Posted by: granny1947 | May 16, 2012

Granny and things are looking up.

Hello All.

Yes, things are looking up.
And Mex’s bank balance is going down.

Did I mention that there was an ad, from a Malawian, in the paper?
I phoned him last night and he duly arrived.
And he was great.
Started working at nine o’clock and by twelve o’clock he had finished a 16 metre trench.
He was pleasant.
And polite.
And I liked him.

The cable people arrived and we now have a horrendous number of channels to choose from.
Be still my beating heart.

The security people came and gave us a quote.
I think I need a BOTTLE of wine tonight.
We had to upgrade the old folk’s system.
I am not telling my Dad how much it cost.
He will stress.
They should come and install it in the next couple of days.

I phoned the phone people.
The technician is a nice guy.
He was amazed that we had everything ready for him.
He will be here tomorrow to put the phone in.
So things are happening.

Oh no wait.
We are still waiting for the builder.
He put the fittings for our washing machine in an outside room.
With no power.
He has to come and move the fittings back into the kitchen area.
And fix the sliding door to the bathroom.
And the gate I paid a fortune for.
I don’t think he will return.

Tomorrow is my last treatment with the physio.
And she can have this damn brace back.
My back seems much better in the mornings but by the afternoon I am in pain.
I shall have to talk to my back.
And it had better listen.

I am making pizza for supper.
I threw out my mother’s rolling pin.
It had no handles.
Tonight I discovered mine has gone into my brother’s storage.
We will have to retrieve it tomorrow.
Mind you….a bottle works quite well!

Now let me go and check the food.
I am missing your posts.
Will try to play catch up tomorrow.

Thank you all for the great support.
I love you guys.


  1. So glad things are falling into place. Maybe your builder guy will come back out, hopefully. I think you need 2 bottles of wine ๐Ÿ˜‰ Get some rest, we will be here tomorrow.

    • Hehehe….two bottles of wine and I would be out for the count for the rest of the week….two glasses is my limit…unfortunately.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that things are shaping up over there! I hope your back improves more, sometimes it just takes a while for things like that to go away completely.

    Can’t wait until you can post photos of your new area!

    • I can’t wait either RD…if only I knew what the problem is!!!

  3. You sound much better Granny. Soon you’ll be back to your chirping self. (Not that you are less chirpy now in spite of all those demands on you)

    • Thanks Nadira…I am getting there.

  4. So happy you got that trench dug. You couldn’t have managed, not with your back as it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You sound as though you’re making progress now. Where does Jasmine hide whilst all this is going on? xxx

    • Jasmine loves the main house…it has a carpet!!!

  5. You have such a lot going on in your life..what a strong minded Granny you must be!
    We all love you loads xxxx

    • No Patrecia…I am WEAK minded…what am I doing here?

  6. Those were good tidings, G. Keep it up and you’ll soon have all the mod-cons again. Have a sip of wine on me.

    • Thanks Pussycat…I had two!

  7. Glad you have things looking up. The only time I looked up today was in response to the noisy descent of the latest little bombshell.
    Rolling pins without handles are pretty useless for bashing a Mex with …

  8. So glad things are coming together. The Malawian sounds typical of them, polite and efficient people.

    • I agree Sidey…very hardworking,polite and clean.

  9. Wow! You are a busy granny, granny!

    • Yep NR….busy bee…keeping me out of mischief!

  10. My rolling pin hasn’t had handles for years and it works fine! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad things are coming together for you.

    • Thanks Sue….now to get my butt into gear and start working!

  11. If your builder comes back it will be a South African first ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So far no reply to all our calls…can see I will have to try someone else…damnit.

  12. Glad things are looking up. You’ll look back at these days from the bottom of a bottle of wine and laugh.

    And then fall into a drunken sleep and wake up with a stonking headache. Happy days!

    • A stonking headache Tilly?
      A new word for me.
      I like it!

  13. I wonder if my cowboy builder emigrated to S.A. Maybe your builder has a twin in the Algarve – the one who did my refurbishing!

    • Oh Hell…are there two of them????

  14. wine works wonders for many a thing!

    • Hi Tandy…doesn’t really do it for me..wish it did!

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