Posted by: granny1947 | July 4, 2012

Granny thinks back….part ten


Hello All.

So where was I?
Oh yes, the mouse infested house.
We did, eventually, get rid of them all.
But, not before they ate all the chocolate Xmas tree decorations we received from our German relatives.

We had quite a few animals on the farm.
A few cows.
Some pigs.
And about four dogs.
And two horses.
And all of them gave birth.
One of the cows had twin calves.
They were a bit small so they spent their first few days in the kitchen next to the wood stove.
And I had to get up every couple of hours to feed them.

The bigger one went back to it’s Mum but the smaller one stayed in the kitchen a while longer.
When it was strong enough I carried it out to the orchard to meet Mommy.
My poodle came with to experience the reunion.
She got between me and the mother.
Who charged her.
The dog got out of the way.
But, with my arms full of calf,  I wasn’t so lucky.
Her horn caught me full on the chin.
And I saw stars.
The moon.
And the sun.
And ended up on my butt.
Still clasping the calf to my bosom.
I had a  bruise of note.
And the whole town thought I was the victim of domestic violence.
It gave them something to talk about.
And you wonder why I am not too keen on cows?

Still on the subject of cows.
One of them was having a bit of trouble giving birth.
And I had to soap my arms and help it.
I remember crouching behind the cow.
With my arm half way up it’s fanny.
And thinking “ I don’t frigging believe I am doing this”
It was quite an experience!

Not all the experiences were good.
Some were downright tragic.
But they will come later.


  1. Granny, you can’t leave it like this! come on hurry up and post more 🙂

    • Hehehe Ruth…plenty more where that came from…five years of it.

  2. This is not for blogging this is for a book, a best seller!!

    • Thanks Newsey…from you that is high praise!

  3. Gosh now you have added animal midwifery to your CV – is there anything you have not done? Did I really just ask that 😉

    • Yes you did…I haven’t been to prison…not yet!

  4. I agree with newsy. You should definitely write your memoirs and publish it.

    • Thanks AD…wish I could.

  5. You never fail to make me laugh!

  6. This reminds me of the James Herriott books!
    I’ve only ever seen twin calves being born.

    • Hi Pussycat…don’t know where she kept them…they are big when they are born!

    • I thought the same thing! I read all the James Herriott books when I was a kid…& watched the tv series.

  7. I meant twin lambs 🙂

  8. Great story-I love the comic aspect you mixed into the cow birth adventure!

    • Thanks Beebee…I try not to take life too seriously!

  9. What a life you have led! I have a surprise for you at my blog (hint hint…it’s an award!). Please visit and pick up your prize!

    • Thank you Mara…will pop over tonight.

  10. Yes, Granny…this is history. You may not feel like it is, but it needs to be recorded. Out of Africa was a cakewalk compared to this!

    • Thanks Amy….you guys are my friends…don’t know that this would interest others.

      • When you consider how few people could ever imagine a life like you’ve had, never mind all the elements of a good story your life contains. Great characterization, relationship struggles, love, hardship, children, unique bouts with nature, Africa, fiestiness, humour.. The irony of getting bonked by a cow after dealing with snakes, spiders, and whatever other life threatening creature. Do you want me to go on?

      • You are so nice Souldipper…the encouragement means a lot to me.

      • Don’t call me “nice” , paleeese, Granny. Did you see my response to “nice”? It was my July 1st blog – Canada’s birthday.

      • Oh Dear…I missed it….sorry…you are COOL!!!!

  11. This is amazing stuff! Love hearing about it.

    • Thanks Linda…that is so good to hear because I am having fun.

  12. goodness, such experiences! you seem able to turn your hand to anything

    • Hehehe Sidey…not quite…I don’t knit or sew or bake.

  13. The mice ate all your German chocolate ornaments?? That would have been a declaration of war from me!!

    OMG I can’t believe you were gored AND had to help a cow give birth! What a superwoman you are!

    • I wasn’t gored RD…just hit on the chin…very hard.

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