Posted by: granny1947 | May 17, 2012

Granny holds her breath

Hello All.

And now I am not holding my breath.
I have my new phone.
After a couple of false starts I got my PC up and going.
Oh…and a call to my service provider.
Went onto WP and tried to upload a pic.
No luck.

So I had a thought.
Maybe I should uninstall WordPress and reload it.
I cleared a lot of my Grandson’s stuff off my computer.
Maybe I deleted some important aspect of WP.
All you experts out there.
What do you think?
I don’t think I will lose my posts and photos.
Will I?
Before I do that I need some advice please.


  1. no idea, how did you ‘install wordpress’? i access it via my browser

  2. Granny please do not do anything until i get back to you.

    There is nothing in your wordpress blog that you can un-install.

  3. Granny go here and see if you understand and can do what Timethief says.

    • You can go in and talk to her yourself if you wish, i will be able to follow your comments.

  4. I’m back again, send me 3 or 4 of the photos in an email that you could not download and i’ll try to put them into a new post on your blog.

    Its to prove if the photos are ok to download.

  5. Hi Granny,

    Just spent the last few minutes catching up on all your doings — my you are having quite the transition! Sounds like things are starting to settle down, though. Hope your back is feeling much, much better. Can’t wait to see some new pictures.


    • Thanks Kathy….and yes….my back is almost back to normal.

  6. Sorry Granny, I have no idea how you can fix your problem. But you know what, I find this WP hard work. I’ve been trying to change the theme of my blog, and all my original sidebar content moves to the bottom of the page, even if there is a sidebar on the new one. Tried the help, but couldn’t find anything there. MADDENING!

    • I hear you Ruth….I ask kind friends to help.
      Come to think of it I haven’t changed a thing in two years!

  7. Good luck, sorry I dont have any advice…

  8. I have no idea. Good luck. It makes no sense to me that you can’t upload photos.

  9. I fiddled on my WordPress and now I am in a pickle so I should leave well alone if I were you

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