Posted by: granny1947 | May 24, 2012

Granny has early mornings

Hello All.

Yes, Jasmine has been waking me up at five every morning.
She is eating like a horse.
Tom is eating like two horses.
Must be the air up here.
My slacks are starting to feel a bit snug too.
But my problem is lack of exercise.

I come home from work on the highway.
Yesterday, I took the offramp.
When I got to the end I thought “where the hell am I?”
I don’t know what I was thinking about at the time.
But it must have been engrossing.
Fortunately, I could getย back onto the highway and take the correct offramp.
It that happens to Mex, he will panic.
We will probably have to fetch him from the next town.

This morning I hear on the news that one of the unions(I think it is a union) are planning a naked march.
In support of the Pres.
I know it is early in the morning but, for the life of me, I cannot see how this is going to show support.
Maybe I should join in?
If I stripped down everyone would head for the hills.
Oh wait….they are calling for MEN to join the march.
Should be some interesting shots.
Maybe we will finally find out if it is true what they say about black men.

Further news flash.
Crowds are gathering outside court.
The ANC(the ruling party) and the pres. are going to court to have the painting removed.
Colour me stupid but has everyone forgotten the damn painting has been defaced?
Doubt they are going to put it back up covered in black and red paint.
Or maybe they will.
They are getting some incredible publicity.
Think I shall take up painting.
Sounds like a lot of fun.

Now I had better get my butt into gear.
Get ready for work.
Where I am going to learn how to do the wages.
Be still my beating heart.



  1. LOL at the getting lost!
    Naked men? I need to be there to see for myself, too.
    Mind you, it’s a bit cold and “thingies” shrink, don’t they?
    I noticed on the news last night that Zoomer’s heart wasn’t in the meeting he attended. Eejit, to make such a fuss in court.

    • Zoomer puts his heart into other activities!

  2. Well you know what they say about “the early bird.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ A naked march……. well some of those stomachs are so big, that the so-called “private parts” won’t be exposed at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck with the wages. Hope there’ll be enough left over for you. Hugs xx

    • Me too Ad…me too….this move has cost me an arm and a leg.

  3. I don’t think I’ll be joining that naked march!

    • Chicken!!!

      • LOL! you gotcha

  4. what an exciting life you lead…all those men with no clothes! seriously though it does nothing for the credibility of the Pres. just makes him look a bigger fool than he was before…..It is beyond me how people can put up with such a ‘dork’ as president…

  5. Your politics are way more interesting than ours. Ours are rather boring compared to yours. We just fight about whose religion is right.

    • Oh my word yes Maire…they are infuriating but never boring.

  6. Only men would come up with the idea of a naked solidarity march! Women are smart – they stay home and watch the men make fools of themselves en masse. Keeps life interesting!

    • Yep RD…Men and politicians…they keep us talking.

  7. You crack us up, Granny. BTW were you ever able to get that sample of our book from smashwords??

    • Hi There Lisa…please be a love and send me the details again.
      What with the move and the settling in and my computer playing up…I haven’t had a chance…I am now up and running again.
      Ok…not running but shuffling quicker!

      • It’s a holiday weekend here. Plenty of time to read! Maybe not for you… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh well, try this link:

      • Thanks so much Lisa…I downloaded it and can see the file but it says it is corrupt.
        Am going to try again just now…loved what I read on the web.

      • We’ve been called a lot of things but corrupt is one of the more intriguing ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Hope it works the second time around – keep us posted so we can get you the full edition

      • I will do Lisa…thank you…haven’t tried again today but I will!

      • Any luck??

      • Yippee….I tried again and it worked….love the fore-taste.
        You are no longer corrupt!!!!

      • Fantastic! PM us (2lisaswrite at gmail) your email and we’ll send you the full copy ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Lisa…am at work now…hope you received my e-mail.

      • Got it & sent the ebook. Let us know if it downloads properly. (glad you like it so far!)

      • Thank you so much Lisa…I saw it in my mail this morning but had no time to download it…will try when I get home from work.

      • waiting for the report

      • I know Lisa and I am dying to read the book.
        Can’t open the darn file and it is a PDF so there should not be a problem.
        I have just thought of something…wonder if I should be downloading directly to my e-reader…can one do that???

      • Yes, I believe so. My kindle is wi-fi so it delivers automatically, but I can also plug it in w/a usb cord. How do you usually get them to your ereader? I’m sure we’ll figure it out somehow!

      • Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! I, finally, worked out how to get it onto my reader…shall start reading tonight.
        Thank you SO much.

      • Success!!! And you are so very welcome.

  8. I hope the wages went well.and you exited at the right time this time – exited at the wrong place is something to get excited about. (I should have exed that out.)

  9. I don’t fancy the idea of seeing a march of naked men!

    Nice photo of your new beach.

  10. I cannot begin to imagine a cause that would cause me to march in the nude. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. If I were to march in the nude, it would assuredly be effective crowd control. They’d run like hell!

  12. Nothing would get me to march nude. nothing. I scare my ownself.

    Now Mex is sounding like me. I got off the wrong exit ramp once and felt so sure that I was getting back on the right one. I had no idea where I was going. I circled the entire city, one that I wasn’t terribly familar with. I had been trying to be brave and drive on the interstate. Forget that. I hate those things.

    • Hehehe…I feel the same away about myself in the nude!

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