Posted by: granny1947 | April 18, 2012

Granny thinks back…part three

Hello All.

I wasn’t going to post more memories for a while.
But I am having such FUN.
I haven’t thought about those times for years.
Maybe it is a good thing to get them down before my old brain forgets them.

So where were we?
Oh yes….on this lovely farm.
In this gorgeous home.
And what was the worst thing?
Well, Linda hit the nail on the head.

The place had stood empty for years.
For good reason.
And nature had taken it over.
Well, creepy crawlies considered it their home.

Soon after number four was born, I recall my eldest daughter going into her room to change out of her school uniform.
She came running to me to tell me there was something horrible on her bed.
Something horrible to her could have been a  moth.
I went to look with the two boys behind me.
Boys are always curious about something horrible.

At first I couldn’t see anything.
Then a head appeared  from behind one of the pillows.
A Boomslang.
These snakes are very poisonous.
Though I didn’t know what kind of snake it was.
To me any snake meant just one thing.
Get as much distance away from it as possible.
We all yelled and ran for it.
I might have beaten the kids.
But I stopped to pick up the baby.
Maternal instinct is a wonderful thing.

We ran outside screaming for my husband.
Well, I think I was the one screaming.
He came running.
Thinking the house was on fire.
Then gave me hell for not sticking around to keep an eye on the snake.
Was he crazy?

He was also scared of snakes.
He went into the bedroom.
With me in the doorway.
Poised for flight.
No sign of the thing.
Reluctantly, he got down on his hands and knees to look under the bed.
I looked up and saw a tail disappearing behind the strut on the dressing table mirror.
Without thinking I yelled “there it is”
I didn’t know a person could lift two feet in the air from that position.
It is one of my finer memories.

We had all types of snakes.
Massive Puffadders.
And some sort of cobras.
I don’t know them all.
To me a snake was a snake was a snake.
I walked around with my eyes constantly revolving in my head.
Looking for any signs of danger.

More to follow.



  1. I’m still reading, this was hysterical!

    • Thanks Sue…I am really enjoying this.

  2. so the fear of snakes ran in the family….Arno was terrified, mentioned that his father had kept snakes on the farm and that he had shot all of them, told his father they escaped!!

    • A good thing he did Michelle….if Barty had brought them with when he came to live with us there would have been high drama!!!

  3. I bet you can laugh about it now, but not at the time.
    I don’t mind the odd little grass or house snake, but a boomslang etc would make me scream, too.

    • Oh I think I laughed then too Pussycat…without a sense of humour I would never have survived.

  4. Oh boy, what a cozy set up, Gran. I can get along with non-poisonous snakes, but not the others. I would have to have someone on call just in case…

    • I don’t get along with ANY of them Adee!!!

  5. Creep crawlies are bad enough, but poisonous snakes in the bedroom! I would also have screamed my head off.

    • Hi AD…well my husband heard me….from the other end of the farm!

  6. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! I am screaming on the inside right now. Can’t really scream since hubby just went to sleep. That would have been it for me. I would have been gone for good. Don’t take me and my babies to a place with one snake let alone a bunch!

    My neighbor sent me a picture in an email the other day that has my nerves on edge still. At the corner where our yards meet he was raking up some leaves and there was a copperhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is all I can say. I have never ever seen one in real life. Much less in my own yard. I don’t care if it was at the end of the yard down by the street. It was in my yard. We live in town not a rual area. Sure there are woods around but damn it stay there, don’t come to my house. I have been scared to death to go outside since then and work in the shed forget it. I tried and all I could think was that snakes mother is in there somewhere I am sure. Probably not but maybe.

    My son does live backed up onto a greenway with a creek. Lots of snakes. His next door neighbor is always finding copperheads in her yard. Close neighbor. I am really scared when I go there. When my daughter in law told me the other day that she and the kids had gone for a walk in the woods I about had a heart attack! She said it had been too cold for snakes. Evil, horrible things.

    • My goodness Linda….I think you are worse than me….I didn’t think that was possible!!!

  7. I laughed out loud, yet I would have left immediately and never returned

    • Hehe Sidey….four kids make it quite difficult to leave!!!

