly bear having you hobbling about, holding your tums and grieving over those wee pups.

    • Along time ago Souldipper…a REALLY long time.

  13. That is so sad.

    • It was.
      I am over it now. 🙂

  14. OMG that’s so horribly sad about the puppies. I can’t imagine being in your shoes and actually seeing that. I don’t think I could get over it. My tragic sorrowful scream would be heard all the way to the US.

    I also can’t imagine doing all that while in post-surgical pain. What on earth was hubby doing?!

    • It was a really bad day…one I will never forget.

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