Posted by: granny1947 | May 11, 2012

granny tries something

Hello All.

No I haven’t got over my photo problem.
Thanks to Tilly I am taking pics out of my stock at WP.
Will do this until I get this sorted out next week.
Am hoping to get my own phone line on Tuesday.
Maybe things will get back to normal then.
I haven’t even been taking pics.
I just don’t have the interest when I can’t share them with you guys.

I had an interesting day.
Went to see my sweet physio.
And came home wearing a back brace.
Well, that is what she said it is.
Personally, I think it is some sort of chastity belt!
It is damned uncomfortable.
And I look completely square when I wear it.
I have no shape whatsoever.
It is telling that I even wore it out in public.
That is how much I want this pain to be gone.

Yesterday, we went shopping for a new TV.
This is about our third excursion to find one.
We have been to every major TV supplier in town.
Asked lots of questions.
Taken measurements.
Compared prices.
Every time I think we are about to buy Mex wants to go somewhere else.
Or back to one of the previous places.
I hate shopping with Mex.

Mind you….sometimes it is nice.
He bought me a scanner printer the other day.
I am having a lot of fun with my new toy.
Yesterday, he bought a dinky vacuum cleaner for the flat.
Which my physio says I am not allowed to use.

Last night I contacted an old friend who lives here.
She introduced me to my late husband.
Her husband and mine were best friends.
We spoke for over an hour and are going there for supper tomorrow night.
Our social life begins.

Now I am off to have my drugs.
I can feel the last dose is starting to wear off.




  1. Aaaah granny, love that Kalk Bay Harbour photo. Good idea to use pix from your archives. They are so lovely. I’m really sorry to hear about that back of yours. I know a brace well…awful things…worse to wear in the summer! I pray it gets better quickly my friend. Love you xx

    • Thanks Coll….I am giving it back this week…don’t like the darn thing.

      • Shame girl, I can understand why….I hope you get some relief soonest. Stay away from the vacuuming or sweeping OK? xx

  2. Since I got my big upright vacuum cleaner I have stopped a whole range of pains in my back

    • Hi Sidey…we had to get a dinky one…no room in our “garage”

      • space is an issue, but the dinky ones just don’t work

  3. Enjoy the supper tomorrow night. sleep tight.

    • Thanks HH…it was good and I did!!!

  4. Have fun with your new toys.

    • Hi Maire…I will have fun…when I get the chance to use them!

  5. I’m sorry your back is still in so much pain, but those “legal adult drugs” (as my friend who needs them calls them) can be very helpful! Sounds like things are starting to come together – it helps a lot to have friends in the area. Have a great time! πŸ™‚ Mwah!

    • Thanks RD…we had a great time…never even thought about my back…those drugs are good!

  6. What a pretty picture. Silly me, when I read that she introduced you to your late husband my mind scrambled it all up. I was thinking ex and I thought how rotten of her to hook you back up with an ex. Then I thought well you don’t want to know. Yes I need drugs too. Hope you get well soon!

    • Actually, Linda…I really want to know what you were thinking!!!

  7. Take care of yourself, glad you are going to have a night out, I think you guys need that.

    • Hi Sue…it was just what the doctor ordered!

  8. Awww you really are suffering. A back brace sounds pretty desperate!

    • Don’t think it is doing much Piglet…except for making weird Velcro sounds when I move!

  9. I certainly took the no vacuuming advice seriously and have never once regretted it. Rarely sweep either, just in case. πŸ˜‰

    • Love the way you think Lin!!!

  10. Poor thing! Hope your back feels better soon. And, in the meantime, tell Mex to enjoy vacuuming the flat. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh he is having a whole lot of fun NR!!!

  11. Poor Granny..I do wish there was something that I could do to ease your pain….you could attach a massager to the mini vac and Mex could give you a massage instead of picking up dust”

    • Hi Patrecia…think I would rather he saw to the dust!

  12. Isn’t the back brace the modern equivalent of the old corset. πŸ™‚

  13. Welll it’s a lovely photo, neverthless, granny. Why shouldn’t you do some blasts from the past. Glad your social life is picking up, and I hope you eventually get to buy the new TV. πŸ˜‰ A back brace does sound a bit constricting, but if you’re not allowed to vacuum, it obviously has its advantages. πŸ˜‰ Feel better soon. Hugs xx

    • Not vacuuming is definitely an upside to the back problem AD.

  14. So sorry about the worsening back problems, granny. Vaccuming is definitely a pain-in-the-back. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Dawn….long time no see…great to have you back.

  15. Happy Mother’s Day, Granny. Has anyone invented a self-cleaning house yet? Granny needs one! Hope you have some freedom from pain soon. Makes for a very impatient person to live with constant pain…

    • Now that you mention it…my tolerance level has dropped!

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