Granny thinks back…..part five.

Hello All.

And we are back with my memories.
If you are new I think you will find the previous posts under the category “memories”

So, we left the farm from hell and moved to another one.
With a lovely house.
And gas lighting.
And an outside toilet.
Fortunately, on the verandah.
But it was on a pedestal.
And I worried about one of the kids falling in.
Because I didn’t know if I would try to fish them out.

It was also my first introduction to a wood stove.
I was to become quite attached to them.

I loved the place.
I would have loved ANYTHING after the previous disaster.
My father came up for a night and said he felt so sorry for me.
Thank God he had never seen the earlier place.
Think he would have packed me and the four kids up and taken us away.
On second thoughts….maybe not.

I don’t recall anything untoward about that place.
No snakes.
Or spiders.
Oh yes….I DO remember one incident.
Hubby number one hit a wild cat with the car.
Think it might have been a Lynx.
Anyway, he put it in the trunk.
When he opened the trunk on his return he discovered he had only knocked it out.
There were times when husband number one could move very fast.
I think someone from the zoo came to fetch it.

We didn’t stay there very long.
For Hub one the grass was always greener on the other side.
The next place will be the subject of number six.
I do hope you are enjoying these recollections as much as I am, writing them.

20 responses to “Granny thinks back…..part five.”

  1. I’m right with you Granny – I’m really enjoying your recollections. If you ever find photos of those places, I’d love to see them! It would be interesting to compare your memories of those places with your kids’ memories – theirs always seem to be different than ours.

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