Posted by: granny1947 | May 13, 2012

Granny is unemployed

Hello All.

Yes….every now and then I think….oh hell I am not working.
I know this is just temporary.
But it is still scary.

So we,eventually, bought the TV.
We got to one of the stores and there was a special offer on a 32″.
Mex said it was too big.
I said it wasn’t.
He said it wouldn’t work with a bunny aerial.
I said it would(with fingers crossed)
It does work.
There is one channel we can’t get clearly.
But that is not a problem.
One less channel for Mex to flip to.

Tomorrow, hopefully, they come and install the pay channel.
Then he has about 200 frigging channels to play with.
His brain might just explode.
Or I might just hit him over the head with the TV.
In self defence I will have to get myself some good earphones.
Then I can listen to music while playing on my computer.
TV really does not interest me.

We had a lovely supper with my friends last night.
A great BBQ with some stunning side dishes.
Good company.
It was super.
Made up for me getting a bit lost leaving their place.
We wandered around for about twenty minutes trying to get out of their suburb.
It is a good thing my Dad stays up quite late.
He was babysitting Jasmine.

I am dying to show you a photo of their dog.
Her name is Jessie.
She is a sweet old girl.
With white eyebrows.
And a very expressive face.
So far the two dogs are getting along quite well.
Touch wood.
Tom has just taken over the house.
Has complete control of the old folk.
Thank God they like cats.
He sleeps on their bed.
Or with my brother.
Or in the spare room.

Mex encountered a massive spider in our bathroom last night.
Dispatched it with half a tin of Doom.
I saw the corpse in the toilet.
It WAS pretty big.
Wonder if it had a family.
I told him he should have chased it out the window.
He looked at me as if I was completely crazy.
As you all know….Mex does not do creepy crawlies.

Now let me check on supper.
Am making a special Mothers Day dinner.



  1. maybe it is a good time to take a relax and then start looking for work, You will be ok xxxxxx

    • Hi P….yes I will be fine…am going to do my business cards this week…am really keen on going solo!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Is that a beach you have found in your adopted area?

    • Thanks Mara….no…can’t upload new pics so am using old ones!

  3. it is sounding as though you are starting to find your place there

  4. 200 channels, i hope theres no porn one’s 😆

  5. Sounds like things are slowly getting better. Nice to see a beach picture.

  6. Yes it sounds like you are finally settling in, thats good. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Thanks Linda…two of my four kids remembered!!!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day, Kathy! Hope you had a Grand Day.

    • Thanks NR….actually don’t remember…think I am losing the plot.
      How is Tigger?

  8. Have you adjusted to the space yet? When you talk about headphones so you can “get away from the tv” (my words) I felt a twitch in my soul! I’m so used to peace and quiet…

    • I envy you Amy….peace and quiet….I just love it…I no longer have a corner to escape to…sob.

  9. 180 of those channels are music and radio I think 🙂

  10. Ewwwwww! I can’t deal with spiders at ALL, and a “massive” one would probably give me a heart attack. Mex is braver than I am! Yuck.

    Glad you got your TV and Mex will soon be happily surfing his 200 channels. 🙂

    It’s a weird feeling being unemployed, even if it’s temporary. I know how you feel! Sounds like you’re all settling in better now. How was Mothers Day dinner?

  11. Don’t you feel it’s a lovely feeling not working? Took me a while to get used to it, but now I just make do with less to have more.

    • Hi Piglet…nope….I need money to survive so it is more of a panic attack!!!

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