Granny’s Friday nothings.

Hello All.

The title was because I really had nothing to say.
I still have very little to say and now it is getting late.
I have less than ten minutes to think of something.

The above picture is a flower from the garden.
My brother,very proudly, brought it to show me.
Personally, I would have left it on the plant.
He is quite a keen gardener.
However, his short term memory is a bit of a problem.
He forgets where he has planted stuff.
And you get a profusion of plants.
Too close together.
I gave him a packet of sweetpea seeds.
I await, with interest, to see where they come up.

Damn, I have now run out of time.
I keep getting interrupted.

Oh wait…quite a bit of drama this morning.
Friday is Mother’s hair day.
We had to move three cars so my Dad could get his car out.
No-one is prepared to leave their car while he is trying to get out.

The folks are a bit concerned.
I don’t hear the burglar alarm when it goes off.
I sleep well.
Mex hears it but he won’t get up.
The folks keep standing on the panic button.
Or it goes off in Dad’s pocket.

Oh hell…got to run.

16 responses to “Granny’s Friday nothings.”

  1. when Granny has nothing to say..I fear that the world is coming to an end. Thank goodness she managed to say something…now I know that we are safe for a while longer.
    Hope that you had a great day and the your first week at work in your new job was a success and that you got over the nerves and enjoyed it….

    Your Pres, was on out TV last night about damage to his picture..silly old fool

  2. Granny, as long as any senior wants to do something for him/herself, let’s encourage it! When my dad was up a tree, sawing off a branch at 85, mom and I decided if he fell and died, he’d be happy. All lives were better when he was feeling purposeful.

    I watch the slip in attitude when a driver’s license is revoked. It’s the senior’s last bastion of freedom. The rest of us just have to watch out for little silver heads sitting somewhere around steering wheels.

    Wait until we get there…

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