Posted by: granny1947 | May 20, 2012

Granny goes exploring…take two

Hello All.

I just don’t believe it.
How can a whole post just disappear like that?

Now I don’t feel like repeating it all.
So, I will just show you the pics.

The above is an amazing beach I discovered today.
There is five kms of beach.
I will never see it all.
It is quite a way fom home so we will only be able to go over weekends.

On the way back to the car these guys came up behind me and scared the hell out of me.

Look at the size of that sand dune.

Further up the coast we came across these vicious rock formations.
Miles and miles of it.

 Then we came acroos the rather quaint farm shop.
Quaint and very expensive.
I didn’t buy anything.
Not even the quail eggs on sale.

What was the fourth pic?
Have completely forgotten.
It will be a surprise for all of us.

Oh, OK, it was a pic of the shop.

The place was called elephant walk.
I have no idea why.
I never saw an elephant.
Not even a pink one.

Now I am going to try and publish this one.
Hold thumbs.


  1. Hooray! It worked! The beach/coast pictures look good but a shame it’s further away than your old beach.

    • Yes Elaine…no chance of going every day…when the weather improves we will have to make do with the flower reserve.

  2. Oh I know where that is……we used to live not too far away! We also used to go for long walks on that beach too 🙂

  3. Glad you got the post sorted out, G. Interesting beach, too.

    • Yes, Pussycat, it shows promise…even without the mountains.

  4. It made it. Nice big beach for Jasmine

  5. So happy to see a beautiful beach. I just asked my husband why the hell didn’t we move to the beach when he got out of the air force? I have a beach soul and I am three hours away. I’m a grumpy grannie today.

  6. I love the Eastern Cape beaches.

  7. Yaaaaay – it worked this time!
    I’m glad you persevered and tried again Granny, because the photos are fabulous. That beach in the first pic looks awesome; will you be able to take Jasmine there for walks?

  8. And a new life picks up what you loved the most in your past life. I’m so glad the beach is at least available when you can get there. After 35 years on an island, I cannot imagine being away from water. The ferries? Well, that’s another subject. I’d sell them in a minute and build bridges if I were president of anything!

  9. Yippee! Great photos! I’m glad you have an nice beach you can go to, even if it’s not right at your doorstep. I’ll bet there are lots of interesting new places you’ll be discovering! 🙂

  10. great photos, and stunning beach you found there.

  11. he who don’y give up will always succeed’ words of wisdom from wise sage in Bulgaria… good pics, lovely beach but nasty looking rocks….not quite the same as the old life eh Granny!.

    • Very different Patrecia…very different!

  12. Enjoy the beach when you get the chance 🙂

    • Hi Roly….when I get the chance is the operative word!

  13. Take two was worth the wait. What gorgeous pictures! That is a beautiful place. Don’t let those horses sneak up on you though. They are a lot bigger than you are.

    • I know Maire…am a little scared of them….cows too!

  14. Lovely to have you sharing photos again, Granny.

    • I just realized that you and Amy have the same blog theme ~ Ocean Mist. 😀

    • Thanks NR….feel my enthusiasm returning.

  15. I also hate it when you do all the work and submit your blog then nothing happens apart from your blog disappearing into some vast black hole! But glad to see you came right and could share the beach with us

    • Thanks Paul….find it very difficult to repeat a post…the first post just flows out…the second feels contrived.

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