Posted by: granny1947 | May 14, 2012

Granny says Good Grief.


Hello All.

Aren’t computers wonderful?
Got this photo from the early days of my blogging on WP.
It has come up with a date.
I didn’t do that?
So, it is a photo that is nearly two years old.
Don’t think the mountains or the beach have changed much.

Mary-Lou phoned me this morning.
Very upset.
Yesterday, she heard her chickens making a hell of a racket.
The ones that survived the being a snakes dinner.
Two dogs were in her garden.
This time the chickens weren’t so lucky.
Only one made it.

These dogs had to clear two walls to get to her garden.
And it appears they have had their vocal chords removed.
One was a Ridgeback.
The other a skinny type black dog.
Both young and energetic.

They belong to a woman in her late fifties/early sixties.
She walks them without a lead.
I know most of you won’t be able to help.
If anyone,who reads my blog, lives in the Murdoch Valley South area of Simonstown, has seen this woman….please let me know.
ML wants to do something before it is a kid who is attacked.

Now….what else happened today?
Good grief….nothing much it seems.
It has been very cold and rainy.
I changed my address with a couple of companies.
Made an appointment for the TV installer people to come and connect us tomorrow morning.
The phone people are also coming tomorrow.
And,hopefully, the alarm people.
Tomorrow might prove to be more interesting.
Should be fun and games if they all come at the same time.

I received an account from the sweet physio.
I no longer think she is so sweet.
This had better be my last appointment on Thursday.
Or I shall be bankrupt.
She can also have her back brace back.
It makes strange velcro noises when I move.
And people give me funny looks.
Feel I should be wearing a sign to say I am NOT passing wind.
Not all the time,anyway.

Mex is making supper.
Bless him.
Macaroni and cheese.
With a bit of leftover chicken.
He is concerned about my back.
Well, I THINK that is why he is concerned.
He could have an ulterior motive.
But it isn’t going to happen!

Now I have talked enough rubbish.
Catch you all tomorrow.




  1. About the woman and her dog…. I’d let the police know. Surely she could be prosecuted for allowing them a free rein?

    • She called the police Pseu…they put her on to law enforcement.
      This is apparently NOT the police.
      She says law enforcement were great but they need an address.

      • terrible. If they get in the garden another time could she restrain them, in any way? I guess different countries have different approaches.

  2. That’s a scary situation with those dogs. I can’t stand thoughtless pet owners. Why the heck would someone remove their vocal chords?! How awful!

    Enjoy your Mex-made dinner! 😀

    • Apparently it is quite common in some areas…I could never do it!

  3. I’ve never heard of removing a dogs vocal chords……but there is one yapper down the road that I could operate on with my bare hands! I laughed at the wind comment!

  4. removal is very scary, the animal can’t communicate properly

  5. What with removing vocal chords and letting her dogs roam at night, the woman must be mad and dangerous!

  6. Enjoy thr mac and cheese Granny.

  7. I hope your friend gets some more chickens.
    I hope you enjoyed the mac-n-cheese with chicken, sounds yummy really.

  8. Sorry to leave scorch marks on the last couple of posts. I had some fast catching up to do. Poor ickle rain spider …
    You are back to not bracing yourself?
    Looked at first to me like one S E R I O U S wave in that photo!

  9. Hope all your connections get hooked up . . . and you get out of that back brace soon. With your wallet intact.

    I think it’s terrible sad when dogs are de-barked. People are cruel. And stupid.

    • You have that right Nancy.

  10. Look after your back and the velcro noises 🙂

  11. Glad you’re settling into your new place. Soon it will be home.

    • It will have to be Maire…I have burned my boats now!

  12. Did Mex use the left over chickens nailed by the dogs? Could also be used for Chicken Soup?

    But joking aside – if dogs like that jumped over my wall it would be their last jump. I have already had one daughter bitten by a Rottie and know the damage they can do. The owner should also be charged for not having her dogs under control.

    Hope the back gets better soon.

    • My mate will take action…when she finds out where the woman lives!

  13. I wonder if Karma will take care of people who do terrible things to animals. And let their animals do terrible things to ours. Sheesh…how disappointing for ML.

    Back pains and tooth aches…impossible fatiguing. Hope you find some relief soon!

    • Granny I did a TT on you. When you think of it, imagine golden energy whoshing down through the top of your head, through every cell of your body and out your feet in the ground.

  14. I love dogs but not other peoples’ dogs on my property and especially if they cause harm or damage 😦

    • Me too Gobetween…when my friend finds that woman she will be in a lot of trouble.

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