Posted by: granny1947 | May 19, 2012

Granny has a boring day…sigh

Hello All.

Meet Jessie.
My folk’s dog.
As you can see…she is an old dog.
With one of the saddest faces I have seen.
Five minutes of her staring at me and I am seriously depressed.

Actually, she is very sweet.
And a bit smelly.
Very affectionate.
Which is a bit off putting with the smelly bit.

Jasmine is in a bit of a quandary.
She always wants to be with me.
Which is damn annoying when I am cooking.
However, my folks have carpets.
And a nice sunny lounge.
When I leave the house to go through to our room she drags herself up.
You can just see how torn she is.
So far loyalty to me has won.
But I have a feeling that will change soon.

We spent a good part of the morning cleaning out the fridge.
Washing all the shelves.
And scrubbing the floor behind.
Well, Mex scrubbed the floor but I DID wash all the shelves.
And threw out all the expired food.

I wanted to go for a drive this afternoon but Mex said no.
There were a whole lot of rugby matches on Telly.
And he is having one of his sulks.
This was day two of no talking.
With a bit of luck he will snap out of it tomorrow.
Or next week.

My mother also had a monumental sulk today.
My poor Dad said something to upset her.
She locked herself in the spare room all day.
He was concerned.
I wasn’t.
It is the warmest sunniest room in the house.
She is not stupid.
Maybe I should lock her and Mex into a room and refuse to let them out.
Until they have got over their selves.
I am SO glad I go off to work on Monday.

Tomorrow I am determined to go to the beach.
I don’t care if it is pouring with rain.
Oh, ok, I WILL mind if it is raining.
But if it is just cold I am out of here.
If Mex doesn’t want to come I will take my brother.
He loves to get out.
Goes out four times a day to the shopping centre.
Or the nursery up the road.
He bought more plants today.
God knows where he is going to plant them.
Still, it gives him an interest.
It must be so hard to be a fit 43 old and not be able to work.

Come to think of it.
This is quite a household.

An almost 89 year old Dad who is hard of hearing.
And whose sight is not great.
And who still drives himself to bowls twice a week.
I have made a note never to be out on the roads when  he is out there.

An 84 year old mother who moves from her bed to her chair.
And to the dining room table.
When she fancies what I have cooked.
She reads and does crossword puzzles all day.
And then wonders why she is full of aches and pains.

A 43 year old brother whose has had a brain tumour removed.
It caused a bit of damage.
He can’t work and has short term memory loss.
We have been told he can never live on his own.
I am aiming to take over his finances.
But I have to approach it carefully.
I love him but he can be very frustrating.
I have another child on my hands.

Then we have a 68 year old sourpuss.
Enough said.

Dear heaven…I have just realised I am the only sane one around here.
And I am not too sure just how sane I AM!
Bless my late Dad.
He left me one precious legacy.
His sense of humour.

Now it is WAY past my bedtime.

Love you all.



  1. Sanity is so overrated

    • I know Sidey….who decides what is sanity?

      • the sanity police?

  2. Lawd, Granny, you have your work cut out for you.
    It will be a good idea to take power-of-attorney over your brother’s finances, and even that of your parents.

    • I am already helping my Stepdad…have put him onto internet banking and I will be paying his accounts for him.
      He is from the old school….still uses a cheque book!

  3. Dear Granny..what a lot you have to cope with. any lesser person would go loopy just thinking about it….but looking on the positive side have a household full of future posts regardless of whether they are happy, sad, or just plain moaning…a minefield of material.
    Good luck with you new job on Monday! lots of love xxx

  4. just forgot to mention about YOUR smelly dog…our 15 year old rescue dog eats doggy poo and is then sick… yuck it bloody stinks…be grateful your old dog is just old age

    • Patrecia!!!!!! That is just too much information!

  5. Smelly dogs…. tick, grumpy old men and womebn…… tick, sanity ….. not so sure 🙂

    • Ahhhh Roly…we have something in common….dubious sanity!

  6. Hi Granny, s’been a while :). LOL that dog is beautiful and so is her loyalty (can’t smell her from here). Some people get the sulks – they are born that way. Re 43-year old brother, well… I guess the damage is difficult to cope with, but as for the unemployment my sis sits with a perfectly good 28-year-old, bright intelligent boyfriend/common-law spouse, fully qualified and experienced in Finance, and he is unemployed. Due to our country’s politics. It’s a difficult time and families need to stick together, so bravo to what you are doing!

    • Hi Gipsika…great to see you again.
      Yes, it is very frustrating for young white people in this country.

      • Very. Well hubbs and I are still sort-of okay being self-employed, but our kids??

  7. You have quite a household. Your mother sounds a lot like mine. She did have an excuse, however. She had rheumatoid arthritis and it made it difficult for her to move. But she should have at least tried to move around. She died because she didn’t move and her bones basically turned to mush. I shouldn’t have told you that. I’m sure your mum will be fine, just maybe cranky sometimes, bit at least she knows to go to the sunny room.

    • My mother is overweight which does not help Maire. She COULD walk around…just doesn’t want to.

  8. I take my hat off to you! Sorry I won’t see you when I go to Cape Town.

  9. well I admire you greatly for what you are doing. I hope you manage some breaks every month 🙂

    • Thanks Ruth…I intend to try!

  10. Hope you get to the beach!

    • I got close to the beach NR…next time I will make it onto the actual beach!

  11. Oh sweet Jessie she looks like a very old version of my now departed Rosie. You do have quite the household but go good of you too care for them. I know it must get frustrating. Take them all to the beach once in a while. When it isn’t hot.

  12. Poor ol’ Jessie – I love those white brows, though! It does sound like a bit of a challenging household, but your sense of humor will get you through (sounds like you’ve got the makings of a TV show!). Your dad gave you the best gift of all. 🙂

  13. Granny, that is quite the household you’ve described. I think there is a great story in there. You are seriously a wonderful person to be able to deal with all that comes your way. The sulkers will eventually get over themselves — they can’t stand it when no one pays attention to their little fits. I know this because, I too, live with a sulker. (He doesn’t do it often, but, he does do it.) Your parent’s dog looks like a sweetie, but very old. Too bad about the smell, but that comes with the territory of old dogs, I guess. The pictures of the beaches are gorgeous. I wish you many days of exploring such beautiful places.

    • Thanks so much Kathy.
      Yes, I can’t relate to sulking….it is just so draining!

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