      • that’s true. you were really brave (and still are)

  8. Please don’t stop – I am loving this!!!
    I would not have stayed with all those bloody snakes around!!
    Spiders I can do but snakes!!

    • Thanks Chris….it is such fun to do….will be doing another today if I have time…they don’t take long…they just bubble out.

  9. I have a dislike of all things creepy and crawly. No thanks 🙂

  10. I’m at a cross between laughing at the images and cringing at the thought of snakes in a home – especially in a child’s bed!! I hate creepy crawlies of all kinds; I’m a nonpartisan creepy crawly cringer. (Okay, I don’t mind ladybugs…as long as they’re not swarming.) ::shudder::

    I hope you tell us how a man who feared snakes got rid of such a scary one! How big was it? ::double shudder::

    • You know RD…I don’t remember. I am sure he caught it or I would have slept in the car with the kids.

  11. hee hee, wish I could have seen that jump! I think you still enjoy that memory Granny! LOL!
    *hugs and smooches for you and Jasmine*

    • Hi Sonel…don’t think I will ever forget that moment…etched in my memory!

  12. 🙂

  13. Thoroughly enjoying your thinking back posts! 🙂

    • Thanks Grandmalin….more to come.

  14. This Lisa (me – lol) must be the only person on the planet not afraid of snakes…although I’ll admit to not being fond of poison 😉 TOL is terrified of spiders.

    …so we know you’re in the middle of a move and all but if you haven’t packed your ereader see if you can get our book via smashwords — not sure if it works over there in your neck of the woods (beach) so let us know!

    xo xo xo from your friends Stateside

    • OOPS – try downloading a preview first & if it works I promised you a gift copy so don’t you dare buy it!!!

    • Thank you so much Lisa….will try at lunchtime today.
      E-reader is in my bag….with the kitchen sink!

  15. There are two classifications of snakes.
    No, not venomous and non-venomous.

    The two kinds are . . . Dead or Alive.
    I don’t mind the former.
    I steer clear of the latter.

    Great write! 😀

    • After reading your post and this:

      I have crossed Africa OFF my Bucket List. 😯

    • Thanks NR….high praise from you.
      Don’t cross Africa off your list.
      Beautiful place.
      Have never seen a snake in Cape Town.
      Wait….a huge one slithered past the entrance to our complex one day….probably a mole snake…which is harmless.
      No snake is harmless to me…if I met one face to face my heart would just give in.

  16. Oh my goodness… a poisonous snake in a child’s bedroom. I guess there is such a thing as too much nature!

    I agree that there is a very fine line between laughter and hysteria. However, unless physical or mental harm is involved, I’d much rather laugh than cry.

    Thoroughly enjoying the memories granny! 😉

    • I agree Third…..I am inclined to laugh at the wrong time too!

  17. Rather you than me with those snakes! They are ok when looking at them in the zoo and they are safely behind glass, but I don’t think I fancy finding one in my house!

    • I didn’t fancy it either Elaine!

  18. time for an encore!

  19. A fun post, I can’t stop smiling, images in my mind of your husband’s vertical rise on all fours and your rotating eyes are unforgetable 😉

  20. OMG you are so brave. We have snakes here but nothing like that. I can imagine you levatating in sheer terror. I would do the same.

  21. I guess in the tropics , everybody gets used to a few snakes . My younger sister was even bitten by one and a poisonous one at that. We have this long open verandah , with two small rooms at either end. It was raining and If I remember , I think she told me there was a power cut . She had walked into one of those rooms to pick up something from the bed there and it bit her. She doesn’t lose her cool quite easily. Thank goodness for that because they say fear makes the blood race faster and causes the poison to spread. Her husband quickly made a torniquet of sorts on her arm and rushed her to the hospital. She survived to tell her tale. But it is still scary , when you think of it.

    I so loved the part where you said”Without thinking I yelled “there it is”
    I didn’t know a person could lift two feet in the air from that position.
    It is one of my finer memories.”. I could picture that so vividly . You’re a riot:-)

  22. I would have wet myself! Is urine a good snake repellent? Hmm…

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