Posted by: granny1947 | May 27, 2012

Granny goes down a very long memory lane.

Hello All.

Yes, I took a trip down memory lane yesterday.
We went to a fete at the above school.
A school I attended sixty years ago.
I went with mixed feelings.
I started school there when I was four years and eight months old.
As a boarder.
I remember it with frightening clarity.
The upside of never having taken drugs.
Or is the downside?

I recalled a long passage from our dormitory to the toilets.
Thought it might have shrunk with time.
So I forced myself to go upstairs to have a look.
I was right.
It was a frigging long passage.
All the way along there were alcoves with statues and little blue lights.
Just enough light to scare the crap out of a four year old.
I wet my bed on a regular basis.

I remember one nun.
Mother Mary of the Rosary.
Who used to hit us on the knuckles with a ruler.
She died of MS.
Serves her right!

I recall the castor oil they used to force us to drink in winter.
I used to keep it in my mouth and spit it into the pillow.
To this day I will take a hundred tablets but don’t give me medicine.
I recall the Sunday walks to their cemetary.
With it’s kingsize crucifix.
And we had to kiss it’s feet.
I was an adult before I would go to a funeral.
Thinking back…those nuns were sadists.

I am glad I went.
I slept well last night.
Reckon I faced my demons.

I took the above picture for you guys.
And some of the ladies.
I am not enthusiastic about motor bikes but I know some of you are.
And, of course, they have nothing to do with my memories.

I need to go to bed now.
I must leave for work at 6:30.
That is AM!!!
I am going to try the early morning for this week.
See what the traffic is like.
I like the idea of finishing work at eleven in the morning.
EXCEPT I don’t think my friend is going to be there.
She has flu.
So I might have to work all day.


  1. Yeah, those nuns. There were very few nice ones.
    Love the bike!
    Have a good day tomorrow 🙂

    • Morning Pussycat…it was an impressive bike but for the price they cost I want a house!

  2. Thatt seems a very young age to be a boarder, but perhaps it was more common than I think. Nice photo with the white building and the clear blue sky.

    • Hi Elaine…I don’t think it is too common except where kids live on farms or neighbouring counties.

  3. That sounds more like an institution than a school. Nightmare!

    • It probably wasn’t that bad AD…just in my little mind.

  4. Boy,my heart goes out to you on this one, Granny!

    Having a mother who was a teacher, I started out wishing I could have someone else’s mom for a teacher! However, a South African friend (here in Canada) said her boarding school days were very hard for her. She spent her entire school life in boarding schools because they lived on a farm in South Africa. She believes this is why she has never felt loved in her life. She has had a few marriages, is now on her own and feels she still doesn’t know how to accept love.

    4 2/3 years!? Yike!

    • Good Morning Amy…which part of South Africa?
      My best friend also spent her entire life at boarding school for the same reasons.
      She is fine though and has been married for over forty years.

  5. Aww . . . poor young you. That’s too young to be away from home, boarding with a bunch of sadists. 😦

    • They were a strange bunch in those days NR.
      I swore blind I would never do that to one of my kids.

  6. I wasn’t a border so they weren’t that scary

    • They were probably only scary because I was so small.

      • You were way to young for boarding school. My heart goes out to that little girl

      • Oh Sidey…she grew up and got over it.

  7. It’s a very attractive building for a school Granny. Good that you faced your demons and went there again.
    Nice bike!

    • Hi Barb…wonder how old it is…if I went there 60 years ago it is VERY old.

      • 😀

  8. holy moly I can’t believe you started there so young. That must have been really tough.

    • Hi Ruth…in those days one could start school at five…not a good idea!

  9. Bording was fine it was the school part I hated

  10. Your early life was similar to mine. Catholic boarding school at 4 years of age..seems a long while ago now

    • It WAS a long time ago P.

  11. I started school at the same age as you, Kathy, but I can’t imagine doing it as a border. It was traumatic enough as just a day student!

  12. I was nearly left in a convent boarding school for a year. Fortunately they didn’t take kids under 11 years old and I was 10. So I went to Portugal with my mom instead and stayed at my aunt’s.

    • Lucky for you Mara.
      I still can’t get to your blog.
      Please e-mail me your link again.

  13. oh kathy, I now feel so sorry for you as that little frightened little girl. Love you

    • Hello Napier….love you too my friend.

  14. Oh my gosh that is so sad. And for the past few years I was thinking that I had started school to early. Apparently not. We lived in France at the time (for a few years) and the teacher across the way thought I looked lonely watching all of the others go off to school. Are you crazy?! I wanted to stay home with my momma, I just like people watching. I was about 4 or 5. My parents said they made sure that I wanted to do it. I don’t even remember talking when I was young so hmmmmm. That is so sad for you Kathy. I am glad you wouldn’t have let your kids go throught that.

  15. My childhood friend who lived across the street went to Catholic school at a time when the nuns still smacked students across the knuckles with rulers. She developed a nervous tick and another weird habit that stayed with her all her life because of her fear of getting smacked. I can’t imagine what would have happened to her if she’d had to walk down that statue-lined hallway at night at such a young age!

    • Hi RD…Oh my word…a nervous tic.
      I am fine.
      Except for sucking my thumb.
      Wetting the bed.
      And a morbid fear of cemetaries.
      Just kidding!!!!

  16. I went to a convent school too but i have some of the best memories of my life associated with those times. Yes we had a few nuns who would use a wooden footruler on our knuckles ,particularly one of them who was our maths teacher and if we hadn’t memorised the multiplication tables, we were in for it. But then i was not a boarder and some of them nuns were very sweet too. I love going back to school. We’re going to have our next reunion in the school premises and I’m really looking forward to that.
    But you must have been such a tiny wimp of a girl at that age.I can imagine how terrifying it must have been. It’s only recently that I’ve stopped being petrified of the dark.

    • Hi There Nadira..I don’t think I have any ill effects from that time.
      I DID stop wetting my bed.
      Thank God!

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