Posted by: granny1947 | May 23, 2012

Granny and her new friends

Hello All.

This is becoming a doggy post.
My two new work mates.
I have a new morning routine.
When I get to work I have to be kissed and sniffed by the younger dog.
Then I have to give both dogs a biscuit.
Only THEN can I start work.

Yesterday went a bit better.
Am getting into the swing of things.
It wasn’t quite so boring.
I remember thinking this about a previous job and then getting swamped with work.
Wonder if this is going to be the same?

Today the security people are coming in to alarm the flat.
Then we only have to find a plumber to sort out the washing machine.
And then we will be organised.

I have done very little reading.
The only thing I like about the cable TV is the comedy station.
You know how I like to laugh.

I don’t know if any of you overseas friends have seen anything about the huge fuss we are having about a painting.
A painting was put up at a gallery depicting our President with his genitals exposed.
What a furore.
The pres is going to court.
Yesterday, two people defaced the painting.
More headline news.
A lot of people are up in arms because they say it is robbing the Pres of his dignity.
Excuse me?
This is the man who had a shower after sleeping with an HIV positive woman.
Has about five wives.
A whole heap of illigitimate kids.
Keeps on putting friends into positions of power.
Friends of dubious morals.
Then the courts have ot overrule his bad decisions.
Dances around dressed in skins.
And he maintains he has dignity?

Now I had better get dressed.
Some of us have to work.



  1. its the dignity of the position and not the man that worries me, history judges politicians after they are from office. he will be judged a lot like some of those southern european presidents who like a fling or two and then get caught out

    • You are quite right Sidey…no dignity here.

  2. So glad you settled Granny ..
    Am going to be in the area in August – we need to have a cup of coffee!

    • Hi Robyn…absolutely….would love to see you!

  3. I hope the dogs are good watch dogs?
    As for the painting being defaced: slack security on the part of the gallery. Something was bound to happen.

    • Hi Pussycat….security was such a laugh it makes one wonder if it was done for publicity.

  4. lovely doggies! Not so lovely Zuma/Spear though!!!! LOL!

    • Hi Ruth…am I the only one who never saw the full Monty????

      • I think so!

  5. Nice work mates! 🙂
    I thought the painting depicted him perfectly.

    • Hehehe Sue…I never got to see the real deal but I loved Zapiro’s cartoon!

  6. I heard about the painting on BBC World Service. Just makes me sad to see what SA has been reduced to.

    • I know Prisha….we are going backwards and it IS sad.

  7. Yeah, we’ve all heard about the painting, before and after defacement.
    I have no respect for a man who gives out stupid, erroneous advice about how to prevent HIV.

    • I agree Mara….I think he set the AIDS program right back…he has a lot to asnwer for.

  8. Those dogs are made very comfortable on their own beds do they sleep in their owner’s office?
    Hadn’t heart about the painting thing, but I like Sous Chef’s comment immensely!

    • Hi Barb…the beds are there permanently but they go home at night…two spoilt pooches.

  9. It must be nice to go to work and have dogs there. That would make work a whole lot more bearable.

    • Yes Maire…am getting quite attached to both of them.

  10. I rather like your morning pre-work ritual! And I’m sure the dogs are thrilled to have you on board. 😀

    I have to laugh at the absurdity of the whole situation with your president when you put it in context with his horrid behaviors! You should be a stand-up comedian! 😀

    • Hi RD…I think if I was men in black suits would pick me up.

  11. re: JZ, foreigners must have such a larf at us!!!

    • Hi Adee…it appears that our news doesn’t warrant the overseas papers….they probably can’t believe the fuss over nothing.

  12. Awesome four-legged friends!
    Glad things are not as boring and you are settling into a routine. Keep hanging in there!

    • Thanks Jumpin….I have mixed feelings about being back at work…at least it gets me out the house for a few hours.

  13. I hadn’t heard anything in the news about your Pres and his painting – our news seems to be completely dominated by the Olymics or footballers leaving their current club. I quite agree with you regarding the ‘dignity’ aspect of things!

    • Hi Elaine….there was nothing BUT that painting in our news…

  14. Love your new office mates! And the buzz about your Prez . . . WOW!

    WP has a new feature “My Morning Coffee” . . .

    I nominated you for your quirky and funny posts! This one is a perfect example of why WP should feature you. 😀

    • Thanks so much NR…a real honour.

  15. An insult to the animal to whom the skin belonged??

  16. That is so cool that you get to work with dogs. Now that is a great job. My husband is used to a very fast pace at work and this new job is rather slow, he thinks they are crazy. He isn’t used to standing around doing nothing. I think next week and a different shift will help a lot though.

    How does a country run with a crazy man like that in charge?!

    • I know just how your husband feels, Linda.
      It is going to take me a while to get used to not being the boss anymore.
      Until I start my own business!

      The country is NOT running well.

  17. I hope you find a comfortable routine and settle down.

    • Thanks Love…getting there.

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