Posted by: granny1947 | June 5, 2012

Granny goes “oh bugger”

Hello All.

I said more than bugger when I got an “IO” error when I tried to upload this photo.
I believe IO means input/output error.
But I have no idea what THAT means.
Anyway, I tried again and it worked.

The photo is another one from Saturday.
Just before I got us lost.

The “oh bugger” in the title is for another reason.
The whole of last week I have been starting work at seven and finishing at eleven.
I didn’t much like leaving for work while the moon was still up.
Or the hectic traffic on the highway.
But, finishing at eleven was great.
It leaves me so much time to do other things.
Like nap.
And read blogs.
And play scrabble.

Now,however, my mate said it does not suit her.
She wants me there the whole time she is there.
And, it isn’t that she fancies me.
She suggested I go back to starting at nine.
I have said I will try starting at eight.
Which means I am going to hit even more traffic.
I think.

Isn’t it crazy?
I used to work half an hour from work.
In a huge city like Cape Town.
Over a mountain pass.
And the traffic was great.
Then I move here.
Which is a fraction of the size.
And the traffic is horrendous.

It isn’t just the traffic.
It is the traffic lanes.
They move all over the place.
I kid you not.
They swerve to the left.
And then to the right.
This wouldn’t be TOO bad but they haven’t painted the white lines in years.
THEN just to compound the madness they have a dedicated lane for busses and taxies.
With separate traffic lights.
So, you see a green light AND a red light and you think WTF?
I am not finished.
Are you still with me here?
In the road to my work the dedicated lane is not in operation.
It has been blocked off.

I had a bit more on this post but I lost my internet.
Let me publish before I lose it again.


  1. So nobody there thinks to put a “hood” over the traffic lights? Would probably get stolen.
    I think I would settle the start/finish time at work in writing. Was there nothing in your contract?

    • Contract?
      I knew I had forgotten something!!!!

  2. Very nice pic. I think I would lose what little I have left of my mind in your kind of traffic!

    • Hi Linda…if they would just paint the frigging lines it would help!

  3. I feel your frustration.

    • Hi Elaine…not looking forward to this morning’s traffic…think I am going in peak hour and it is raining and freezing!

  4. OMG that’s nuts! The crazy traffic was one of the things my husband talked about after his business trip to Mozambique. He said people were going in all directions, completely ignoring traffic lights and lanes. He took pictures of the chaos – good thing he wasn’t driving!

    I always hated leaving for work while it was still dark out on early winter days; another perk of working from home! 😉

    • Morning RD….I think Mozambique is worse than here…I have no intention of ever going there!

  5. Totally crazy!
    Durban has those dedicated lanes, too. For no reason I can fathom, half the time the taxis don’t use them but clutter up the other lanes. Buses are few and far between. Trucks, though, seem to outnumber cars.

    • total madness…I have no idea why they are not using the lanes…must have cost them money to establish them!

  6. The fear of traffic jams — it’s what keeps us from moving back to the city. That, and all the crap we’d have to clean out first!

    • Hi Kathy…let’s not talk ablout the crap…I still dream about it!

  7. Driving where you are now sounds really complicated. Stay safe.

    • Hi Mara…it is more than a bit complicated.

  8. Another set of lights? That’s just too confusing. But it seems that it really doesn’t matter if you drive like a maniac.

    Hope you like working with this woman.

    • Morning Souldipper….I am up and ready to leave…half an hour early…am wondering what sort of traffic I am going to encounter.

  9. Maybe the best you can hope for is that you get used to it! Yikes! We’re into road maintenance and construction season here with signs everywhere to take alternate routes and expect delays. “Oh bugger” covers it well.:)

  10. what hours does your contract of employment say ..does it say that you must be there at nine or is it flexi time?
    The rest sounds mind boggling and I am not at all surprised that it drives you bonkers….
    I can hear the call of different times ” Come back Granny, come home to Cape Town

  11. We have bus lanes on the N2 in Cape Town and they work quite well. Also now have the dual traffic light system in places – it does take one by surprise when you first come across it. I hope you are able to find a happy compromise on your hours, you have enough to take care of at home and need some time for yourself. Nice pic btw

  12. When you get the ID10T prompt throw the computer at the nearest wall 🙂

  13. Traffic = why I don’t like to drive as much as I did as a teen.

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