Posted by: granny1947 | April 17, 2012

Granny thinks back…part two

Hello All.

This is take two of part two.
I tried to copy the link to part one.
But I had copied it from excel.
And I ended up with a whole lot of boxes I couldn’t get rid of.
So….if you haven’t read part one you are going to have to look for it.
I have it filed under memories.
I think.
It took me a while to find my categories.
They are right at the bottom.

Anyhow where was I?

So we lost everything.
And had to move in a hurry.
But Hub1 was resourceful.
He found a small farm nearby.
A small overgrown farm.
With no tenant.
With very good reason.
The place was more like a hovel.

He took me to see it as the sun was going down.
Which was pretty clever.
We had to walk up some steps to a porch and the kitchen.
As you all know…I am not observant.
Nor am I domesticated.|
But I did spot one thing.
There was no sink.

I burst out laughing.
And he was surprised.
Thought I would burst out crying.
The idiot didn’t know what a fine line there is between laughter and hysteria.
Especially when I discovered there was no running water.
No electricity.
And gaping big holes in the wooden floors.
I was still to learn the worst thing about the place.

He had made an arrangement with the owner that we would fix the place up.
And stay for a very small rent.
In retrospect he should have paid us.
Running water was the first priority.
Until that was done I used to stand beneath the porch.
Hub1 would pour a bucket of water over me.
I would frantically soap myself.
Then he would pour another bucket to rinse off.
I was eight months pregnant with number four.
Thank God it was summer.
I would do the same for him.
Sometimes wondering how much it would take to drown him.

And the worst thing about the place?
Wait for part three.




  1. Will have to look for part 1 but the little that I have read reminded of a book titled ‘There are ants in my sugar’.

    • Hi Inz…part one is two posts back.
      I must look for that book…sounds good.

  2. Gosh Granny that was really “roughing it” I can’t believe it could get worse!

    • Just wait Optie…well…I thought it was worse.

  3. OMG if anyone read just this little bit in a novel, they’d say “Impossible!” Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. I can’t believe he’d even consider making you move to a place like that, especially when you’re pregnant! I can’t imagine how much worse it could get….I’m waiting with bated breath for part three…..

    • Hi RD…I have always said if I wrote the story of my life no-one would believe it!

      • But I guarantee you’d be a best-selling author! 🙂

  4. Most interesting time you had there, granny. Can’t wait for part 3 😉

    • Thanks Pussycat…am still thinking about how often to post these memories.

  5. gosh ! that was really roughing it

    • It’s a good thing I was young and stupid back then Sidey.

      • you were very tolerant, I must say

  6. Oh good grief..I really do not even want to think what the worst part was Granny! All those sounds like a nightmare! I would have drowned him for sure! LOL!
    *lots of love & hugs for you and Jasmine*

    • Thanks Sonel…murder crossed my mind quite often!!!

      • Whahahahah! I don’t blame you one bit. As a matter of fact, if I was there, I would have helped. LOL!

      • Just as well you weren’t or we would both be wearing bright orange jumpsuits!

      • Whahahaha! Well, we would have driven them crazy in any case and they would have paid our families to come and get us! LOL!

  7. I’m on tenter hooks….

  8. Cliff hanging on the other side of the world Granny.

  9. You mean the worst is still to come?
    I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to take this …

  10. I’m pretty sure murder would have been heavily on my mind. Oh no do not think I am ever going to rough it! I live in a small old house but it does have indoor plumbing and electricity. I am not good at roughing it. And you were pregnant?!!! Oh yes he would have been dead. How can the worst be yet to come? Infested with snakes? That’s the only worst I can think of.

    • Hehehe Linda…you and I have a lot in common!

  11. You must have a gentle nature because I would have killed someone if I was pregnant and had no running water.

    • It came close Gobetween!

  12. There are people who take advantage of one’s desperation! Imaging fixing the place up and paying to do it…. 😮

    • It was a low rent Adee but you are quite right.

  13. I’m waiting for part three Granny.

    • It is coming today HH…if I get the time.

  14. Sounds like camping . . .
    But only the WORST parts.
    I might have drowned him.

    More, please!

    • Your word is my command NR!!!!

  15. Have you thought of putting all this in a book form Granny? Seriously…you’ll be a hit. When you think of so many of us cribbing over little inconveniences and little imbalances to the word woman!!!You’re just too much. You’re giving all of us a mighty complex, I tell you!! All the same, Love you loads.:-)

    • You are too kind Nadira…at the moment I am just having so much fun.

  16. I liked this post because I would have liked to drown him as well. He sounds a right joker taking you to that place 8months pregs with no water! How old were your children?

  17. I was going to say you’re a better person than me, but then I realized that you never mentioned that you enjoyed living like that because of his choice. Then I felt more normal 😉

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