Posted by: granny1947 | April 7, 2012

Granny’s heart is hurting

Hello All.

I don’t know if I have posted the above pic before.
I just picked one at random.
I haven’t walked for a week.
And my joints are complaining.
Winter has hit with a vengeance,
It is raining and cold.

This is a “let’s get it off my chest post”.
I don’t think there is going to be much humour.
But you never know.
I never know what is going to happen on my blog until I start writing.

My grandson lost his first job.
His manager appears to have been the bitch from hell.
Ironically, the day before she fired him two people wrote lovely comments on his till slips.
And he had his best day tip wise.
His self esteem was climbing.

On the day he was fired someone dropped a whole lot of bottles.
He was helping them to clean up the mess.
She came over and yelled he would have to pay for half the damage.
Then he made an error on one of his slips and she refused to void it.
Which was her job.
Maybe he wasn’t a very good waiter yet.
But she crushed him.

I told him that there will always be people out there like that.
That she is probably a very unhappy person.
That no experience is a bad experience if you learn from it.
It seemed to help him.
But inside I was NOT feeling so kind.
I would love to go and say a few “nice” words to her.
But I won’t.
We will put it behind us.

When we got home reality set in.
He has no income.
And I am leaving in a couple of weeks.
We hugged and had a few tears together.
When he said “you have raised me….I can’t believe you won’t be here”.
I was finished.
I just want to put him in the car and take him with me.
But I can’t.
And the sensible part of my brain says I must let him stand on his own two feet.
Unfortunately, I very seldom listen to that part of my brain.

When we get to Port Elizabeth I am going to have my hands full.
My mother has spinal problems.
From sitting around for years(mental note…go for a damn walk Granny)
I am going to be doing the shopping.
And the cooking.
And helping her to bath etc.
And working part-time.
I don’t mind any of the above.
But I am fully aware it is not going to be a walk in the park.
OK…I have had a little weep while writing this.
Now the pity party is over.

Next week I must have a serious talk to younger son.
Who has a full time job with his family.
I shall tell him he will have to take the kid under his wing.
Or I shall come and live with him one day.
That should do the trick.

My cat has lost his voice.
He must have been out on the tiles.
Instead of yelling at me….he can only croak.
It is too funny.
He isn’t sick.
And is eating well.
And still insists on getting lots of loves.
But he is hoarse.
He is also very pissed off that his favourite chair has been sold.

Now I am off for a hot shower.
And bed.
Catch you all tomorrow.
When I eventually get a chance to visit all your posts.
So far this weekend it has just been packing and throwing out.
More throwing out than packing.
That is easier!



  1. What a bitch that woman is to get rid of your grandson like that. May the crows peck out her eyes!

    BTW Happy Easter πŸ™‚

    • Hehehe Piglet….I hadn’t thought that far…but it sounds good!

      • Shame there is no opportunity to get even with the mean old bag…

  2. Poor Grandson. His boss certainly is a dreadful woman – hopefully one day she will get what she deserves.

    • Hi Elaine…am trying to be fair….he might have been lousy at the job but she could have handled it better.

  3. Oh it most certainly is not your grandson. I am sure he is a fine waiter. My daughter has been a waitress for longer than I care for and she has worked for some real doozies. People that I have many times wanted to go slap or worse! What on earth is wrong with people who want to be so cruel and degrading? She has developed quite a thick skin and often times humerous ways of saying mean things right back to people. That and she vents a lot to me. Plus the more they see that you will buckle under the more they will do. So tell grandson to give as good as he gets. His patrons will stand up for him. Don’t take any crap from anyone.

    Feel better.

    • Thanks Linda….unfortunately, he can’t stand up to her.
      A sad way for his first job to end….but I am sure he will find his niche.

  4. He will find his niche … if my son his your grandson will too … the two of them should talk … Thinking of you, Granny47 … glad he has you … Love, cat.

    • Hello Cat….I have been over to your blog a few times….tried and tried and tried to comment….it just won’t let me!!!

  5. Happy Easter, Gran! Maybe that was meant to be a stepping stone for your grandson… only time will tell, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want to work for someone like that for longer than he has to. Hope your son can take over mentoring him. Eight months down the line, I am still chucking out stuff as I can’t stand the clutter. 😦 It’s a bugger to get old (thanks for the email!)

    • Yes Adee…I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason.
      Hope you enjoyed the mail!

  6. Sorry for grandson and I hope it doesn’t affect him too much.
    Downsizing is the pits. The more I sort out to give/throw away the more seems to appear in my cupboards the following day.
    My spare room looks like a tornado hit it.
    I hope you’re feeling a little more cheerful this Easter morning πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Pussycat….don’t know how I feel yet…too early!

  7. He’s learning some of those hard lessons! Poor kid. The next time he will be less trusting, less open to being hurt. Sad lessons to learn.

    As for you, I’m sending hugs of the strengthening kind, though as you are so amazingly strong for everyone it never seems as though you need them, but they are coming anyway.

