Granny gets around

Hello All.

So, we went for a drive on Saturday.
And I managed to get us lost.
And we ended up in the industrial area on a Saturday afternoon.
Thrilling stuff.

From there we went to the main beach in the pic above.
When I was a kid we lived on the beachfront.
And I went swimming there every day.
How times have changed.
Even though the beach is overlooked by apartments and restuarants, I had a creepy feeling.
Today I was told people have been raped and attacked there in broad daylight.
I want to go back to my beach.
Where I felt safe.

Yesterday we didn’t go anywhere.
I almost didn’t get dressed.
It seemed a bit of a waste of time to get dressed and move two steps over to my computer.
But I did.

Today Mex wanted to go to several places.
First was the bank.
I waited in the car.
And watched a woman make an absolute mess of parking her car.
She drove into the space.
Then reversed a couple of times.
Finally, she left it like this.

I cringed for her.
Nearly offered to park it for her.
But I settled for waiting with my camera.
Just in case someone took out the back of her car.
Can you tell I was bored?

Then we went to a place for Mex to pick up wood for his mirrors.
In a really shady part of town.
Once again I waited in the car.
With the doors locked.
There was a bottle store across the road.
Set back from the road.
With quite a big patch of sad looking grass.
People kept coming out much the worse for wear.
In the middle of the day.
One guy decided to relieve himself.
Either he had a serious problem with his water works, or he had had a gallon to drink.
Can you tell I was still bored?

From there we went to the place where Mex is going to have his car serviced.
If he doesn’t get into the wrong lane in the rush hour traffic.
I waited in the car.
And took this shot.

That is ONE of the stadiums built for the World Cup.
For which they spent billions.
And I don’t think anyone can afford to keep them up.
I work up the road from it…to the left.

I think I have one more photo uploaded.
Let’s see what it is.

Oh yes.
Back to the beach.
This woman was chanting.
Very loudly.
We left.
Just in case she COULD call up the sea.
I know my car needs a wash.
But not in sea water.

Now I have to go inside.
Mex is cooking supper.
He needs moral support.

45 responses to “Granny gets around”

  1. Wow that was quite a tour you took Saturday! How awful that the beach is so dangerous, that’s crazy that people are being attacked in the wide open in broad daylight. I guess you’ll have to keep looking to find a beach you can call your own again.

  2. It sounds to me that you are not happy moving to where you are..which is very sad because it was such a necessary move. Maybe when you get used to the area it will not seem so bad…..I wish I could wave a magic wand!

  3. Yes, I can tell you were bored, granny. It’s awful that things have changed so much for the worse since you were living there as a child. I wonder what Mex was cooking, that he should need moral support? 😉

  4. Women CAN park cars! This one was just having a bad parking day.
    I have them sometimes, too, but normally I’m quite good. One time I parked in front of a cafe and when I got out, a guy who was sitting outside the café congratulated me on a job well done.

  5. It’s hard settling in to a new place where everything is unfamiliar and the older we get, it seems to get harder. I know because we did it recently and felt like you. But it does get easier Granny, I’m sure you will find your feet there and feel more comfortable – finding a good, safe beach is a start!

  6. “I miss having my own space…I miss my grandkids….I miss my beach….I miss my friends!”

    Sounds like a rough time for you, Granny. Hope you have brighter days ahead.

  7. Granny, when the time is right, you can go back to all that you are missing right now. I’ve had to give myself that freedom a few times in order to get through stuff – and time is a friend. When the right time comes, sometimes I’ve changed! 🙂

  8. yowzers, that parking is shocking! Makes you wonder how the lady got her licence. Hmmmm, maybe she paid for it? have a great day granny 🙂

  9. I have such fond memories of PE and happy holidays there, so sad to hear that it’s not as safe as it once was. I do hope that you find your “happy place” there.

  10. The tour of your area is very interesting for me, because this is where my daughter-in-law grew up. She has been in England for 10 years – I guess she’ll find it very different, if she ever returns. I trust you will settle and feel more ‘at home’ soon – it all takes time.

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