Posted by: granny1947 | May 4, 2012

Granny sheds a tear….or two

Hello All.

No photos.
I will have to take my computer in to the computer shop on Monday.
Tomorrow if I have the energy.
The pace is called “Genius”.
Hope they live up to their name.
Internet explorer comes up with IO error.
Whatever that means.
Firefox and Chrome sit on crunching and go no further.

The wheels fell off a couple of hours ago.
I shut Jasmine in the flat while I had the gate open to bring the cars in.
Jasmine hates being away from me.
She barked and whined and Mex let her out.
Shouting at me that Jasmine was making a commotion.
I lost it.
And yelled back.
Bullies don’t like their own medicine.
He has gone into silent mode.
Or “ignore Granny” mode.

I understand he is frustrated.
Shit…so am I.
I understand I am the only one he can vent to.
And that is fine.
But there is a difference between venting and blaming.
And I am not going to accept the latter.
You will be pleased to hear I am starting to stand up for myself.

This evening I made supper and put my Mom’s on the table.
Gave her my best granny look and she got up and came to the table.
Apparently, the granny look works on mothers too.

Why the tear or two?
Younger son and his wife arrived back last night.
And left this morning.
Taking Grandson with them.
Don’t know when I will see MY family again.
Thought I could do this.
But have discovered it sucks.

On the upside I spoke to the friend where I have the half day job waiting.
She said there is no rush.
I must sort myself out first.
So that pressure is off.
I will take a couple more weeks.
I have to get my new drivers licence.
And get to a physio.
My back is killing me.

Mary-Lou phoned me and gave me a big fat lecture.
Told me not to undersell myself.
Said I must go into business on my own.
She will set up a company for me for nothing.
I love solving problems.
I am good at it.
So I am looking at becoming a stores consultant.
Consultant is such a magic word.
It means big bucks.
I am very keen.
I promise….I shall still talk to you when I am rich!

Now I am taking this weary body to bed.
Am missing all your posts.
Have to catch up this weekend.
Also, look at the 600 e-mails waiting for me.



  1. Mex needs to realize that you’re going through even more than he is. I understand his frustration, but you can only handle so much, and I don’t think he’d like it if his explosion pushed you over the edge. You’re all in a difficult situation, but he needs to support you and join forces with you rather than take things out on you. I know, easier said than done. But I just thought I’d toss it out there. πŸ™‚

    How exciting about the possibility of your consulting business! I hope it comes together for you – you seriously deserve it!! πŸ˜€

    • I hear you RD but I guess he feels it is all about him at the moment…he HAS worked VERY hard.

      • I’m keeping a positive thought for you, Granny. You really NEED that weekend with ML!! πŸ˜€

      • Thanks RD….I can’t wait for it.

  2. Hoping things settle down soon for you. Stores consultant sounds good. Wish I had a Mary-Lou to sort out my professional life.

    • I’m not sharing her Mara….she is all mine!!!

  3. You better still talk to us when you’re stinking rich! πŸ™‚ Glad you’re standing up for yourself. If you don’t, no one else will and the rest will just keep on taking advantage. You can just do so much and not more. Thinking of you hon. Hope your back feels better. Lots of hugs & love to you, Jasmine and Tom.

    • A bit of physio and a walk on the beach and I will be great Sonel!

  4. Hey Kath, everyday I read your blog and my heart go out to you!! I know exactly what you going through! Especially now being “on your own” without “your” family. Stay strong. Love me xxx

    • Karen!!! How great to see you here. And,yes, you know exactly what it is like here.
      How are you my love?

      • Hi Kath, I’m great thanks and guess what? I’m a ” granny” now! Wesley got engaged to a lovely girl who was pregnant (not his own) but non the less I just love the little girl, she is now 3 months old and the joy of my life. She is lting next to me in bed now aand I’m sure her 1st birthday present will be a cellphone……hehehe. My parents sold their property in Margate and we just waiting fo the transfer to go through. And how are Tim and you mom and dad doing?

      • They are fine Karen…you know the story.
        Tim really needs someone to handle his finances.
        Guess it will be me but it will have to be handled very sensitively.
        I have realised I am taking on another child!!!!
        Congrats on the little one.

      • Thanks Kathy and sent my regards to them xx

  5. I can’t exactly see you as not standing up for yourself! Maybe a few tears will help. I sure wish that I could help you. I know it’s a hard time. I would fall apart into a big mushy heap. Hugs to you.

    • Awww thanks Linda….I know you have been through a lot too!

  6. sometimes the shouting has to happen to clear the air. sympathy

    • Thanks Sidey….I hate the shouting…takes a lot for me to let rip.

      • So you only do it when it has really become necessary

  7. You do know that all this sorting out of their house could be done over a period of time?! Calm down, both of you!

    • I know that Sue but Mex goes at it like a madman and I have to help…must say the place is looking MUCH better but at a cost!

  8. Hope the tears are a little less now granny.

  9. Aaaaaah granny….sending you a huge big hug. I feel your sadness all the way over here in cold wet Cape Town. I wish I had a Mary-Lou. Maybe you wont need the lotto after all hehe. Love you angel. Keep strong and get your back fixed. xxx

    • Hi Colleen….really painful this morning…physio on the to do list for Monday.

  10. I’ve read the last 4 or 5 of your posts and all I can say is: give yourselves a break. This is a lot of change in a very short time. When you were writing about cleaning out the kitchen and all the food you had to through out — that took me back to when I did a similar (though much smaller) job for my in-laws. The fridge was the worst. That taught me to never hoard food. Ever.
    Hope the bright spots start appearing for you right away.

    • Hi Kathy…I haven’t tacled the fridge yet…that is a treat for the weekend…along with the deepfreeze!

  11. I’m sure things will settle down when all the hard work is done. It must be very hard just now for you.
    M-L sounds like a wonderful friend.

    • Hi Elaine…she is a friend in a million.

  12. Granny – get the BLOG monkey off your back. You can’t possibly catch up on everything. If there’s anyone who can’t understand, it’s a person who doesn’t read your blog.

    You may be like some of the rest of us who think we can be Superwoman. If that’s the case, you may have to indulge in a few tears. You likely don’t realize all the losses you will bump up against in the next while. My dear woman, you’ve left a job, home and family. You’ve landed running and haven’t had a chance to suss out the troops or the landing gear.

    Yep, no monkeys on your back. You’ve got too much already.

    Just protectin’ my friend. ‘Cause I love her.

    • I think you are right Amy…I am sure people will understand.
      Love you too girl.

  13. Vasbyt Ouma it will get sorted with time. You’re all having to make adjustments

  14. A consultant does sound ike megabucks, granny. Next best thing to winning the Lotto. πŸ˜‰ Sorry about you losing for family for a while. I know all about that. Hugs to you. xxx

  15. It’s a horrible time but it will get better – you will make it get better, because that’s the kind of woman you are. The consultancy business sounds exciting!

  16. This post sums up why we invited my parents to move in with us (on our home turf) . . . while REFUSING to move in with them.

    Use that Granny look to your advantage. πŸ™„

    • Hehehe….I am doing that NR.
      Pity that doesn’t work on Mex…talk about silent mode!

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