Posted by: granny1947 | June 28, 2012

Granny thinks back….part eight

Hello All.

I don’t frigging believe this.
I had almost finished this post.
And it was LONG.
And I saved it.
And it vanished.


I think I shall go and type the post in Word and copy it over.

And we moved again.
By this time I hardly had the urge to unpack.
There didn’t seem any point.

We moved to a smallholding on the outskirts of Berlin(not the one in Germany)
Quite close to East London (not the one in England)
And we had a shop in the town.
On the main road.
A proper shop.
That stayed open all day.
And had customers.

Hubby worked for a construction company near Kingwilliamstown and I ran the shop.
With one young assistant.
And I worked.
Hell, how I worked.
I spent the day packing and stacking and serving.
When the shop closed I loaded the pick-up with the heavy stuff and delivered it into the rural areas.
Something you could not do today.
Something I should probably not have been doing then.
Then I would come home and see to the four kids.
And cook supper.
And fall asleep in front of the TV.
And hubby would complain I was always tired!

Berlin was the unhealthiest place I have ever lived in.
If one of the kids scratched themselves, it would fester.
And hubby fell ill.
And went a delightful shade of yellow.
And they diagnosed Hepatitis.
I had to keep all his stuff separate from ours.
It didn’t work.
Three of the four kids followed suit.
I don’t recall which ones.
But they didn’t get it too badly.

Then I fell ill.
And I don’t do half measures.
And I was rushed into isolation in hospital.
Apparently, my liver was on the point of exploding.
I didn’t know liver could do that.
It is a bit disconcerting.
And I didn’t even drink.
But I do now!

They did more tests and found it was a lovely viral infection called Leptospirosis.
Normally found in dogs and rats.
Or do you catch it from dogs and rats?

To cut a very long story short.
When I came out of hospital we had two more assistants and a driver.
Go figure.


  1. Whoa, that sounds like a very scary place, granny. Another name for the Lepto-whatsit, is swineherds disease. Not pretty. Glad you survived.

    • Now that I didn’t know AD….not sure I wanted to know either!!!!

      • Just thought I’d mention it. 😉

      • lol.

  2. Oh you poor Granny . Fancy getting a nasty illness like that..How have you managed to go through all that lot and still look so young!

  3. You should write a frigging book. Seriously, these are good stories!

  4. Lawdy, you’ve been through some things in your life. Never a dull moment, ne?

  5. I see other people also think this would make a great book – seriously, your stories are so interesting!

    You were probably better off not knowing how dangerous your life was at that time, since you couldn’t do anything to change it anyway. Thank goodness you made it through! 🙂

  6. yup, take away the workhorse and you need two normal horses

  7. Lovely pics. Mercy I thought I had been through a lot. You my dear are a survivor!

  8. Sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense how people survive certain, incredible situations. You are one amazing woman, Granny. I didn’t know livers would heal to the point where one could safely drink alcohol. What a story!

  9. OMG – I miss a week and find out you have led a life 37 times more interesting than mine. Even if I rob a bank or get pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby I will still be playing catch up. Hell’s bells!

  10. I just caught up with all your latest posts. What an interesting range of experiences you’ve had Granny .You must’ve been one ruddy female.!! I second Raising Daisy’s suggestion. Get all of this into a book. It deserves to be shared. It’ll make so many people smile for sure.

  11. granny I think you need to expand on your one liners and write a memoir!

  12. it’s amazing how when one leaves any job the need two people to do the same amount of work. 🙂

  13. That’s one way to get help.

  14. Gosh Granny the length to which you had to go to get assistance was quite extreme. Thank God you survived that nasty episode.

  15. Holy cow Granny! That’s scary! I have a lepto vaccination.

    • Good for you Rumpy…not a nice thing to catch.

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