Posted by: granny1947 | May 15, 2012

Granny has a grrrrrr day!

Hello All.

A short post.
I am tired.
For no good reason.

I have spent the day trying to reach companies.
Fighting with companies.
Complaining about companies.
In the end nothing was accomplished.

Telkom came at five this evening to put in the phone.
Then discovered that the “flat” is not attached to the house.
So it has to have a separate line.
It is regulation you know!
Turns out WE have to dig a fifteen metre trench.
And lay down pipes with cable he provided.
So…now I have to find someone to dig the frigging trench.
Then he will come back and put in the phone.
To crown it all I was walking in with fifteen metres of cable in my hands .
Jasmine took one look and thought “oh boy, a new toy”
She grabbed a chunk of it and tried to race away, pulling me with her.
The air was blue.

Two lots of installers came to quote on installing the cable TV.
I settled on one and he has promised to come and do it at ten tomorrow.
I am not holding my breath.

I am still trying to get someone to come and quote for the burglar alarm.
I want the crowd who do the main house.
However, the sales and technical part of ADT security seriously sucks.
The crowd who DID come and quote were out of the ballpark, price wise.

My mother informed me that she spotted a cute little field mouse today.
Where I am sitting at the computer.
Hopefully, it is a sensible little mouse.
And won’t try exploring up my trouser leg!

Now I am off to bed.
Perchance to dream.
Or maybe not.
Last night I dreamed I pulled a whole lot of steak out of Mex’s ear.
It wasn’t pretty.


  1. DIY telephone cables – what next! Can’t you bury a succession of bones in a straight line, and let Jasmine do the job?
    I hope that was a field mouse – I smell a rat and think it may have been a house mouse.

  2. de-braning mex? shocking!

    • I know Sidey….am not telling him!

      • hehe

  3. Thats two mice at your computer 🙂

  4. I can’t believe you have to install your own cable lines! That’s nuts! I had to laugh at the image I got of Jasmine dragging you around the house by the cables, though! LOL! 😀

    I don’t know how you’re surprised at being tired after all that – I’m exhausted just reading about all those companies you’re struggling with! Hope it all settles down soon.

    PS~ “cute little mice” are running free in fields or in cages as people’s pets – once they enter my home uninvited, they’re “rodents”. 😉

    • Hi RD….I will pass judgement on the mouse when I catch sight of it!

  5. And I thought our cable company was the pits! Ha. You are reminding me why I don’t really want to move.

    • Hi Linda…I couldn’t believe it when I learned WE had to dig the trench…did the man really think I looked like someone who was about to dig a trench?

  6. I am sure you wish for a dull moment in your life by now.
    I don’t understand why you should have to dig the trench. That’s Telkom’s job, surely.
    Time to invest in a cat?

    • Hi Pussycat…I have Tom who is doing absolutely nothing!

  7. Oh no – a mouse running up your trouser leg is not on! Would Jasmine mind if you got a cat?!! hehe!
    Sounds like you need a break from all the tradespeople you have had coming round – and unbelievable that you have to dig your own trench for the phone company.

    • Hi Barb…well I DO have Tom but he seems to spend the whole day sleeping or eating.

  8. sounds like a really busy day.
    I hope you get everything figured out soon.

    • It’s getting there thanks Jumpin.

  9. Granny, I marvel at your patience. Good grief – all this with a painful back? No wonder you are done in by day’s end! More TT!

    • Thank you for the TT Amy….really needed!

  10. Poor Granny! We all have days like that. Hope today is better.

    • Thanks Tilly…a little bit

  11. I thought you had a grrrrr day the other day…so this is another one! 2 grrr’s in one week!
    all these little problems are sent to try us, so stay calm and deal with oone at a time.

    Not so sure what you can do about Steak in Mex;s ear…have it with chips

    • Euuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwww Patrecia!!!

  12. I’m all-too familiar with “GRRR” days, Granny! My sympathies.

    • Hi Hook…sometimes you have to have grrr days to appreciate the good days.

  13. Utilities are the worst to deal with.

    • Absolutely Maire…guess it is the same everywhere.

  14. Could you make do with just cell phone service . . . and/or borrowing your parent’s phone from time to time?

    On a positive note: WP has provided a quick fix to change default settings on comment threads:

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