Posted by: granny1947 | June 14, 2012

Granny says cheers.

Hello All.

I took Jasmine for a walk this evening.
Pity I ate a few squares of chocolate.
And stew and dumplings.
Sort of negated all the good.

The above wildnerness is just down the road from our house.
If Tom is in there somewhere he is having a ball.
Wish the bugger would come home.
Enough is enough.

Just a short post this evening.
I leave for East London straight from work tomorrow.
I still have to throw a few things in a bag.
I am really looking forward to seeing Wendy.
Not looking forward to the drive.
It is only about a three hour trip.
But I am no spring chicken anymore.
And I already have a stiff neck.
By tomorrow night there will be a few more parts of me stiff and sore.

I am taking my camera and Wendy has a computer so I am sure you will be hearing from me.

Dropped off my first business card this afternoon.
Hold thumbs.

Now let me get my chocolate laden butt into gear.



  1. If I was there, I’d be riding with you, Granny, and with the yakking we’d do, the trip would seemingly be over in minutes. I wrapped a golden blanket around both of you today – again. To help with your drive, when you think about it, imagine a hole at the top of your head and that golden light pouring in, all through your body and out your toes. Seriously, do that a few times.

    Folks reading this are learning the secret used by masters over the centuries. They’ve only recently had the authority to hand out the info.

    Now why on earth would healing be kept from the masses? Would I have thrown some on you or something? Oh…maybe some people don’t want to be healed. That’s why we’re supposed to ask for it!

    Tom, get thee home! Now I’m starting to worry…think of all the snakes in that underbrush!

  2. London, get ready for lots of rain and cold.

  3. Travel safe, granny. I didn’t know that chocolate went straight to your butt. Thanks for the warning. πŸ˜‰

  4. Tom must be a strong cat if he can stick it out so long in the cold.
    Have a safe trip to EL.
    I’m living proof the choccies go straight to one’s butt 😦

    • Isn’t it amazing Pussycat….was pleasantly surprised to find my jeans fitted me this morning.

  5. Seriously you should check for Tom at your old house. If I could get to South Africa I would go on a hunt for him.

    Safe driving!

    • Thanks Linda…as I have said higher up…a hell of a long way for a cat to go.

  6. In my book, it’s NEVER wrong to eat chocolate! Banish the thought! πŸ˜‰

    I really hope Tom comes home soon – maybe he’s made his way back to the old house!

    Have a fun visit with Wendy and a safe drive there and back. I know how wonderful it will be for both of you to spend time together. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks RD…am so looking forward to seeing her later.

  7. Have a good trip and time! Er, no, I don’t mean you have to time anything. after a good trip
    Have a good time and trip! Er, no, I don’t mean you should trip after having a good time.
    Oh, just enjoy!

  8. Was it a nice place to take Jasmine for a walk. granny?
    I hate driving long journeys now, so take care on the way. Look forward to some photos.
    It’s already been said and I’ll re-iterate – you should check your old house to see if Tom has made his way back there. I hope he is safe and warm.

    • Hi Barb….I will e-mail my ex neighbours but it is over 800kms away…quite a journey for a cat.

      • Well, pets have been known to travel even further than that granny. I so hope you find him.

  9. Travel safely and have a good trip.

    • Thanks Newsey….have decided to enjoy the trip instead of stressing about it.

  10. I am more worried about Tom than I am your chocolate laden butt…. but anyway have a safe journey and give regards to Wendy xxxx

    • Thanks Patrecia…I have to sit on my butt so it is of great interest to me!
      Yes, am really worried about that damn cat.

  11. have a great trip Granny πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ruth…am packed and ready to leave for work…I go straight from work at twelve.

  12. Have a safe journey and lovely visit with Wendy. I hope that Tom will be waiting for you when you get home again.

  13. Travel safely. Slums is one of my favourite cities

    • Why???????????????????????????

  14. Have a good journey granny!

    • Thanks PIP…home safe and sound.

  15. Hope you had a safe journey and are having an awesome time with your friend!

    • Thanks Yada…it was good.

  16. My body has been doing strange things to me lately. The craving for chocolate has reached dangerous levels all I can say is chocolate is good for you – that way no one gets killed – so hand it over.

    • It must be the cold weather…I have also been eating far too much of the stuff.

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