Posted by: granny1947 | May 6, 2012

WordPress…..what are you doing?????

Hi All.

I know you are all complaining about the comment e-mails.
Me too.

I can’t upload pics.
An IT guy tells me it is a WP thing.

NOW….I can’t get to blogs from my e-mails.
Comes up with an error message.

Anyone else having these problems?

Oh yes…have also discovered that you can’t get any support from WP unless you have paid for an upgrade.
Not nice.



  1. I haven’t used my blog since it was moved. I have a full one on WordPress itself and have left the link

    • Don’t understand Sidey…are you using LD or WP???

  2. I also think it’s a WP thing. I have done what Sarchasm has told us to do and still I get everybody else’s comments in my emails.
    I have not yet had a problem posting pictures, but sometimes it can take long or the download gets stuck.

    • Hi Pussycat….my pics just sit on crunching and go no further!

      • I sometimes left the picture to crunch and then downloaded it again. Often the second time it worked. Only then would I delete the still crunching first picture. Give it a try.

  3. I forgot to mention that if you leave a comment on a blog, check that the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” box is UNTICKED.

  4. Hiya Granny..a couple of days ago I was not receiving the WordPress posts onto my Gmail page and I was puzzled as to where they all were…I discovered 176 in my Spam box…all due I think to some Chinese or Japanese writing.

    now it is hope that you will get sorted!

  5. Something is going on at WordPress because I am getting everyones comments in my email where I comment. In the past I had to click the check mark to follow comments in a post now I have to remember to unclick the checkmark every ding dang place I comment. Also two people that I have been following since I started blogging at WP just fell off my blog following list and I didn’t realize it. Befuddled is what I am. Hope things calm down and start falling in place for you Granny.

  6. And here I was considering migrating to WordPress. I think I’ll stay put.

  7. I got the hundred emails, but am unticking the notify me of follow-up comments via email block. Images upload but do not appear in my posts unless I save the post. Goto all posts, edit, delete the image and insert the image into the post again. Nice to know that we have no support 😦

  8. Oh so it’s not just me. I thought I had accidentally clicked to get comments from everyones relys. it was driving me crazy. So I went and unsubscribed to getting everyones comments, not sure it worked though. So now I have to open all of them to find the real “new” post.

  9. Don’t know about net problems since I have no net and use it so rarely anymore. Just wanted to say hi!

  10. Granny, i made two minor changes in your dashboard settings, but the photos are still working for me, both before and after.

  11. Hang in there, Granny. If have faith that these guys are not be taking the Face Book philosophy about constantly changing stuff and making it damned hard to find ways to quash the irritating changes they implement.

    Do you read me, WP??!! Help Granny. She doesn’t need this aggravation.

  12. Now that is not nice of them at all Granny. I have no idea what the problem can be and wish I could help hon. *big hugs*

  13. Life is full of challenges . . . blogging too! 😦

  14. I have suddenly started getting a spate of other comments on posts I visited.
    It is alarming and disappointing that there is no WP support. Rather than make one want to upgrade, it has the opposite effect on me. I am inclined to tell them to take a running jump. I can use my Blogger account.

  15. I’m so glad I am not the only one! Comments from all and sundry… They’d better fix it up soon.

  16. i don’t know — things seem to be okay on my end — but I haven’t been posting much and so haven’t been getting many comments, either. I haven’t tried to download a picture in ages. Hope it all gets fixed up soon. How are things with the move going?

    • I keep getting follow up e mails to posts and don’t know how to stop it…Any ideas anyone?

      • I went into “manage my comments” deleted a whole heap….just hope I have not deleted some of my subscriptions!

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