Posted by: granny1947 | May 18, 2012

Granny says “well,well,well.

Hello All.

I don’t want to talk too soon BUT….
The above photo is a new upload.
I am not going to celebrate yet.
Will wait until it works on the next post.

So what did I do?
I will tell you.
Not because most of you are,in the least bit interested, but to let the guys who have been trying to help me know.
I popped into the nearby computer shop.
The young guy told me to do the following:

Go to speed
I did.
The upload speed did not look good so I phoned the service provider.
Who said it was fine.
So I went back to speed test where there was a free download to do a clean-up.
I did it.
The computer guy also said to uninstall Firefox and Chrome.
Which I did.
I don’t know what fixed it(if it IS fixed) but we shall see if it works next time.

I went for the interview for the morning only job.
It went well.
I start on Monday.
The salary is a little bit better than I was expecting but it isn’t great.
For next week I shall be working from nine to one.
Then I might change to seven till eleven.
Want to see which is the better traffic wise.
They are very flexible which is nice.
There will probably be work I can do from home and I will get paid extra for that.
So all is good.

In other news it is raining and freezing here.
I thought it was supposed to be warmer here.

Ok…I just popped in to tell you the good news.
Now I have to do some work.
Personal banking stuff.
A whole heap of fun.

If anything exciting happens I might just blog again.



  1. Hooray!

  2. Hooray – all good news! Is this a photo from where you now live? Congratulations on the job – sounds ideal! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • No RD…one from the old place but I hadn’t uploaded it yet.
      If the weather is kind this weekend I will get the camera out.

  3. I am holding thumbs that you’ve cracked it Granny. Have a great weekend. BTW it’s freezing cold here in Cape Town too!

    • Hi Optie….I hear so….doesn’t make me feel any warmer!

  4. Great. Things are looking up! Just to make you a little bit jealous, here it is 25 degrees in the shade.

  5. Good news from you, G.
    I think KZN might just get the cold front too, this weekend.

    • Thanks Pussycat…bitterly cold here this evening…maybe it will blow itself out before it reaches you!!!

  6. Congratulations on the job!! How exciting, kinda.. it’s work, so not to exciting, right? I hope your comp runs better when you try it again 🙂

    • Gosh I hope it does Jumpin….hold thumbs…and the rest of your fingers too.

  7. Good to hear that things are getting back in order for you.

    • Thanks Linda…it will do me so much good to get away for a few hours every day.

  8. yaay! pc is working again

    • Shhhhhhhhhhh Sidey…it might hear you!

      • *whispers over in joburg*

      • 🙂

  9. Mighty fine work, Granny! What a relief to be functional again. If you uninstalled Firefox and Chrome, are you using Internet Explorer? I tried Chrome and went back to Firefox.

    I’m wondering how your last appointment went with the physio.

    My Duc is doing poorly. He’s always been a little love ball, but today he whined/growled when I picked him up for a cuddle. He’s been on the meds faithfully, but is back to not eating. He’s under a bush and won’t come to my call – not like him. I’m waiting for the Vet to call and give further instruction. I had a good sob this morning because I cannot bear to see him suffer.

    To top it off, I have a funeral to attend – not a great way to assuage grief over Duc’s struggle!

    It will be great seeing photos of your new environs.

    • Oh Dear Amy…I am SO sorry…I do hope he recovers….positive vibes coming to you from Africa.
      Lots of love my friend.

  10. Nice photo. Good news about the job – to be earning a little more than you thought, must be a nice feeling and if it can be flexible that’s even better!

    • Yes Elaine…going to be strange only working four hours!!!

  11. Good to hear that granny, did you see the post of the two photo’s you sent me, you can delete it if you want to.

  12. Great news on uploading the photo, and on the new job – congratulations all round Granny! Hope it all goes according to plan.

  13. Congrats all round, Granny!

  14. It is wet and cold here in Bulgaria as well. I sit here with coat on and gas fire to keep me warm…..Good job! Granny..keeps you out of mischief!

  15. Beauuuutiful photo! And excellent news about the job too! Things seem to be working out all round. I am so happy for you, Gran.

  16. Thats a glorious photo granny. Sounds as though you are getting sorted. Congrats on the job and wishing you all the best. Love you and miss you xx

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