Posted by: granny1947 | June 13, 2012

Granny bares all.

Hello All.

Well, that title should have all the perverts rushing over.
They are in for such a disappointment.
Serves them right.
You wanted to see the haircut.
Now you can.
The ten minute haircut.
In a barber shop.

You guys can all leave the room now.
Ladies…some advice.
I have never dyed my hair.
I have been very lucky.
Quite a few grey hairs are now appearing.
Do you think I should colour them out?
I am quite interested to see what I will look like with a whole lot of them.

Oh what the hell.
This is me without a camera in front of my face.
The resigned look is to hide the frustration I was feeling.
Mex has NO idea how to operate a camera..
It does not help that I HATE having my photo taken.

I had to do this twice.
It came up with the io error again.
Another sign.
Which I have ignored.
What the hell.
Live dangerously.
Please remember.
You are looking at the HAIR.
And not the wrinkles.

I am having a night off.
Mex is inside making Macaroni and cheese.
His speciality.
I am sitting in our place.
Drinking wine.
Talking to you guys.
And getting a little tipsy.

It is raining.
There is a strange noise coming from the chest of drawers.
Next to mybed. Mex told me to investigate.
Once he had left.
My hero.
I can’t find anything.
I hope it is a field mouse.
And not a snake.
If it IS a snake….I am heading back to Cape Town.

Now I had better show my face.
The face you now all know.



  1. I agree with the men folk it compliments !!! Shoot me I am ducking. Great job Mex!

    • Well, you would ….wouldn’t you!

  2. Yep, it’s short, but you’re still gorgeous 🙂 Leave the grey for awhile is my advice – think of it as silvery hi-lites. Tell everyone you meant to do that.

    • Now that is advice I can live with….much cheaper!!!

  3. You don’t look like a granny, that’s for sure!

    Is that Mex in the background mirror? BTW, we have almost the exact same mirror!

    Nice hair 🙂

    • Thanks Tilly…that is one of the mirrors that Mex does…and yes…it is him…but don’t tell him!

  4. Gosh, you don’t look at all like your avatar! 😉 I wouldn’t worry about a few silver threads,granny. I think you should take grandmalin’s advice. xxx

    • I am going to AD…am not ready to dye yet!!!

  5. Now you must change your name to Gorgeous Granny. The hair looks great and well worth the small amount of time spent in the barbers. Just goes to show what can be done.. As for the grey…that’s not grey , it’s silver . Also the wrinkles if there are any, are not wrinkles but life’s pattern….
    I think it is stupendous…and now that you have shown your 2012 face ..who will dare to be next?

    • Yes Patrecia…let’s put a challenge out there!

  6. That cut looks a lot better than very many of the megabuck ones I’ve seen produced by evah so upmarket studios!

    If it is a snake it will keep the mice away, so that is good.

    • Hi Col…something tells me you have been married for a LONG time!!!

  7. I see big beautiful eyes! I see nothing wrong with your haircut. Maybe style the bangs in a side sweep and that is all. You are in style. And yes it will grow. I finally feel like mine is growing out. Mine was pretty much like yours but it just didn’t come out right last time and didn’t look as it always had before. As for Misswhiplashes last comment, not me! I don’t have any currant pics that I am with. Next year I have to renew my liscense so I have to have decent hair by then as the liscense will last a ton of years. Probably the rest of my driving life.

    • Hi Linda…I insist you post the pic when you have it done!!!

  8. Well, I’m very pleased to see you didn’t have a number 2 cut. And where is that grey? I can’t see any!

    • Hi Ruth…have a look in the sunlight!!!

  9. I like the cut, cheeky. I wonder why I think that suits you so well?

  10. Nice granny, lovely photo to use as your avatar.

    • Thanks Harry…you ARE talking about the one with the camera????

      • Yes granny, make it your avatar.

  11. Dare I say it…..I like the haircut! I think it looks great and I think you’re a lovely looking woman in general. I agree with those who said not to bother dying your hair. My family goes gray very young, and I started “late” at 32. (!) I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 34, when my husband and I were outside on a sunny day and he said, “I think you should consider coloring your hair.” Well, I’m really sorry I listened to him. Now I really want to eliminate the time, toxins and cost but I’m pretty much stuck doing it unless I want to shock everyone that knows me. 😦 I always say when I move away from this area, I’m going to move with my own natural color….or lack of it….so everyone in my new town will get used to me that way. So there.

    • Damnit RD…now you have me blushing!!!

  12. rather grey than un-natural I’d say. And I cannot dye my beard so it would rather strange. So let your hair do it’s own thing.

    • As long as it does it gradually Paul…don’t think I would like to wake up one morning snow white…but I agree…at 65 one is allowed to get a few grey hairs.
      And a tummy.
      And wrinkles.
      And hot flushes!

  13. You look fine!

  14. Granny, you know I’ve seen photos of your other hairstyles and I suspect you just aren’t used to it being this short. It is GORGEOUS! It brings out your eyes so well. Yes, let the silver come through naturally. Mine is now 80% silver. I’ve dispensed with the blonde highlights that I used to hear took years off my face. Who said that? The hairdresser, of course.

    Interesting that two of my friends have started going to (female) barbers for haircuts. Both of them look better than when they paid 80 to 100 per hairdo! I plan to try one of the gals. She warns me, “I don’t style! I cut the way your face dictates!” Her cuts are fabulous.

    Way to go, Granny. Mex got it right, girl!

    • Morning Souldipper…you want to see it when I wake up….it stands straight up…just call me a hedgehog!!!

  15. […] Granny1947′s Blog […]

  16. Hello,Luv! I think it’s your hair and you should do whatever you want with it, including donning a wig like Thing One from Cat In The Hat,if it’s what you fancy! Myself,I have been dyeing my hair since I was 11 but then, I started going silver at age 19 so it ceased to be vanity and became OH MY GOD WHO IS THAT CRONE STARING BACK AT ME IN THE MIRROR, GET THEE TO MISS CLAIROL!
    Now I gotta keep doing it cos I don’t want anyone to assume I am Spook’s grandma.

  17. Great haircut Granny – you are looking good!

  18. You look smashing!! TOL (The Other Lisa) would vote ‘au natural’. I’m going blond bombshell myself — everyone knows blonds have more fun 😉

  19. That looks lekker. Makes you look young …. er and suits you

  20. Dare I say that I love your new hairstyle granny, it complements your face – and I can see no silver threads either!
    Nice to see what you look like!

  21. I like the haircut!

    • thanks Elaine…you a bit behind here????

  22. You sweet woman:-) Aren’t we glad for this kind of nudity. You look lovely . No don’t use colour. Whatever they claim, I’m sure they hasten up the greying and then you’ll have to continue with it, not knowing when to give up, which time you’ll again go through this feeling of consternation, anyway. You’ll carry your grey strands with aplomb.

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