Posted by: granny1947 | April 30, 2012

Granny is confused

Hello All.

I STILL can’t seem to download my photos.
And I have quite a few I want to share with.
Like Mex’s War/move wounds.
He has a massive bruise.
One of note.
He says it comes from hard work.
Wants to know why I don’t have any.
If he keeps that up he will have a few more to show off.

Why am I confused?
Because I seem to be constantly looking for stuff.
I have packed and moved furniture all over the place.
Our “flat” is small.
Really just a fair sized bedroom.
With a tiny kitchen alcove and a bathroom.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the builder.
I think he saw two old people and ripped them off.

Much,much later.

Have met with the builder.
Nice chap.
OK..he HAS cut corners but this was with the agreement of my Dad.
The shower wasn’t working.
We either had to have a scalding shower or an ice cold one.
He brought a new shower head and I think it is better.
At some stage we might have to install a separate geyser.
Also,he put the fittings for the washing machine in a room behind the flat.
One with no power.
I want it inside so we are having the fittings re-done.

Our biggest problem has been INSIDE the house.
It has brought it home to me just how old my folks have got.
Mex and I have spent a day and a half just in the kitchen.
And we are way from finished.
I have filled six big black bags with crap.
And there are still more cupboards to go.
It is a miracle they have not got food poisoning.
The record for stuff that has expired is 2002!!!!!

I think I have tossed out a couple of thousand rands worth of food.
You clear one cupboard with flour,sugar,rice etc.
Only to find another with the same sort of things.
And another.
And another.

Let’s not talk about the Tupperware.
Please let’s not talk about the Tupperware.

They have a maid twice a week.
A big fat lady called Mavis.
Who has just drifted around doing the bare essentials.
I think she has lost a few kgs today.
I don’t,altogether, blame her.
Every surface is covered with crap.
We got stuck in a moved all the furniture out from the walls.
And all the stuff off the surfaces.
She really got into the spirit of the thing.

I felt a bit sorry for her.
She thought she had finished the bathroom.
And I called her back.
Told her to vacuum again.
In the corners too!
Gave her an old toothebrush.
Told her to clean under the taps etc.
I wonder if she will be back on Wednesday?

Oh Shyte…Mex is back in the kitchen.
I will have to go and help.
I am SO damn tired.

I miss you guys.


  1. Oh dear, Oh dear, then you better stay away form our place which I can brag is no mess because it is chaos. Count your blessings.

  2. PS PS to former comment, only the Wendy house which is orderly compared to my study!

  3. Oh Granny! I feel your pain.

  4. Oh shame granny… poor people. I feel for you. But once it is done it will be done and stay that way if I know you! Much hugs and love to you, colleen xx

  5. Good morning! Just want you to know I’ve nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. The details are on my blog — you are under no obligation to accept or follow through with the details — I just want you to know what a fantastic blogger you are and how much I enjoy reading and sharing your words!

  6. It sounds a bit like an episode from How Clean is your House!
    Very brave of you to tackle the problem. Go well.

    • Hehehe. You’re so right about that, pc44. 😉

  7. Don’t try to do everything at once. We don’t want you to make yourself ill.

  8. Phew, you are really getting stuck in to it all.

  9. Oh my goodness, granny! It sounds like you’ve really got your work cut out for you. I’m sure Mavis will lose a lot of excess weight if she sticks around with you there. 😉 Hugs xx

  10. Granny – take time out to go to the beach and smell the sea air (provided the wind is not blowing!). Schoenies is a good place to go if the wind is blowing though – fairly sheltered!! xxx

  11. I’m in total sympathy with you Granny. We’ve been clearing my elderly aunt’s house out a little at a time for a year now. Fortunately we didn’t have to do it all at once, but I can imagine how tough it would have been. We’ll feel it a lot more when we move her out of her house – the place is falling apart and hasn’t been tended to for years. She lives at a distance so we can’t help as much as we’d like to, which makes things all the more difficult. I don’t understand this thing older folks have about buying tons of everything – my parents do it too. My mother buys every Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer and then says she doesn’t even use the stuff. !!!!! Her pantry is *packed* with useless packaged foods!

  12. so much has gone on whilst I have been absent…so I assume that you have now moved into the accommodation supplied by your aged parents. Sounds as though you are really having a ball! Keep at it…love P

  13. I find myself waiting to read your updates. It’s like being given the privileged status of sharing your day to day life and its amazing how your humor can light up even drudgery to make it sound so exciting. I know..I know..that’s not fair…surely that’s not what you meant it to sound like. But I can actually feel a sense of excitement even in Mavis. Don’t overdo it though Granny dear. Take heaps of rest in between and we hope we’ll get to see photos of your new place.

  14. Sounds like you’re JUST what the place needs, granny! Hope you get lots done before you’re too tired to lift another finger. You’ll sleep like a LOG, I’m sure – I hope.

  15. It’s terrible what happens when people get old. My mom who is oldish is already making plans and throwing out. She is lucky, her house has always been spotless and she doesn’t keep a of things. Now why did I not take after her. My kids will be in for a treat! Take things easy.

  16. Miss you too Granny and wish I was there to help you…not that I can do that much but at least we’d be laughing a lot at ourselves..hehehe
    How is Jasmine and Tom doing? Miss your photo’s too and can’t wait to see your new place. 🙂
    Lots of love & hugs

  17. Oh dear, Gran! I feel for you… I learnt just what ‘tiredness’ was when I unpacked into my little bedsitter which I have now. I still have things to find a home for. And stuff stored at my daughter’s… I don’t know if I’ll ever be straght. I have given away piles of clothes and household things and thrown away mountains too! From a 3-bedroom house to this little place – not a joke! I wish you the best of luck and loads of energy. Lots of love ♥

  18. Mavis is about to lose a lot of weight, I’m guessing 🙂

  19. Best of luck with the clear out, Granny. Be well.

  20. My youngest daughter, son-in-law and grandson moved out of our house months ago, and I’m still clearing out junk. Much luck Granny! Remember to take care of yourself!

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