Posted by: granny1947 | May 1, 2012

Granny wants to head for the hills.

Hello All.


I STILL can’t upload a photograph.
It is driving me insane.
Has anyone got any ideas for me?
I get as far as choosing the pic and then it gets to crunching.
And there it sits.
I have tried phoning our service provider.
This is a nightmare of note.

On the home front tempers are becoming frayed.
Mex is working really hard.
Three days in my Mom’s kitchen and he is not finished.
We have tossed SO much stuff.
It is taking forever because every cupboard has to be scrubbed out.
And all the remaining stuff washed.

This morning Mex said I should work on our place and he would concentrate on the kitchen.
Then I made a mistake.
I went inside for something.
And was set to work helping in the kitchen.
So I never finished our place.
And I am in the frigging dogbox.

I am being blamed for everything.
For the dog barking.
It is the first time she has been able to see people walking past.
For the fact that my mother sits on her butt waiting for me to serve her.
Because Grandson missed a spot when cleaning out a cupboard.
Because my brother leaves things lying around.
Because the gas price is going up.
Because of the unemployment in the country.
And for the weather.

I went to the shops this morning.
To buy some necessary cleaning stuff.
I was standing in a long queue waiting to get my blood pressure tablets(they are essential at the moment)
My cell rang.
When am I getting home?
The old people are hungry.
For crying in a bucket.
What did they do a week ago?
I have to start work soon.
I have to get out of here even if it is only for a half a day.

On the upside.
There is ALWAYS an upside.
Mary-Lou spoilt me rotten on my birthday.
Have I already told you this?
What day is this?
Who am I?
She gave me so many presents.
First there was a Cd I was very keen on.
Then a box of Lindt choccies.
Then four funny fridge magnets(from her animals).
Then a big bottle of Amarula licquer.
Finally, a magnificent white and yellow gold bracelet.
I would show you.
If I could upload a bloody photo.
She phoned me today.
Said I must look for a good hotel.
And she will fly up and take me away for four days!
What a friend!!!!!!!!!

And now I am going to take this exhausted body to bed.
Love you all.
I WILL reply to all your comments soon.



  1. Hang in there, it will all work out, tis early days.

  2. It sound really tiring, G. Are you trying to download the pics straight from the camera or from a folder?

  3. Have you tried reducing the size of the photos? I don’t mean the dimensions, but the pixels (I think) – I’m not very technical!
    Keep hanging on in there – moving house is meant to be one of the most stressful things a person can do…

  4. Hang in there, you should both take it a little bit slower maybe?

    Wish I could help over the pictures, but I have no idea

  5. Harry’s here πŸ™‚ whats wrong granny. Do you want me to put a photo in this post to try it out.

  6. Granny luv, the time is ripe for you to be setting some boundaries. I think that you should make it clear that the parentals still feed themselves twice a day as in actually getting up, going to the kitchen and serving themselves something to eat and cleaning up after themselves. It will give them some self worth too. Maybe it is something light like soup and bread or whatever leftovers from dinner the night before but they cannot sit and wait for you to run yourself ragged trying to do the shopping, feeding them and doing EVERYTHING, including cleaning up etc for them. I don’t think that is fair nor should it be part of the deal. You need to have a bit of a round table meeting there methinks. It would probably clear the air between you Mex and grandson as well. Everyone needs to have clarity on who is expected to do what. Give the old folk the light duties but give them duties! And yes, get that job going!! Thank goodness for Mary-Lou making you feel so special. We all need a friend like that in our lives! Are you making your photos smaller to put on your blog? Maybe it is just the line there….are you using telkom? Much love to you sweetie and I do hope that you can take a bit of time out to clear the cobwebs from your brain and get a bit of rest. xxx

  7. Hey Granny! I had a problem similar to that where the spinning wheel thingy just sat there doing nothing after it had finished crunching. I found a few links that might help you out, below, but what I did was log out of WP, clear my browsing history then log back in again. That did the trick for me so it’s worth a try, or check out the links below to see if they help.

    After looking in the forums I saw plenty of people had a similar problem too. I doubt it’s anything to do with your internet provider though.

    • Dave i agree with you, you must have posted while i was writing my last post πŸ™‚

      • Oh hehe, apologies! I think we must have been writing comments at the same time. I was going to suggest Granny could upload her photos to somewhere like Flikr then pop a link in her WP post to the photos.

  8. Have you tried loading the pictures into a LD album, putting them into a preparation post and pasting the HTML to WP?
    Look on the bright side – you’re not bored, are you?

  9. Its working ok for me granny, do you know how to clear the temporary files, history, cookies etc, if so try it.

  10. What did they do a week ago?! That is so funny.

    I have no idea what could be wrong with the picture loading situation. Several times last week it was very slow for me. I just cursed at it a lot. Then it worked a little better.

  11. @ Dave, i think doing that would make granny very confused, and she’s bad enough as it is πŸ˜†

  12. I feel for you, Granny. I’ve never been in as difficult a situation as you, but I do know what it’s like to have perfectly capable parents suddenly become totally dependent and demanding when you’re around. I just got through a week of it….just barely. And constant complaints, just like you’re dealing with, about everything. And the criticisms….oh, the criticism! Don’t even get me started. Suffice it to say – I FEEL FOR YOU.

  13. Trying times , aren’t they? Poor you. You’ll settle down soon enough Granny. And it must be wonderful for your mother to have you close at hand. We’ll all reach there , won’t we? I guess it’s okay to be sitting on our butts when we do, if we do. I would have loved to whisk you away to Kerala for a few days .I’ll be leaving for my hometown soon , escaping the Summer in the North.And there its going to be raining and verdant. There’ll be mosquitoes, though:-) I’m so waiting to see the photographs of your new place. Hope you resolve your troubles quickly(How selfish does that sound!!)

  14. Thank heavens for Mary-Lou. you certainly sound as though you desperately needed and up-side, granny. Hope things improve for you, very soon. Hugs xx

  15. With all the techno advice I’ll just shut up. Hope things settle down soon.

  16. You have way more patience than I do Granny. Wish I could have come and fetched you to stay here for more than a month … just to spite everyone there. LOL! Go away for those 4 days and enjoy hon. You have one amazing friend. πŸ™‚
    *big hugs and lots of love & kisses to you, Jasmine and Tom*

  17. Tell them to get up off their asses! πŸ˜€

    Aah . . . that’s better.

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