Posted by: granny1947 | July 1, 2012

Granny’s really lazy Sunday.

Hello All.

I mentioned that I contracted Leptospirosis when we were in Berlin(not the one in Germany)

A couple of bloggers commented.
One, a dog, said he had been vaccinated against it.
The other said it was also called Swineherd disease.
So, I Googled it just now.

I am so glad we never had the internet in those days.
I had no idea it was so life threatening.
If I HAD known I might have succumbed.

I was just bunged into hospital.
Told I could not even go to the toilet.
Which was a problem.
I am a private sort of person.
Oh wait….I’m not.
I tell you guys all sorts of personal things.
Like my chin hair.

I haven’t left the flat/garage today.
Well, once to go in for lunch.
Which my mother prepared.
There comes the next coldfront.
She has not ventured into the kitchen since I arrived.
Think she is scared of me.

Mex is in East London(not the one in England)
He is visiting his daughter for a few days and will be back on Wednesday.
So, I am having metime and the TV is having a rest.

After lunch I curled up under the duvet and read some more of the book by “thelisas”
So far it is delightful.
Will tell you all about it when I am done.
Am having a problem with reading,though.
A couple of chapters and I am in dreamland.
Not because the book is boring.
That is the way I roll.

And now I have a few chores to do.
Some posts to visit.
And back to my book.
Work tomorrow.


  1. JUst as well you didn’t know.

    Sometimes it is so very good to have ME time, keep enjoying it

    • I woill Sidey…only two more days of it.

      • enjoy them while they last

      • Hi Sidey…it has been good but tomorrow it is over.

  2. I enjoy my permanent “me” time.
    There is really a cold front on the way for you 😦
    Go well with work tomorrow. xxx

    • Thank you for that great news Pussycat!!!!

  3. Glad you survived anyway, granny. Me time is always good. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…yep….like my own company….we never argue.

  4. Enjoy the time to yourself!

    • Hi Elaine…I am really enjoying it…something I have missed so much since leaving Cape Town.

  5. you are so funny! ( do u really have chin hair?)

    • One hair Patrecia…ONE hair!!!

  6. Anyone over 50 who doesn’t think they have chin is just plain blind 🙂 and in horrible denial.

    It is 103 here. So hot and humid. Too hot to do anything. I am getting very bored though. Not going to complain since I do have air conditioning and the community is not on fire. Yet anyway. This heat is crazy. And the in laws want to have a cookout on the 4 of July. I don’t care if it does drop down to 89ish, it’s still too hot for a cookout.

    • Hi Linda…that sounds like us when we insist on having a huge hot Xmas lunch in the middle of summer!

  7. Your chin hair secret is safe with us – all of us who read your blog are great at keeping secrets….we won’t tell anyone…., 😉

    There’s nothing better than a little metime every so often! Take a glass of wine under the duvet with you and your book! 🙂

    • Hi RD…my metime is over tomorrow but I am actually looking forward to seeing mex…he keeps me on the straight and narrow!

  8. Nothing like a little alone time to rev the spirits. By chin hairs, do you mean those thick black rogue little beasts that show up in 2 minutes? Okay, secrets!

  9. Snap with the chin hair….I watch for it like a hawk! 🙂

    • I yank mine out before it is visible….takes forever to find the damn thing with the tweezers.

  10. Nothing nicer than time alone with a good book. Sadly my eyes give up long before I am ready to put the book down.

    • Hi Optie…my eyes don’t give in…my brain does.

  11. That mysterious disease sounds like a type of leprosy that would flake the skin off in spirals…

    • Thank you for the visit.
      I promise…I never shed anything…not even weight!

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