    So hugs, and a smile or two for you

    • Awwwww thanks Sidey!

      • you are amazingly strong and capable, but even the strong ones need to know how much others love and admire them

      • Stop it now Sidey…you are making me tear up again!

  8. Your grandson is most fortunate having you to share a helluva fine approach to bitchdom! That’s just not humane. Think of what she is attracting into her life!

    Breathe, Granny…you will “get there”. If it’s any consolation, my mom and dad moved out of home and hearth on me, too! I ended up renting the house from them with 3 other young women. Of course, we girls thought we were in heaven! The parties were good – thank goodness the neighbours knew we were basically good kids!

    This was all to help pay the mortgage while mom grabbed an opportunity to live in her fav. city – Calgary. Dad? He worked away so much that it didn’t matter to him where mom was…she was home where ever she was. πŸ˜€

    • I know Amy….all that negativity in one body…it must be horrible to be her.

  9. Oh, that stupid bitch granny! But it’s like you say, you get all kinds of people and yes, some of them are just way over the top! I always say there’s no excuse for people like that. I think they just enjoy being so yucky! Gross! Shame on her!

    It won’t be a walk in the park for sure but you’re Granny and you can do anything and we’ll be here for you always. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day and weekend Granny!
    Lots of love & hugs to you and Jasmine. πŸ™‚

    • Wow Sonel….you sound more upset than me.
      I say let’s ban the SPUR!!!!!

      • LOL granny! I do get very upset when I hear about things like this because my son have been treated like that as well at Dros, where he worked as a barman. They give their all..their best but to some folks it’s just not good enough and then I can really get worked up. Some people should just wake up and get a life and realise that times for our kids are very hard.

      • Yes Sonel….they forget they were waiters too.

  10. OMG, sorry to hear all this Granny…how full your hands are caring for those around you. I can imagine that you are a great blessing in their lives. Big warm hug to help stave off that Cape Town cold! XO

    • Thank you Naomi….very sweet of you.

  11. Granny, I’m so sorry about your grandson’s horrible boss. I wish I could help.

    • Know any good spells Tilly?

  12. Hey Granny, i miss you sooo much, i hope your younger son takes your grandson in πŸ™‚
    and send your grandson my love
    i hope to see you soon

    • Hey you….what are you doing on my blog?????
      Love you lots my darling.

  13. shame.
    Wishing him luck with a new job hunt.

    • Thanks Pseu….yes….here we go again!

  14. Sorry Granny about your Grandson and his job. And sorry how it makes your heart hurt. Hope you feel better today and I am sending you Happy Easter wishes!

    • Thanks so much Sweetday…the same to you.

  15. I still remember the first time i was fired…
    Tell your Grandson I feel his pain. It’s going to sting, but he’ll get back up and rejoin the workforce soon.
    Then he can be as miserable as the rest of us!

    • Hehehe Hook….I shall tell him…he has my sense of humour.

  16. I’m so sorry for your grandson. Wait staff gets treated so badly, by their bosses and by patrons as well. They don’t get paid enough for what they do. I’m so sorry that happened to him. I know you feel bad for him. You’re a good granny.

    • Wish I was a bad Granny Maire…this kid is giving me grey hairs…literally!

  17. There is only one solution . . . you MUST clone yourself. Then you can stay and go all at once.

    Life is such an uphill climb at times.

    • I don’t do uphill NR…lungs can’t take it.
      Once I have sorted the kid out I can look forward to the new adventures.

  18. Aw 😦 My heart breaks for his experience. She sounds like she was really nasty for not any good enough reason. Shame – that is a hard knock! On the other hand, I think that it might have driven the seriousness of the matter home for him – that keeping a job can be tough and it is definitely hard work and responsibility. Before, you had to keep telling him to get ready for work and not play games; perhaps now he realizes more of the serious side of earning an income; something to not take lightly, but it is still unfair and I can understand that you really want to help and make things better for him – letting go can be tough but you’re doing a great job of supporting him – nudging him forward – by the sound of it. Change is never easy (or at least not all easy). The best approach is one day at a time.

  19. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to Grandson. People like his boss should never be in positions of power over anyone. You’re right, she’s a miserable, bitter woman who is taking her hostilities out on her staff. That’s utterly disgraceful.

    Too bad he can’t come with you, Granny. You’re a wonderful influence on him and give him excellent guidance.

    It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing for your mom, too. Here in the US, we can usually get a respite caregiver and/or a home health aide to help out – do you have anything like that so you can get some help?

  20. Sending you one of Souldipper Amy’s Golden Blankets to comfort you through this tough time of change. I’m sure it will all work out for the best in the end, Granny.

  21. I’m sorry to hear about your grandson getting fired, but I know how he feels. One thing that he’s got going for him is his young age. And, of course he has a very supportive granny! He’ll get a better job. Hopefully, his next boss will have more confidence and not have to belittle employees in order to manage them. πŸ™‚

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