Posted by: granny1947 | April 14, 2012

Granny thinks back….part one

Hello All.

A chilly walk this morning.

So….I started thinking of what I could post about my past.
And realised something.
All my interesting memories are from marriage number one.
Husband number one was larger than life.
A bastard.
But a larger than life bastard.
Husband number two was only around for twenty months before he passed on.
Husband number three is an introvert.
Not much one can say about an introvert.
They are quiet.

Husband number one introduced me to farming.
Now farming was something that had never crossed my mind.
I was a town girl.
He eased me into it.
The lull before the storm.
The farmhouse was modern.
There was electricity.
There was running water.
It wasn’t too far from town.

I adapted quite well.
I got up very early and bottle fed the calves.
I learned to cut up a pig.
I tried to cut up an ox.
Never did find out what happened to the rump steak.
I only tried that once.
Butchers know what they are doing.

I even bottled stuff.
No, really I did.
I bottled carrots.
They lasted for years.
I couldn’t get the lids off.

Then things went wrong.
Very wrong.
A youngster, who lived with us was killed, while working for my husband.
Hubby was a builder.
Leslie was a plumber.
He came home for lunch and collided with a brickfield truck on his way back to work.

Husband number one was an alcoholic.
Something like that will send an alcoholic on a binge of note.
We went insolvent.
And had to move.
And that is when life got extremely interesting.

But that will be another story.
You will have to wait for part two.


  1. my goodness, the things we don’t know about each other

    • Tip of the iceberg Sidey!!!!

  2. Bottled carrots?? Never heard of that.
    Sounds like an eventful life, Granny.
    Will wait for part two πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Pussycat….carrots bottle very well….can’t think why i bothered though….they are probably the cheapest vegies.

  3. Crikey Granny, bottling carrots and cutting up a pig, you’re a dark horse!
    Joking aside these must have been very trying times for you…look forward to next installment!

    • Oh no Piglet…the trying times came later….wait and see.

  4. I have always wanted to know the story….but never asked, family history

    • Hi Michelle….lots to come!!!!

  5. Eish!

    • Hi AD….Eish???????????

      • What you’ve been through, and you’re still smiling. πŸ˜‰ xxx

  6. Can’t wait for part 2! lol

    • Hi Mara….still can’t get onto your blog!!!!

      • I wish I understood why. The other day I got a friend to visit and leave a comment as anonymous and it worked fine. She was using Internet Explorer and she isn’t a WP or Blogger blogger.

      • Hi Mara…I am sure they can comment once they are on your post.
        The problem is your link is not connected on your Gravatar.

      • Hi, I checked it this morning after I read Gobetween Flames blog advice and the link below my dogggie pic worked fine. I hate having to keeping repeating I don’t understand what’s going on, but it’s still true. lol

        If you type:
        or google “Africa to Algarve blog”
        what happens?
        Are you using IE, Firefox?

        I’m starting to believe there’s a conspiracy to keep Blogger and WP bloggers apart! lol

  7. Oh Granny, I really don’t know if I would have any humour left after 1 husband and look at you! You are an inspiration for sure sweetie. I can’t imagine you as a farm girl but oh well, I was one too..who would have thought that hey? LOL! The bottled carrots had me squealing with laughter because I am sure if I had to do that, they would have probably exploded, never mind not open. heheheh.
    Thanks for the lovely post and share hon. You made me smile again. πŸ™‚
    *big hugs and lots of love * to you and Jasmine

    • Hi sonel….I became domesticated…for a little while!

  8. Drink has the power to destroy people and relationships. Still can’t think how anyone thinks its cool 😦 I do hope that no. 2 was good to you for the time that you were allowed to have him.

    Cut up a pig?! EEEUW! No thank you.

    • Hi Yada…number two was a real soulmate…still miss him.

  9. What a range of things covered already and this is just part one! I’m looking forward to part two.

    • Hehehe Elaine….part two is much more interesting.

  10. You sure must have the strongest of humour bones in your body Granny!! And how succinctly you can tell a tale. Shakespeare would have applauded you. I’m sure he was pointing in the direction of you Granny when he said”Brevity is the soul of wit”:-)

    • Awwwwwwww Nadira…that is such a nice thing to say.

  11. You could drag this girl to the barn . . . but you could NOT make her cut up a pig. πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to your next installment.

    BTW: Saw your comment to Cin. Sorry she’s not returning your calls. She could do with a dose of your humor.

    • Hehehe NR….the pigs weren’t too bad but cutting up an ox is another story.

  12. Ha! I agree with Nancy. No way at all I am going to be cutting up anything. Now I will bottle feed a cute piggie or calf all day long.

    Your Husband #1 sounds like my Husband #2. He wasn’t an alcoholic but he was a bastard. A larger than life bastard. The weird thing is that now I can actually have a little conversation with him now. He is very extroverted and good for laughs. Husband # 3 is an introvert.

    • Hi Linda…sounds like you have a tale or two to tell.
      I think we opt for the quiet ones after being married to the extroverts.
      Husband number one died in a car crash about 11 years ago.
      I must really post about me scattering his ashes!

  13. Granny! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought you a farmer. NOT that you’re not resourceful, smart and hardworking (all this gleaned from reading your posts) but I just always thought of you as a city girl. Interesting story, can’t wait for part two!

    PS. — loved what you had to say to Cin.

    • Hehehe Kathy…I love to surprise!!!

  14. Granny, you’re the Cliffhanger Queen! LOL Isn’t it interesting how you went from an extrovert to an introvert! Can’t say you haven’t seen both sides! πŸ˜‰ I’d have loved to have tried farming when I was younger, but no one could ever get me to cut up an animal – I can’t even eat a fish if I’ve seen it alive first!

  15. No wonder you have such common sense, Gran. At least your experiences benefited you! I am so glad you are lifting the curtain a little… β™₯

    • A bit more curtain today!

  16. See I told you we would all be interested in your adventures!

  17. I am fascinated and the comments are little teasers!

  18. I don’t like to talk about my past… I’d rather forget most of it. But, it’s a little eerie that we have so much in common.
    My father was an alcoholic who had many binges of note.
    My grandfather was a butcher. I’ve seen a lot of animals killed and cut up, but never did it myself. I couldn’t.
    I have lived on a farm before, but I live in the city now.
    I’ve been married three times. My current husband, JW, and I have been married 28 years. Yea! I think this one’s going to work out.

    • Good Lord…are you sure we aren’t sisters?
      My father was alcoholic and my grandfather was a butcher.
      How weird it this?

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